DAI Love Interests on All Hearts Day

Cassandra doesn’t think much of All Hearts Day and will tell anyone who’ll hear it how it’s merely an opportunity to sell overpriced Orlesian chocolates and cheap flowers. When she finds a single rose in her quarters, however, she lets out a little squeal of delight and spends the rest of the week obsessing over its origin.

Dorian will make sure he knows his love interest’s preferences before going about procuring their gift. He’ll source the right vintage of wine and get the Inquisition’s cooks to prepare some delicate chocolates for them.

Blackwall believes every day is an opportunity to show your affection and is likely to send flowers or other little gifts more frequently than just on All Hearts Day.

Iron Bull will give his love a personal item he brought from his travels and will get terribly nervous over whether they like it, sighing in relief when they hug him enthusiastically because they love it.

Sera claims to have no interest in all this lovey dovey bollocks but will sneak into her sweetheart’s room to drop the bag of heart-shaped cookies she made, giggling on her way out.

Solas will recite Elven poetry to his love interest after a quiet dinner, making sure to educate them on it origins and meaning.

Josephine embraces the romantic aspect of All Hearts Day, arranging for a private dinner followed by a star-lit walk.

Cullen will make sure to include a small bouquet of roses with the fifth version of the poem he still isn’t happy with, sweating profusely as he hands it to his love.


Happy Valentine’s Day with a little roughly animated Tenrose. 

So these are kinda old gifs, but I can’t make any new Tenrose ones  because Netflix and BBC have destroyed my dreams.


Another productive day for the inquisition. 


Ive had a very long two weeks but i’ve been slowly chipping away at this and im so happy i can finally say it’s finished :)


Hello everyone! I don’t normally do much for Valentines, considering I’ve been single for 99.9% of them LOL! But I thought it’d be fun to make these little drawing valentines! 


  • Choose as many or as few of the above cards! 
  • Draw the Inquisitor you created to romance said character in the blank white box! 
  • Tag me so I can see your art!!! 
  • Have Fun and Happy Early Valentines!