cassete player

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how Adam probably listened to the “Shitbox Singalong” tape every time he was in the car alone and on every trip to college and every time he wasn’t with Ronan and let’s be honest he probably had a portable casset player so that he could listen to it at any point and it just makes him smile a loving smile because it was a gift from the person he loves

Welcome Underground

( closed rp with @chubby-mephiles)

The purple reptile sighed as she looked at her new sentry post, tucked away in a corner before the river way. The long reeds behind it were silent as no wind flowed down here to her knowlege yet the soft whisper of the lone Echo Flower hummed Shyren’s songs. She was starting to get used to this place, learning the names of monsters and which ones didn’t trust her as much as Sans or Mettaton did…..Chaos, she owed those two a lot.

She set a small tape player from a little Monster Kid on the counter of the station before hopping over the low marble tablet to sit in her spot. Vanishing to the eye, and hiding her soul from veiw was Espia’s first line of defense. With her soul so fractured…she pulled out the picture that Metta (as she called him) had taken for her. She sighed at the sight of the nearly shattered deep blue flower shape that was her dying SOUL. Alphys told her that she needed to repair it before Espia lost all of who she was or even died because of it.

“How am I gonna fix that kind of damage?” She muttered with a sigh before turning on the tape player that started playing the mixed cassete in the player. “I really did a number on myself.”

She couldn’t see souls like they could thus this photograph taken through a “monster’s eye veiw” was all the proof she had that she was horribly damaged. She trusted that the robot was telling the truth and the others.
She fell silent as the music drifted down through the halls of Waterfall…