cassia i love you


“Thank you and have a wonderful afternoon!” Cassia gave her best smile and raised her hand in farewell as the customer walked out, then moved that same hand to rest against her chest. Slowly, she drew in a breath as the tightness turned temporarily uncomfortable…and then faded.

I shouldn’t have lifted those boxes earlier… Oh, but they hadn’t been that heavy! She had to take it easy or Lenora would scold her later. Sighing, she reached under the countertop where she had a glass of cold water at all times (again, at her eldest daughter’s insistence)  and took a sip. Almost immediately, however, she put it away again as the automatic doors at the front slid open.

“–Ah! Ciggma,” The gentleman had come in a few times over the course of the past few months, and she knew his name solely from his credit card when she swiped it. He was an intimidating, but genuinely sweet man who saw it necessary to purchase a particular brand of sweets (that apparently only her store carried) for his daughter often. Her name was…something that started with an A? Either way – she enjoyed their brief encounters. “Good afternoon. Here for more Spice Tarts?”

She was already grabbing him a bag from the display by the register.