cass talks back to you

Thanksgiving Dinner

Notes: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating! If not then Happy Thursday!!! I hope you have/had/are having a wonderful day.

Word Count: 425

It was rare that you got to enjoy some time with your entire family. That’s why you had diligently made sure that your older children would be home for Thanksgiving. You had threatened Dick with no more of Alfred’s superb home cooking the next several times you visited him if he didn’t take the day off from the Bludhaven Police Force. You even tracked down Jason in the middle of who knows where while he was laying low and convinced him that you’d all be safe enough as long as you were together.

So, Thanksgiving Day came. You had made sure that kids and Bruce decorated the dining room, with Cass in charge, while you and Alfred prepared the feast. Barbara checked in with you all for a bit before she had to go to her parents’ house, and Duke and Steph had called that morning to send their love and best wishes.

After hours of cooking and decorating, it was time for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone took their seats and you beamed at your family.

“Okay everyone you know the drill. Before we start eating you say something you’re thankful for.”

Your youngest son rolled his eyes, “This tradition is so antiquated and absurd.”

Bruce looked down the table, “Damian don’t talk back to your mother.”

“Cass, why don’t you start?” you said cheerfully.

“I’m thankful that I have a home and a family.” Cassandra said softly and you patted her hand.

Dick cleared his throat, “I’m thankful for the Bludhaven Police Department. It’s helped me discover who Dick Grayson is.”

Bruce spoke up, “I’m thankful for Alfred. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know that I would have a family right now.”

“Thank you Master Bruce, I too am thankful for the Wayne family.”

“I’m thankful for a second chance. I know you don’t all agree with my methods, but I can do some good.” Jason said and you tried your best not to tear up.

“I’m thankful for mom. Bruce was grumpier without her.” Tim said.

Everyone looked at Damian, “I’m thankful I don’t have a bunch of idiots for brothers. Drake may be, but Todd and Grayson aren’t as likely.”

And with that, commenced a battle of your boys attempting to stab each other with forks, and wrestling in their seats.

You sighed, “Alfred, will you do us the honor of carving the turkey? Cassandra dear, can you pass your father the potatoes?”

It may not be a perfect Thanksgiving, but you were thankful for any time your family was together.


Your phone rang, and you had to pick it up, smiling at the ID of the number.

“Hey!” you smile, as you hear the familiar voice. “What’s up?”

“Busy hunting random things,” Lucifer is smiling, and you can hear that in his voice. “You don’t wanna know.”

“If you say so. You doing ok out there?”

“I am the angel, I am supposed to take care of you,” he wants to sound mad, but you know that he is never mad at you. He tried, but you never gave him a reason serious enough. “I am ok. Just tired.”

“Wanna come over? My idiots are out of town for today, so I’ll just make food and make sure that you eat enough and rest,” you can almost hear how he starts thinking. “Come on, I haven’t seen you in weeks!”

“And when will they be home?” you hear his voice coming from behind you and, as you turn around, you face Lucifer, smiling at you. “Hi.”

“Hello,” you hug him, gently touching his lips. “I missed you.”

“Lucifer?” you suddenly hear Dean’s voice coming from upstairs. “Cass! Get here!” before they do anything else, you pulls away and push Lucifer away, telling him to go away. That was always the agreement - if anything happens, and you think that you can deal with it on your own, you should push him away, so that he can run away. “Y/N! What the hell?”

“Uhm… My boyfriend, Luci,” you say, unconsciously using the nickname that you gave Lucifer at some point.

“Luci?!” for a second, you think that he will explode, but for some reason instead of exploding just yells. “CASS!”

“What, Dean?” Cass pops up in the middle of the room. He looks incredibly tired. “Y/N, always nice to see you.”

“Hello, Cass,” you are always nice with him - mutual politeness, as you call it.

“She is dating Lucifer!” yells Dean. “LUCIFER!”

“Y/N?” Cass looks at you, and you realize that you are much more afraid of his reaction that Dean’s. He is too calm and wouldn’t let go of something that easily, while Dean would just yell and let it go within days. Maybe weeks. But he will let go.

“Hey, he is a nice person.”

“He is the freaking Devil!”

“He is a nice guy!” Dean covered his face with his hands.

“Y/N, you have to understand us,” Cass starts talking, while you step back from him, knowing that he can just knock you out and catch Lucifer by using you. “It is Lucifer we are talking about. He is my brother, but I know that he is dangerous.”

“He just needs support from a loving person! He was left alone by his family and father, despised by all of the angels and people… Who wouldn’t go mad?” you defend Lucifer.

“He tortured your brother!” claims Cass, and Dean looks around.

“Where is he?”

“Still there, talking to the person,” explains Castiel. “He said he will get home on his own.”

“Y/N, Lucifer tortured Sam to the point where Sam went crazy! Our Sammy,” Dean sounds so desperate to explain to you who Lucifer is that you feel offended.

“I do not date him because he controls my mind, you know.”

“Y/N. It is Lucifer. The Devil himself!”

“Chuck said he does not mind.”

“Ch… Don’t tell me that Chuck knows,” Dean looks terrified by the very idea that God may approve of your relationship.

“He knows, Dean. He actually thinks that I am doing well, helping Lucifer with his anxiety.”

“Anxiety? Devil? Y/N, are you mad?”

“Dean, I know it’s hard to understand, but we are actually doing it to return the real Lucifer,” you do have reasons.

“REAL?” Dean is more than full of hatred, he is furious.

“Before he got in the cage, Lucifer was a good person. Angel… Uhm… Yes. And Chuck says that maybe our… love,” you blush. “Our love brings out the best in him.”

“Best in Lucifer?”

“Yes, Dean, best in Lucifer. Why is that so hard to believe?”

“Because it is Lucifer!”

“Dean… Cass!”

“Dean, it makes sense. Love changes not only people, but angels. Lucifer hasn’t killed anyone in… Four moths?” you nod-that’s exactly how much time you’ve been seeing Lucifer. “It is logical, Dean. She helps him.”

“She’s my sister!”

“Winchester, Winchester, Winchester,” lazily repeats Lucifer, appearing right behind you and putting his hands on your shoulders. You flinch, then smile, realizing that it’s just Lucifer. “How many times does she have to repeat the same thing?”

“Lucifer!” Dean almost jumps forward, but Castiel catches him.

“Thanks, Cassie,” Lucifer gently pulls you closer, and you rest your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. Slow. Calming. “Look, Winchester… My father believes in whatever he wants to believe. I just know that you are not stopping Y/N from seeing me. Not now. Not ever.”

“As if you can stop me.”

“I can. I don’t want to because this my human being will be upset,” you hide a smile, as he gently caresses your skin, holding your wrist. “But if you dare try to come between us, I will take your whole body apart,” you know that he will. But you don’t dare even step aside-his hands are too warm and gentle, his breath is slightly ticklish, and you feel his chin next to your temple. “No one is touching her, Dean. Look at Castiel - he knows that it is for the best,” Dean looks at Cass. The angel is standing still and serious, making sure that Dean can’t get to you and Lucifer.

“Dean, you have to understand…”

“What the hell is going on here?” you hear Sam’s voice, as he enters the room.

“Uhm… Family discussion of whether or not your sister is allowed to date the guy that she likes,” informs him Lucifer.

“Loves,” you mumble quietly, so that only Lucifer can hear you, but it looks like Cass heard it as well-a small, kind smile appeared for a second on his face.