Vampire AU Nesta + Cassian

She felt his breath on her neck and stiffened against his hard muscled body. She was frightened. Not of him, but the thought of being separated. 

He leaned closer until his lips met the flushed skin above her shoulder. Slowly he moved up the delicate column of her throat where her blood rushed in a rhythm that was a sweet sound to his ears. But he much preferred her voice moaning his name. He ran his tongue over the skin intending to draw out those precious little noises she made in pleasure.


“All right,” Laurel began as she lowered her legs into the pool, watching Cassia swim in agitated circles. “What’s this great disaster you wanted to talk about so badly?”

“It’s Hassan!” Cassia bit back, her tone aflame, frown deepening as she pulled herself out of the water to sit beside Laurel, who looked at her doubtfully.

“Did he use the wrong fertiliser on the petunias again?”

“No! No. It’s… God, Laurel, it’s awful. Look, I’m just gonna say it and stop beating around the bush: I like him. I like like him. But I dunno what to do about it! All I am is snippy with him! I can’t get him off my mind, urghh!”

Laurel swallowed back a laugh. “Well… that much has always been painfully obvious, Cass. But if you want to get him outta your mind then just find someone else to focus your attentions on! Worked for me.”

The look Cassia gave her was horrified. “That’s a terrible idea! Talk about avoidance, jeesh… what’s the point of doing that? If you date someone you’re either gonna break up with ‘em or die with ‘em, so why bother playing games? Sounds stupid to me.”

For a moment, Laurel paused. Perhaps Cassia was right. Perhaps what she had going on with William in her bid to rid Tessy from her mind was… a bad choice. The thought made her nervous, but she bit it down. “So what’re you gonna do?”

Cassia sighed, defeated. “What do you think? I’m gonna tell him.”