In Batman: Arkham Origins, the semi-heroic martial artist Sandra Wu-San (called just Shiva in the game) appears as a boss, while the assassin David Cain is listed in Black Mask’s office as one of the hitmen he’d passed over while hiring people to kill Batman.

You’d think that having both of Cassandra Cain’s parents (or at least, an appearance of one and an allusion to another) would indicate that the second official Batgirl would appear in later installments of the franchise (particularly as Origins is a prequel to the main Arkham games).

Unfortunately this doesn’t happen, even though Barbara Gordon appears as Oracle in her appearances from Asylum through to Knight. Eh, maybe that game Rocksteady has alluded to making may include her, but we’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

Sidenote: Shiva’s voice actor, Kelly Hu, also voiced Cheshire, her mother Paula Crock, and Lian Nguyen-Harper in Young Justice. Additionally, she also played the character China White in the show Arrow.

i am more.

I’ve finally caught up with DC’s batverse. I haven’t read anything Batman since DotF; I think around there is when I gave up on DC’s competency. But I’d heard some promising things from the recent universe reboots.

Following a suggested reading list from  @zechsatron, I got current with Cassandra Cain’s re-introduction into the DC universe.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with her characterization so far. Even though she sometimes was written too ‘on the nose’ (I’m looking at you, dance scene), I thought that Detective Comics #950- #956 were really good portrayals of her facing off with Shiva- albeit, cut far too short and still inferior both in writing and art than the original Cass vs Shiva.

I like her Orphan persona too, given that the Batgirl position is currently filled and it wouldn’t make much sense to send her straight into Black Bat without that Batgirl phase. Overall, things are looking up for potential Cass stories in the future.

As far as DC goes, while I still don’t have the same love for the world that I did for the pre-52 world, it seems its moving in the right direction now (at least, better than Marvel atm); so I think I’ll stick around.

This piece was inspired by a lot of Takato Yamamoto’s work. I felt like his aesthetic and composition style fit Cass really well.

It’s always funny when someone finds out you like a character that’s not a perfect unproblematic character so they try to call you out on it like, no motherfucker I’m not trying to hide the bad behavior or excuse their actions. I like the complexities of this character which include the good and bad. I’m not a blind idiot that acts as though this character is flawless and all the people in the world need to forgive and forget. I don’t believe in perfect characters. Not in the heroes or the villains. It’s when the fans try to act as though their fav is some godlike sweetheart that just needs a hug*, that’s when it gets annoying. 

*This sentence does not apply to Cassandra Cain for she is a godlike sweetheart that just needs a hug

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Imagine cass teaching damian how to dance as a way to express his feelings, and he gets really good at it and really likes it and starts taking actual classes and stuff.

I actually think I wrote something about Cass and Damian dancing once! But I don’t remember where it is. In prompts somewhere I think haha. 

But I could totally see it. I love imagining Damian finding new and constructive outlets for his anger and emotions, and learning it from his family. 

Give me a live action Batman film that tries to be dark and gritty but gets ruined by the sassy and sarcastic comments and bad puns from all of his kids

it’s now widely known that the JL cannot do meetings in Bruce’s home. 

Here are some of the things that have happened at previous meetings.

- A boy stumbled in, wide-eyed and messy haired, poured himself a mug of coffee. He never noticed that he completely missed the mug. He announced loudly, “BRUCE you’re not gonna fuckin believe this” and started rambling out a theory. In response, Bruce closed his eyes, pinched the bridge of his nose, and just waited for a minute. 

- A tiny kid with a katana walked in followed by a cow. Bruce didn’t even look up. 

- A gangly kid came in with a gun strapped to one thigh and a round of throwing knives strapped to the other. He took a chair from the dining room and dragged it all the way into the kitchen. It screeched across the floor the entire time. The league watched silently. The boy stood up on the chair to look at the assorted bottles of alcohol on top of the fridge. He chose tequila, took the cork out, and drank it straight from the bottle. 

“It’s okay, I’m over 21.” He said. 

Bruce shook his head, “he’s not. just ignore him.” The boy poured the rest of the tequila into a water bottle and dragged the chair back across the floor. On his way out, he gave a mock salute and said, “later, pops.”

- a cop in his mid twenties came in and said, “Lil D asked me to brink turkey food? I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not so I bought some.”

Bruce, who had no idea whether or not there really was a turkey in his house, just soundlessly pointed him in the right direction.

- A girl walked in soundlessly and sat next to Bruce. She never said anything, just listened calmly and nodded every so often. This wasn’t a problem. Bruce loves his only daughter.

