Why do people always say Batgirls are badasses?

Wait. Because they are.

(Cass, Robin #88)

(Steph, Red Robin #10)

(Babs, Red Robin #12)

What I like is that they are even out of their own issues. That’s real badassery <3

And just as bonus:

(Batman Eternal)

I mostly don’t like the New 52 (cough cough that’s the nice way to say it) but some writers are just good, even in those excruciating circumstances.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Tony Daniel saying they're designing Cass to never be Batgirl? I think that's pretty awful...

I think you’re slightly taking the comments out of context there, anon. What he said was:

“She’s also one of my favorite characters. I loved her in “Batgirl,” and I loved working on her with Geoff Johns as she was in our “Teen Titans” towards the end there. This is my first time doing any artwork with her since then.

“I can tell you she has a very strong impact in the first issue. It’s going to be fun to see her again, but she’s Cassandra Cain. She’s not going to be wearing her Batgirl uniform or anything like that, but everyone knows who Cassandra Cain is. I think readers are going to get a real kick out of it and enjoy seeing her back in action. I hope people like the new design and the cool action that we have planned for her.“

[CBR Interview]

Unless I’m missing a newer interview, which isn’t outside the realm of possibility. I’ve been trying very hard to not look too much into reports and news on Batman and Robin Eternal because I want to go into it as open as possible – something that kinda ruined my enjoyment of Convergence: Batgirl was knowing from the start that the author hadn’t bothered to read anything about Cass and it made her characterization and voice for Cass that much worse for me as a reader.

And… I don’t like everything said in the interview. For one… I’m glad that there are people on the project that have experience and who have worked with Cass before to an extent, but could it not be… constantly reminded that what they had to do with the situation was pretty terrible?

[Teen Titans (2003-2011) #46]

Yeah, thanks, Johns. You really “ended” Evil-Cass pretty well there. [/sarcasm]

But I mean… the Batgirl comment is a hard truth. I don’t like it, I’m sure others don’t either, but it’s a fact that’s unfortunately one we have to accept: there is no foreseeable future where DC is ever going to allow someone other than Barbara Gordon be Batgirl. Not even the characters who were successful as Batgirl in the past or, y’know, paved the way for Batgirl to even be a marketable and stable solo comic. And as long as that’s the mentality, and as long as we keep pushing that the only way we want Cass back is as Batgirl, Cass was never going to come back. And that sucks.

That sucks because in the preboot, “Batgirl” was the first name Cassandra ever had for herself and for a whole year it was the only one we knew her as, too. And if you loved Cassandra’s story of growing into herself and the way she learned to love herself and accept her past and future all together, that’s going to sting. Believe me, I’m there.

But I think, if they do this right, if they’re genuinely going to bring Cass back and want to do right by her more than just a gimmick for an event comic – something I hope and pray they are – then we’ve got to know that Cass being back is going to be different, and her identity problems and the way her narrative of loving and accepting yourself is going to change accordingly.

For the best? Let’s hold onto the hope that it is.

I love Cass’ original story. I will keep it with me for years and years to come, but it wasn’t perfect, and I would like to see this opportunity as one that will be used to better that narrative.

So. No casual psychic manipulations “rewiring” the way disabled people think, Batman and Robin Eternal writing staff. Like the second that happens I will start giving you guys the stinkeye.

Also, apropos of nothing, but I’m still waiting to see Cass on a cover of something, guys. You don’t have to reveal her brand new costume or anything. Just. Make me feel this is more real than being strung around by the news. Please?

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Once damian gets older cass will be the only one that can go toe to toe with him

He’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with, based on his dad’s weight/hight. I’m not sure there’ll ever be a time when the rest of the family can’t hold their own, but that’ll tip the scales in his direction. RIP Timothy Drake.

Aww this fic broke and warmed the pieces of my heart, please read it! (x)

And after the Little Prince, seeing Jason reading to Cass becomes a habit, they spend entire afternoons in the library of the Manor. The stray cat and the sweetheart gunman. Damian spreads the voice and all the other batkids end up listening to him, while Alfred serves his cookies . (And Alice in Wonderland is important for the Batclan, you know, because of the Mad Hatter).

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I see lots of batboy headcanons but not too many batgirl ones. Have any batgirl headcanons you'd like to share?

i’ll put down just a few from the top of my head!


  • loves having her hair petted!! only by her s/o, alfred, and maybe bruce if she’s in a good mood. she’ll squint happily at them like a cat
  • she’s so good at carnival/fair games and will win her s/o all of the prizes. all of them. they’re both banned from several carnivals because everyone assumes they’re cheating
  • she really doesn’t know the difference between their clothes any more. what’s her’s is their’s and maybe that flannel was their’s at a point but not any more.


  • loves DIY projects it’s ridiculous. why the fuck did she put a tiny plant in a light bulb and give it to her s/o. that makes no sense
  • impulse buys anything that reminds her of something her s/o would like. they have a steady collection of stuffed animals
  • she’s completely wack with yoga. she takes them to every new experimental class at the YMCA


  • sends them e-cards for every occasion. they’re not sure as to whether or not she made them herself, but every one looks vaguely familiar (she scans hallmark cards)
  • she’s the queen of the dvr. if there’s something they want to watch, she’s probably already recorded it. 
  • she leaves giant kiss marks on their cheek. bright red lipstick. it looks like clip art it’s so perfect

demonicerror asked:

While Clark and Bruce trying to juggle time around for their boys, Alfred is always there for Cassandra because her dads are noobs who don't know refinement and elegance if it slapped them in the face with Kryptonite



I bet Cassandra would feel a little left out of things but then this old English man comes around and teaches her the ways of the elite: woman style. And so she’s learning all of this weird stuff like setting the table and different forks and balancing with books and knowing which dress would be appropriate for which evening. But he also teaches her how to elegantly tell a man or woman to fuck off if they are making her uncomfortable and how to get back at someone the elite way. So now Cassandra has all this information on being a bad ass elite, elegant in sass. 

And after a while, Bruce and Clark finally get enough time to try and teach Cassandra but nope, she’s already learned from Alfred so instead they spend the day shopping and eating ice cream and reading books.

Batman and Robin Eternal announced, will feature the return of Cassandra Cain [x]

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, DC Entertainment announced the sequel to Batman Eternal, titled Batman and Robin Eternal. Writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV will return to the series, with assists from Tom King, Tim Seeley, Jackson Lanzing, Ed Brisson and more. Tony Daniel will serve as the main artist on the book. Snyder called Batman and Robin Eternallarger than the first one: globe-spanning, bigger secrets,” and said that it “honors the legacy of Robin and also brings a new angle to it and makes something very fresh.

A 26-issue, weekly series, Batman and Robin Eternal will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Robin by centering heavily on the legacy of the character, but it will also feature the long-awaited return of Batgirl Cassandra Cain. “This series is going to reintroduce Cassandra Cain to the DC Universe,” returning co-writer James Tynion IV told reporters this morning. “We can’t talk too much about that just yet but this is a character that for me at least I have loved for my entire comic-reading life. The fact that we have the opportunity to bring her back in a very, very central role – she is on of the three leads of this story, her, Dick and Harper Rowe – I’m really pumped.