cassettes on fire

Photo documentation of one of the greatest and yet most painful nights of my short existence. This was the last show at the cassette house/1008 ½ strawbridge ave. The place where I cut my performing teeth, the place where I first saw some of what are now my favorite bands (i.e. la dispute, native, kit fisto) and most importantly where I met some of the most wonderful people anyone could be lucky enough to know . These people here are destined for great things. 

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1. Blue Cassette - Friendly Fires

2. Running To The Sea - Röyksopp

3. Tessellate - alt-J

4. Itch - Nothing But Thieves

5. Obvs - Jamie xx

6. Flashing Lights - Kanye West

7. Teardrop - Massive Attack

8. Northern Whale - The Good The Bad & The Queen

9. Loose Change - Royal Blood

10. Everything is Embarrassing - Sky Ferreira

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sempiternal - a blue/gansey mix // late night driving with every word you say, you part the crowd in waves

i. show me lights - friendly fires ii. carry your throne - jon bellion iii. favorite record - fall out boy iv. the girl - hellberg ft. cozi zuehlsdorff v. blue cassette - forest fires vi. style - taylor swift vii. illusory light - sarah blasko viii. ribbons - paper aeroplanes ix. sleepwalking - the chain gang of 1974 x. treacherous - taylor swift xi. salvation - gabrielle aplin xii. lay down - ella henderson


Cassettes on Fire (final show)

at the Cassette House in Melbourne, FL 5/28/11

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for all 3 of you that check this, sorry for the lack of updates, my main computer with all the hard drives has been in the shop and the part that’s broken is on back order but I should hopefully have it up and running again within a week or two


Cassettes On Fire - The Light is Taking Me to Pieces

Saturday was the last Cassettes on Fire show. I’m at a loss for words about how much Cassettes mean to me. I fucking love you three. Thank you so much for building such an amazing scene and being our home. RIP, I’m glad we got to send you off.