cass is a badass


the gotham girl gang because they don’t get enough love

  • you: love
  • me, an intellectual: Rhysand and Feyre Archeron, The High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court, who met after Rhysand had been trapped Under The Mountain for 49 years as Amarantha's whore. Feyre was actually UTM to save Tamlin, a dumb useless high lord that couldn't do anything but rage at people, but in the end she saves the entire fae world and Amarantha dies BUT Rhysand helps her survive the competition and therefore she saves the world and him but he makes a deal that one week a month she has to visit him in the Night Court and she is reluctant but TENSION because they have a mental bond and she has a SICK tattoo on her arm from it. Fast forward to an unhappy Feyre in the spring court and she and previously mentioned useless high lord proposed to her and they are getting married soon. Ianthe, aka a stupid biach, is planning the wedding and shit but she's actually having ulterior motives. Useless high lord treats feyre badly, doesn't care that she had ptsd, just constantly says he loves her but does nothing to show it because he is, as previously mentioned, useless and dumb. She has nightmares and stuff but useless highlord does not give a quarter of a shit. Fast forward to the wedding day! Feyre is haunted by blood and tells Ianthe and the useless highlord THAT THERE SHOULD BE NO RED FLOWERS but Ianthe, the biach, uses red flowers. Feyre freaks out and then Rhysand, out bae, HEARS HER AND WINNOWS TO SAVE HER HE TAKES HER AWAY FOR A WEEK. He begins to teach her how to read because, again, uselsss highlord didn't do anything about that. Fast forward to when the week is over and time passes and Feyre is back with useless high lord, but now he TRAPS HER INSIDE. She flips out and is so scared but MOR AND RHYS SAVE HER. Also, Rhys loves Feyre. Did I mention that? Also, she meets the badass crew (TM) of Cass, az, mor, and amren, and she falls in love. Rhys trains Feyre how to fight and shit and she goes to the weaver and the bone dude and Rhys and her go through a lot together and there is so much tension and EVENTUALLY SHE SAVES HIM AND REALIZES HE IS HER MATE AND STARFALL AND LICKING AND SO MUCH AND AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AND CHAPTER 55 AND THEY ARE MATES AND THEN THEY ARE HAPPY AND SHE SAVES VELARIS BUT THEN KING OF HYBERN ISSUE AND USELESS HIGH LORD RUINS EVERYTHING AND TO SAVE HER FRIENDS FEYRE PRETENDS THAT RHYS FORCED HER TO LOVE HIM AND THEM SHE GOES WITH USELESS HIGH LORD BUT LITTLE DOES USLESS HIGH LORD KNOW THAT FEYRE IS NOW THE HIGH LADY OF THE NIGHT COURT AND THAT IS LOVE

anonymous asked:

What do their civie outfits usually look like?

Bruce: very clean cut and stylish, suits mainly for business, but also some stereotypical Dad Clothes for more casual endeavours (socks and sandals anyone? Hawaiian shirts at a JLA BBQ?)

Dick: jeans and a tshirt usually, but anything that doesn’t smell too bad or isn’t too obviously wrinkled. Sometimes just wears pjs to the store

Jason: wears a lot of layers, lots of flannel shirts over black tshirts with bleached or dark jeans and his jacket

Tim: lots of geeky tshirts, cargo shorts (even though his legs are blindingly pale), some converse

Damian: has the aesthetic of a 20 year old art student, wears a lot of turtlenecks and slacks, lots of black

Steph: cute rompers, leggings and a cardigan if it’s cold, tries to emulate the look of “I’m pretty but I can and will kick your ass if you challenge me”

Cass: has a badass leather jacket, some combat boots, baggy tshirt and some leggings, looks really cool, Steph got her some killer shades to complete the look

Babs: stylish, looks like she could be a badass archaeologist explorer, lots of button down shirts

Duke: some trusty blue jeans, a good hoodie (like his super comfy Superman one that Dick have him for his birthday that one year), some good running shoes

My Batkids FanCasting

Pretty well aware it won’t be to everyone’s liking but here are the actors I would cast.

  • Finn Wittrock as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Don’t get me wrong. I really want a Romani actor to play Dick. But since I have the feeling that WB will want a white actor, then I would suggest Finn Wittrock. He has the looks, the charm and proved himself to be a great actor in American Horror Story.

