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Cass seems more open, even desperate, for a normal civilian life in the current continuity compared to her original version, who seemed to be fine with just being occupied with training and crimefighting. Which seems more accurate to you, and which do you think has more opportunities for development and growth?

Well, I think it’s important to remember, before comparing anything, that Cassandra by the time we met her in the Preboot, was seventeen years old. We haven’t exactly got an exact age for her in the Rebirth continuity, but I don’t think it’s impossible to say that she feels and is written as much younger than her previous counterpart. She has skills to gain and also confidence she’s lacking.

I, of course, am a huge fan of the way her story was told before, but I also am sort of encouraged that as much as they are obviously leaning on that previous version of Cass, they’re choosing to not retell the same story. 

Cass never came to terms with her self-loathing and death wish until halfway through her original series. We got to see the depth at which that affected her psyche, how it all but ruined her various opportunities and desires to be accepted by people outside of her life as Batgirl, and how little value she saw in allowing herself those things she saw as a privilege and pleasure. By Batgirl (2000-2006) #25 we had seen Cass at about as low as she could feasibly go in her feelings of self worth without the desire to confront those feelings. 

In the current continuity, she’s given something she was never in her previous incarnation: forgiveness. And more importantly, forgiveness from someone who was not herself but a victim of her one crime. Of all my very legitimate criticisms of the choice of Cass’ victim and its ultimate changing of her circumstances, the fact is that it’s territory that even old Cass never got.

So current Cass has this confusing perspective of having received forgiveness from a victim of what she thought was an unforgivable act, but she still doesn’t feel resolved herself. And more importantly to your question, while she has more interpersonal relationships that expand outside of her vigilante identity thanks to her friendships with Steph and Cass (and a much more supportive Bruce and Kate compared to early 2000s Bruce), she still doesn’t understand how to make that connection. And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn in the upcoming issues that she personally still doesn’t know if she feels she deserves to make those with her conflicting feelings on retribution and forgiveness.

So, to me personally, both situations feel very accurate to her character, but it has to be acknowledged that there’s a huge difference in circumstances, maturity, and general desires here. Cass’ one goal previously was to save all other lives but her own because she couldn’t see the possibility of forgiving herself for the longest time. Current Cass is faced with the somewhat existential crisis of getting the acceptance and forgiveness she never expected she deserved, and isn’t entirely sure where to go from here. 


Fierce ladies.

Due to recent events, I lost a ton of inspiration and motivation. Thankfully, working on commissions and this fun series helped me get centered again and ready for whatever may come in the new week. Also, for anyone wondering, Barbara’s suit is based on the Young Justice one. SEASON 3 IS COMIIIING

This mostly wraps up the main set, but I maaaay have got some more on the way…


Batkids on their playdates team missions!

A few fun facts:

  • Roy often skips Boy Scout meetings to hang out with Kori and Jason (Don’t tell Ollie)
  • Kyle Rayner is usually hanging with the Troublemakers but had a cold on this particular day and Hal wouldn’t let him leave the house.
  • Cass is wearing Bruce’s old costume (here) that she found in the attic while playing hide and seek with her brothers. Alfred has since made a few alterations to it, of course.
  • That stuffed cat looking thing behind Damian was made by Dick. Alfred has been teaching him how to sew and he practices by making tons of plush for his siblings! (They’re finally starting to look like actual animals)
  • Don’t worry, Alfred fixed Mr. Moo.
Some Batdad Headcanons

- When Dick first came to live with him, Bruce purchased a bunch of parent help books. He buys new ones with each kid he adopts, and no matter how much he studies he’s always unprepared for his psychotic children and their antics. 

- Everyone assumes Stephanie is his daughter and every time someone mentions it he and Steph are both thoroughly grossed out by the thought. 

- Damian shows Bruce his drawings sometimes, and every time, much to Damian’s embarrassment, Bruce insists on hanging them on the fridge. 

- The cabinets at Wayne Manor are filled to the brim with World’s Best Dad mugs. 

- Jason owns a Dad’s Little Stinker t-shirt. 