- another boy came in, wearing a yellow bat symbol on his chest. Wide eyed, he tapped bruce on the shoulder carefully and said, “Uh, I’m pretty sure we’re in the middle of an alien invasion. Is that… is that something you deal with, or do I… am I gonna have to… what do I -”

bruce took a deep breath and asked, “I dunno, how big of an invasion is it?”

So, let’s try an AU where the bats are complete isolationists.

I mean, they’ve had contact with the world outside Gotham and villains outside Gotham, but they’ve completely and totally avoided other heroes.

So, There’s a Justice League, but no Watchtower.

There’s a Teen Titans, but without the Robins.

There’s a Red Hood, but no Outlaws.

Tim’s Young Justice never existed because they just joined the Titans.

No one is allowed in Gotham - meta or not. Gotham is theirs.

So, you have all the other heroes and then you have the Bats.

And, frankly, the other heroes are a little wary of the bats. They have no idea who they are or what they’re capable of?

They’re from Gotham - they live in Gotham and take care of Gotham and Gotham is one of the most dangerous cities in America, if not the world. Gotham’s villains are crazy. 

And if the bats are taking care of that, then they have to be… well, pretty dangerous. No one wants to cross them. And even though they want to find out what their powers are, no one wants to risk going into Gotham after that time Superman tried it and came out 5 minute later with a sliver of kryptonite embedded in his arm (just because no one knows about the bats, doesn’t mean the bats don’t now about everybody.)

And then comes the moment when the bats have to break their isolation.

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Jason: We are gathered here today-

Dick: [sobs]

Jason: To honor the life-

Damian: And death

Dick: [sobs harder]

Jason: Of Blue, someone who meant much to us all. He was family. A victim of- uhh…

Dick: [sobs some more]

Damian: This is pathetic. I’m going to my room.

Tim: Don’t be so rude! This is a funeral!

Damian: For a fish

Jason: Shut up. Both of you. Steph, start the music again.

Steph: Sure thing, lover boy.

Jason: Blue was only 3 weeks old when he was tragically taken from us

Dick: [wails]

Halloween at Wayne Manor
  • Every kid in Gotham knows to hit up Wayne Manor on Halloween, they give you MULTIPLE REGULAR SIZED CANDY BARS!! none of this fun-size shit
  • They also have a separate bucket of small toys for children with complex food allergies 

  • Best decorations in town, it’s go hard or go home and Bruce never backs down from a challenge, cobwebs everywhere, GHOSTS! mother fukcing PUMPKINS!!!
  • Bruce isn’t allowed to answer the door because he lets all the kids dressed up as Batfam and Wonder Woman have as much candy as they want and gives dental floss to those dressed as clowns, also kids dressed as Superman but he’ll deny it
  • Damian:*Carves a pumpkin with a really ugly face* Drake! come at once! Tim: *Sigh* what? Damian:*Smirks and turns the pumpkin to face Tim* it’s you
  • Food fight in the kitchen with the scooped out pumpkin flesh
  • Almost everyone wears costumes to make Dick happy
  • Dick once forced Damian into a child’s Batman costume, Damian was outraged by the plastic Batarangs, Bruce totally didn’t have tears in his eyes fuck you
  • Jason never wears a costume no matter how hard Dick pouts at him, this leads to an array of replies when people ask why he’s not in costume e.g “My muscles are too big to fit in any costume” “I’m dressed as a sinner” “I’m dressed up as a serial killer. They look like everybody else” “I’m dressed as the miracle of life” “a pumpkin killed my parents, how dare you”
  • Tim once dressed as a Ghostbuster and wouldn’t stop trying to hoover up Jason and Damian
  • Stephanie and Cassandra always dress in matching or related costumes, it’s super fucking cute 
  • Dick: Where’s your outfit, Alfred?? Alfred: *pulls out a pair of rabbit ears and places them on his head* I am a bunny Master Grayson. Hop. Hop
  • Barbara dresses as a mermaid which AmAZES!! all the kids, cause it totally makes sense!!! her red hair which means she’s related to Ariel #kidlogic
  • Dick:*Dressed as Dracula* I want to SUCK YOUR BLOOD!! Jason: You can suck my di- Bruce: LANGUAGE!!
  • Batcow, Titus, Alfred the cat, and Goliath all have home made costumes made by Damian
  • Dick always gets sick from eating the most candy, he says he’s doing it to save everyone else from having cavities, he’s a dirty liar
  • Tim: *Walks around Walmart pointing to decorations* Spoopy
  • Jason: Raisins!??? RAISINS?? who the hell gives raisins on Halloween Bruce??? Monsters that’s who
  • Little kid: *See’s Jason as Red Hood on Halloween* what are you meant to be mr? Jason: I’m a used tampon Others: *through the comms* JASON!!!