  • Matthew Daddario as Jason Todd/ Red Hood

A popular thought but let’s face it Matthew is the perfect cinnamon roll/bad boy combo to play our Jaybird

  • Aneurin Barnard as Tim Drake/ Red Robin 

He is a bit old compared to Timbo, but when I saw him in Dunkirk my head immediately screamed “Tim Drake!!”

  • Anthony Keyvan as Damian Wayne/ Robin

I mean, look at that face ! He even has the hair!!

  • Karen Gillan as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

The resemblance is uncanny and Karen showed she could be quite a badass in Guardians of the Galaxy. 

  • Ava Philippe as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler

Sorry but I can’t root for a Chloe Grace Moretz or a Elle Fanning. We see those two everywhere and I feel like Stephanie should be portrayed by someone unknown. Ava Philippe has never been in any movie so far but if she’s like her mom then I think she’ll be an awesome actress for the part.

  •  Jin Ji Hee as Cassandra Cain/ Orphan

I’m not really convinced by my own choice to be honest. Cassandra Cain is such a complex character that I think it’ll be difficult to find a Chinese actress that can be as badass and yet as vulnerable as Cass. So I’ll go for Jin Ji Hee for aesthetic reason.


Yesterday was so much fun. After work we went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Fresno for Cassadee Pope’s free acoustic show. We went in with 93.7 Kiss Country (the radio show that sponsored the show) and as they were about to announce Cassadee, she walked in and stood next to me and we just talked for a few minutes. I went to snap a quick picture and she made the first very attractive, sexual face. Haha! She is so sweet. After the awesome show, she stopped for a selfie with me and my sister before she took off to LA for more acoustic shows. Awesome night! I’m so proud of Cass going this far by herself after Hey Monday! :)

Okay okay, little idea here…

Big Hero 6 is getting a TV show (yaay!!!) I was wondering something. Since Aunt Cass already lost a lot of people and that we all know from the first scene of the movie she’s introduced she can be strict when her nephews gets in trouble, I personally don’t think she would enjoy the idea of Hiro playing the superheroes on dangerous missions. In other words, Hiro is smart enough to have a double life and hide his superhero identity from Aunt Cass.

BUT IMAGINE if a random villain somehow manages to discover Hiro’s real identity. Result? He abducts his aunt.

Imagine this… 

Hiro finding the café in a mess. Hiro frantically shouting for Aunt Cass’ name, but there’s no answer. Hiro discovering his aunt was kidnapped (by a villain in particular). Hiro freaking out and being angry at the simple idea of someone laying a single finger on his aunt’s hair.

Hiro’s reaction of fear and panic to someone threathening the only family he has left.  

Reaction To Wonder Woman

So, I’ve Been living under a rock for the last six months so, here is (finally) the reaction. 


“Damn, Diana looks good”


“Way better than that lame movie in which they make look Joker way more than a clown and way less crazy” 


“Suicide Squad was not that bad and Harley kinda rocked her role” 


“Professor Lupin is Ares!”


“DIANA looked great! But When are we having our own Batfam movie? It is not as if we didn’t have material enough!” 


“YES! We can start with Jason’s daddy issues, Dami’s anger managment problem, Tim’s bipolarity, Cass’ badassness, your intelligence and my complete awesome self” 


“Mrs. Brown, even when everything you mention is, indeed true, there is no way we could put all of that in a single movie. For the moment, I believe the Kardashian’s reality show is the closest we’ll ever get”

conspiracy thread

i know there’s posts about this already, but buckle up kiddos, because this is about to be a wild ride

spoilers duh

the parallels between big hero 6 have already been pointed out yeah (especially shiro and keith = tadashi and hiro) but here i go

i haven’t watched this movie in awhile so fight me in a denny’s at 3am if i’m wrong

go knock yourselves out, have some fun, argue with me idc

first off, yeah, shiro is clearly very similar to tadashi 

  • both are levelheaded, kind, all that other natural born leader shit
  • vv similar personalities ok
  • role models to keith/hiro
  • emotional support
  • both end up sacrificing themselves to the bad guys (zarkon/callaghan)
  • keith/hiro seem to be most affected by the loss
  • they also don’t really know how to be a “hero” without shiro/tadashi)
  • neither give up on keith/hiro
  • takashi/tadashi (coincidence? i think not)