- When they were younger, Bruce used to let his Robins ride on his back if they got tired on patrol. 

- Tim falls asleep in random places when he’s particularly sleep-deprived, and each time Bruce will sigh tiredly before picking him up and carrying him up to his room, planning on drugging his coffee to get him to sleep more often.   

- Once he had to tie Damian to a post when he was misbehaving on patrol. 

- The first time Jason called him “Dad”, (on accident, mind you), he legit cried and hugged him for ten minutes straight. 

- He rarely has a bed to himself because his kids always invade his room at night and insist on sleeping with him. 

- He brags about Tim all the time to his coworkers, and it only got worse after Tim actually started working at Wayne Enterprises. At least once a day Bruce will go to Tim’s office and ask how his “little slugger” is doing. 

- He lets Cass paint his nails and isn’t afraid to leave the nail polish on because he’s so proud of how good of a job she did. Everyone is too intimidated to make fun of him for it.

- Even though he’s in his twenties and has an apartment of his own, Dick will still drive all the way to Gotham and sleep in Bruce’s bed when he has nightmares. 

- Bruce attends every single one of his kids’ graduations and award ceremonies, even the pointless ones that nobody really cares about. He will be there cheering in the front row every time.  

- Bruce was surprised that Barbara gave a Father’s Day gift to him in addition to her own father. 

- He carries around a bunch of pictures of his children in his batbelt and likes showing them to the criminals he arrests. Poison Ivy makes sure he keeps her up to date on how Nightwing is doing, and Two Face loves hearing about Red Robin’s whereabouts.     

The Batmobile

Dick: Bruce won’t notice if I go for a little ride. *Climbs in and starts the engine* *Calls Wally* Hey, You up for a race?

Jason: *Drives off* F*ck the police! *Crashes* And Im screwed

Tim: *Builds his own* I have achieved greatness!

Damian: *Drives away*

Barbara: *Walks around* Ok not going to touch that.

Steph: What? Wait! How did you even get this built?!

Cassandra: *Shrugs and walks away*

Bruce: IM THE GODDAMN BATMAN! *Drives away*

Alfred: *wipes the window* *Smiles*

Harper: Oh My Goood! *Climbs in* *Drives everywhere*

Give me Jason being the only Bat who can get why Steph sticks out from the family.

Give me Jason caring for an injured Steph and Steph not knowing whether it was an act or really the guy beneath the Hood.

Give me Steph questioning Bruce, Dick, Babs, and Tim about whether Jason is really ‘evil’ or just a lot more brutal than Bruce wants.

Give me Steph tearing into Bruce for turning Jason into some tale used to scare the Robins into obedience instead of acknowledging his accomplishments.

Give me Steph who sneaks into Jay’s safe house to get to know the other street rat in the Bats.

Give me Steph confiding in Jason that she feels like a bad mom for putting her baby up for adoption.

Give me Jay telling Steph that she did the right thing and that she’s stronger than she thinks.

Give me Jason cooking a stack of waffles to cheer up a depressed Steph.

Give me Steph sneaking Cass over to meet the man that’s supposed to be an evil murderer.

Give me Cass observing Jason on patrols and seeing him interact with street kids and the working women and not understanding why the family calls him evil.

Give me Cass confessing to Alfred that she and Steph have been spending more and more time with Jason and are starting to think of him as a Big Brother.

Give me Alfred telling Cass that Jason was always meant to be an older brother and that he was so happy Jay was finally getting to show it.

Give me Cass and Steph sneaking in Jason’s window and hearing him screaming himself awake from a nightmare and rushing into his room to see him sobbing because he dreamt of that damn crowbar again.

Give me Cass and Steph calming Jay down and curling up around him telling him they’d protect him and staying up to watch over him all night and seeing how scarred his body is and the autopsy scar.

Give me Cass getting angry when Bruce pulls her aside and tells her not to see Jason anymore.

Give me Cass defending Jason in a loud voice in front of everyone and going to his home.

Give me Jason being the Big Brother he’s meant to be to his sisters Cassandra and Stephanie.