majorabbey asked:

I'm with you on hoping for a diverse cast. The lack of diversity was something that bothered me about the movie as well and it would be nice to see the series improve on that. That said, I'm very glad MC Gainey is officially involved.

Haha, I knew you would be!

But yes, the diversity of the cast gives me high hopes for the diversity of the characters.  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is playing Xavier (lending credence to my hopes that they’re using the same character design from back in the day), Eden Espinosa is Cassandra, as previously mentioned, and  James Monroe Iglehart is Lance, as previously mentioned. That’s three PoC voice actors, and no one’s stopping them from giving characters voiced by Caucasians darker skin, even if the ethnicity is ambiguous.

I just noticed that Cassandra is canonically left-handed, like I’ve never really thought about it and yet she is. And if your argument is that she fights with her right hand? Fun fact, soldier (even those who were left-handed) held their shields in their left to shield their hearts. Someone like Cassandra, who is left-handed, had/have to work extra hard since they were/are at a disadvantage. Which makes her skill and prestige with a sword and shield even greater.

I’m sure there might be someone else who is in Dragon Age (Inquisition) too and I’m kind of curious to look now, I just noticed Cassandra though.


Hello everyone! I don’t normally do much for Valentines, considering I’ve been single for 99.9% of them LOL! But I thought it’d be fun to make these little drawing valentines! 


  • Choose as many or as few of the above cards! 
  • Draw the Inquisitor you created to romance said character in the blank white box! 
  • Tag me so I can see your art!!! 
  • Have Fun and Happy Early Valentines!