i’ve established that keith is hiro

  • both are a bit impulsive/cocky
  • look up to shiro/tadashi
  • both didn’t continue with school lmao
  • awkward dorks
  • they let their anger cloud their judgement (keith splitting up the team against lotor in s3, hiro ripping out baymax’s “nice” (?? idk what it was really) card so he would kill callaghan to avenge tadashi
  • slowly become more accustomed to leadership
  • both keep somewhat corny/inspirational quotes from shiro/tadashi in mind: “patience yields focus” “look for a new angle”
  • expresses anger at having their plans messed with, even if they completely disregard the team and put others at danger (fight against callaghan/lotor)

i’m just getting started

wasabi is hunk

  • both are amazing friends like goddamn
  • amazingly understanding
  • also very physically similar
  • while both seem to be “cowards” they are often the most rational, and become the voice of caution for the teams (hunk being skeptical about nyma/rolo, wasabi obeying traffic laws in a car chase)
  • hunk thought that lance just flying off in an alien lion was ridiculous, as well as wasabi being the one to say that fighting this weird masked dude with robots being literally fucking stupid
  • needs more characterization

honey lemon = lance

  • definitely needs more love
  • (i’m probably just biased rip)
  • does their best to support the team
  • good at improv (lance coming up with a plan to trap the galra in the hangar as to not damage the balmera, honey realizing who the true villan is)
  • selfies
  • update: they’re both latinx so thats neat

k it kinda gets messy now?

fred would be coran

  • pretty laid back dude who gives you a place to live and has all the connections
  • sees the positive side of things
  • actually v smart (coran using the slipperies to polish wormhole lenses, fred using the sign to fight callaghan

go-go is pidge

  • both can be quite independent (pidge contacting coran and allura when she was with the space caterpillars, go-go taking over the car chase because she knew what she was doing)

aunt cass = allura

  • just want the best for their kids ok
  • allura is way more badass but they’re both saving everyone’s asses (cass bailing out hiro and tadashi, allura fighting the druids and haggar)

callaghan is zarkon

  • both are blinded by their losses, turning them to evil (zarkon losing honerva, callaghan losing his daughter)
  • both have cool robots
  • main point is: they lost something dear to them and it destroyed them
  • zarkon also swears against alfor for destroying daibazaal, while callaghan despises krei for losing his daughter 

baymax is voltron

  • big robots
  • need i say more
  • imagine if baymax was made out of cats

i’m so tired just let me rest– i didn’t want to include lotor or matt or whatever

Special story for the 33+

Thank you my little ‘wings! I’m so happy right now! I hope you like this story and it’s sortof a sequel to  this.

(Promps are open!)

Hope you like it!

After the Christmas party where Bruce proposed to you the household became a nutshell, Alfred and Dick  took upon themselves to  be your wedding planners( SECRETLY), well Alfred made the planning Dick …eagerly helped in everything he can.

“Where do you prefer the ceremony being? The beach? The forest? oh!oh!oh! in the Atalaya! That would be so cool!”

“I don’t think the Justice league would approve, I suggest the beach. It could be a romantic wedding with the sea colored in the pinks, oranges and yellows of the sunset and when they kiss for the first time the moon will be rising in the sky.”

“OMG, Alfred sooooo romantic!”

“I think the two of you have seen to many rom-coms” said Tim looking weirded out at Alfred and Dick’s actions. “And why are you wearing glasses Dick? You don’t need any.”

“What type of wedding planner would I be if I’m not wearing glasses? Also it makes me look fabulous.” Dick said flipping his hair fabulously.

“I don’t know, a normal one?” Tim deadpanned.

“Master Damian is rubbing off on you master Tim”


“What’s going on over here?”  You said as you were entering in the living room, where they were “planning”. You dragged your feet over the carpet as you had Damian hugging your waist in a dead grip while whining because “Father doesn’t let me go on patrol, says I’m sick. I ‘M NOT SICK FATHER! THAT WASN’T A COUGHT FATHER! Mommy do something” his face was buried in your shirt. He sure has to be sick if he just called you mommy, but you ain’t complaining.

“NOTHING! THERE IS NOOOOTHING FOR YOU MOM! NO WEDDING PLANS WHATSOEVER HAHAHA!!!” Dick said lying down over the table and all the sheets laying there while laughing nervously. Tim face palmed at Dick’s poor acting. You raised an eyebrow at them.

“Wedding planning?”


“….You did.”


“Oh for supes’ sakes! This is stupid!” Tim yelled, eyebrows twitching.

“You are the stupid one, Drake”


Damian seemed to get over his short lived normal childlike moment and teared himself off of you.

“You wanna fight, drake?!” Damian clenched his fist meanwhile Tim looked at him angrily.

