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[Post #1] Hmmm. A bit of a preview of what’s coming up with those four in their Titans run:

Tim, Kon, Cassie, and Bart all went through a tragedy after the YJ series (won’t spoil what it was), and felt their sub-par performance in the field was responsible. So they didn’t want to look each other in the face.

But the older titans, Kory and Cyborg especially, wanted to get them together, so they encouraged them to bond again. It worked, though the flavor of it was a little different. There was less joking, and more being earnest about their worries, insecurities, and anger. And they changed a lot, Kon and Bart especially. Kon had an outright identity crisis, while Bart kinda blew right past that and changed his image overnight since he was sick of being treated as incompetent.

Tim and Cassie’s changes were more subtle at first, but grew apparent also as more rough stuff struck them. They also formed rather cool relationships with the older titans who remained at the tower with them: Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and eventually Raven.

Though because of those four’s long history with each other, they DO have a particular closeness and set of in-jokes with each other that is unique. In the comics, they don’t refer directly back to their YJ days as much as I would like, but it remains the origin of their friendship.

[Post #2] I am indeed amused by Cassie’s eternal vexation with Tim’s Mr. Sarcastic persona.

YOU KNOW I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE MECHANICS OF KON’S PIERCED EARS. Were they pierced in the tube? To give him the teenage rebellion aesthetic from the get go? Did he pierce them shortly after, and not having Superman’s full range of vulnerability gave him just the ticket so that he could? Did he have to use kryptonite needle? If so, where did he get it?

And given all this, would they close up? Would he have to repeat the process to return to his punk roots again? THESE ARE VALID QUESTIONS.

[Post #3] Baseball and green tights… this is gold and this is true. YOU NEVER KNOW.