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Can I ask if you've got any headcanons about the Batfam's self pampering habits? Fancy tea/hot bath/Netflix?

  • All of them are super into long, hot showers. It’s almost a problem, because Wayne Manor is an old house, and the water heater works well… but not that well. Sometimes, you find one or more of the children outside the bathroom, banging on the door for their sibling to hurry it the hell up– unless it’s Cass that’s inside. Nobody yells at Cass. That wouldn’t be wise.
  • There’s an entire shelf of the pantry that contains only junk food. it’s at the very bottom so that Bruce doesn’t notice. He wouldn’t approve if he knew.
  • Tim has a problem with Netflix. On his days off, he casually starts to catch up on his shows, but then before he knows it, the sun’s coming up, and he hasn’t slept. Alfred changes the password biweekly to try to lock him out– it doesn’t work that well. Alfred is furious.
  • Caffeine. So, so much of it. The batfamily is collectively floating no less than seven 24 hour coffee shops. Those things keep popping up around the city, because they do such good business. Jason especially likes to hit them up… his pumpkin spice latte intake is frankly embarrassing. Please do not tell Damian. 
I can tell you she has a very strong impact in the first issue. It’s going to be fun to see her again, but she’s Cassandra Cain. She’s not going to be wearing her Batgirl uniform or anything like that, but everyone knows who Cassandra Cain is. I think readers are going to get a real kick out of it and enjoy seeing her back in action. I hope people like the new design and the cool action that we have planned for her.

Tony S. Daniel Batman and Robin Eternal interview

I figure she would be the big reveal since it’s been so long.

Black Bat costume is perfect, but this is before she’s familiar about Batman. I don’t know if she’ll be wearing something Batman inspired just yet. 

I trust the team to take enough care with her costume. They created the perfect Spoiler costume in Eternal and they know how popular both these characters are.

Cass Fans What-to-Buy: Comixology’s Back-to-School Sale!

Man, are there really people only now getting back into classes? Dang. Consider me jealous.

Greetings fellow Cass Fans! DC’s having another sale (and has been for a few days – sorry for my delay in getting this up) and once more there’s some relevant material for fans curious about Cass Comics on a budget!

I can’t necessarily consider this a sale for this particular update, as most of the issues on this list are actually regularly $0.99 and haven’t been discounted as such, thus are probably here for promotional material, and that includes Cass’ appearance on the list.

Still, this is a super fun guest star opportunity for Cass in a personal favorite YA series of mine, Young Justice (1998-2003) – the original team comic.

Young Justice (1998-2003) #21

I personally find this issue to be one of Cass’ most fun guest appearances and I think it’s a really interesting and true take on her character in a much lighter themed series, not to mention we get a rare opportunity of seeing Cass interacting with a team her own age.

Definitely check it out if you can, especially that surprising number of Klarion the Witchboy fans out there  ; )

I was lucky enough to be asked to design Cassandra. One of the things that I had to keep in mind is that she’s not going to look like a Batgirl, the way we last saw her. So, trying to come up with a design that feels unique to her — and fits her personality — is the challenge.

I’m happy with the outcome of the design. In fact, I’m working on that page as we speak! Hopefully people will like the new look, but I’m certain she’s going to be one of the most exciting elements of the whole storyline. And I’m excited for people to see her.

Batman and Robin Eternal announced, will feature the return of Cassandra Cain [x]

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, DC Entertainment announced the sequel to Batman Eternal, titled Batman and Robin Eternal. Writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV will return to the series, with assists from Tom King, Tim Seeley, Jackson Lanzing, Ed Brisson and more. Tony Daniel will serve as the main artist on the book. Snyder called Batman and Robin Eternallarger than the first one: globe-spanning, bigger secrets,” and said that it “honors the legacy of Robin and also brings a new angle to it and makes something very fresh.

A 26-issue, weekly series, Batman and Robin Eternal will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Robin by centering heavily on the legacy of the character, but it will also feature the long-awaited return of Batgirl Cassandra Cain. “This series is going to reintroduce Cassandra Cain to the DC Universe,” returning co-writer James Tynion IV told reporters this morning. “We can’t talk too much about that just yet but this is a character that for me at least I have loved for my entire comic-reading life. The fact that we have the opportunity to bring her back in a very, very central role – she is on of the three leads of this story, her, Dick and Harper Rowe – I’m really pumped.

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Why didn't Cassandra Cain stay central in the Batfamily after her Batgirl career? Every other character that changed identities (Dick, Jason, Barbara, Tim, Steph) stayed present, so why not her? Where was my Black Bat series showing her becoming more independent and growing into a beautiful young lady? Why did she just become a cameo character?