“STOP THE TWO OF YOU!” You shouted.” Tim, you go down and tell your father to come up we’re going off to have a NORMAL family dinner. NOW TIM, N O W.” Tim didn’t have to be told twice as he ran to the batcave. Your other two sons tried to escape but failed.

“DICK” He stopped and looked at you like a deer in headlights. He looked at you fearfully.

“yes mommy?”

“You are going to call Luke and Jason-“

“But mom!”


“no mommy!”

“Some other women would not agree with you, Grayson. As they think you are indeed a butt”

“DAMIAN!” Dick yelled outraged.


“Yes, mom!”

“What’s my wonderful fiancée shouting her lugs out for?” Bruce said as he dropped a short loving kiss in your lips. As you were distracted your sons escaped, scared out of their minds.

“Why can’t we have a normal day in this manor?” You hided your face in Bruce’s neck. Kissing his neck. He laughed and hugged you. “But you love it”

“…yeah, I do” you smiled at him. He kissed you and cornered you against the wall, kisses soon became a make out session, his hand inside your shirt searched for your bra.

“Wow, stop right there cowboy. I got to call the girls for our family dinner tonight.”

Bruce’s face fell. You kissed him again.

“If you are a good boy, you will get a prize tonight.” You winked at him. He smirked.

“What prize would that be?”

“Oh well, I’ve just bought a black lace see throught tong with a transparent bra with black lace. I just tough you woul like them, but I was wrong so…”

“NO” You looked at him amused, his eyes we’re blow wide and darkened with lust.

“You want it?”

“Hell yeah”

“So play nice” You kissed him again and leaved the room to call the girls.

“You damn vixen”


All the Batfamily were sitting in this really fancy restaurant, and all was going well, the kids were being civil, Bruce was looking at you with a teasing smirk and Alfred was just sitting there sipping his drink. When suddenly…



Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Two face, The Riddler, Penguin and Scarecrow.

Why were they here?

For the sake of the plot… AND COMITING A ROBBERY!!!

“Riddle me this-“

“NO, I’M SICK OF YOUR FREAKING RIDDLES! SHUT UP” Poison Ivy yelled at poor Eddy who only wanted to do his thing.

“Now everybody! Hand over your money and jewelry!”

The Penguin came to your table and taped your ring with his umbrella.

“Hand it over, pretty bird.”

You’ve had enough.



You launched at him, taking his umbrella from him and whacking him on his little head.


They looked at you surprised.


You looked positively murderous.

Your family looked impressed

The villains looked scared as f*ck.

Wow, look at the Batmom. Is just as scary as Batman, if not more.

“You sure have balls, miss” Harley said “I like that.” She winked at you as Ivy wacked her on the head.

“We’re going now, but not because you are scary or anything. Just we have enough money already”

As they were leaving you heard them say

“She’s just as scary as Batman” Twoface said

“She’s more like a Batmom “ Riddler said “ She was protecting her family “

“More like Batmomma, ‘cos dang I would hit that”


“Aiie, Red with do you hit me?! “


“Are you jealous, red? OOOH YOU ARE!!! I KNEW YOU LOVED ME!”


You huffed and straightened your clothes and went to your table were all your family was looking at you as if you were a goddess.


“I just fell in love with you all over again”

“Mom, you’re a badass!” Steph said and Cass noded.

“Totally, did you see the villain’s faces?”

“Yeah, they looked f*cking scared out of their minds!” Jason roared with laughter.

You sat next to Bruce as he whispered in your ear.

“ You know, (y/n) I can’t wait to get you home, tear off your clothes and f*ck you senseless all night long. You got me so aroused right now, that stunt, wow so frecking hot.”

You blushed and smiled at your family’s awestruck expression.

Damian  came next to you and hugged your waist, looking up at you with a awe expression.

“Mom you have to become my teacher. I want to learn to do that”

Your heart warmed at his childlike expression.

“Sure thing, dear.”

“You were so awesome, mom. I’m impressed”

Well, this didn’t go as bad as you thought. You had a good time with your family, you stopped a robbery, you got Damian admiration and a wild night with Bruce.


A good night, indeed


Movie Night

Characters: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Duke Thomas, Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Harper Row, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth

Summary:  Halloween has arrived! Dick wanted to have a movie night. Can he get it?

A/N:  For halloween content war. Day 4: Zombies. How do I make a zombie prompt into fluff? Here’s how.
(Shhh…. it counts. It counts)

“Let’s have a movie night!” Dick shouted. He was completely ignored.

Damian continued feeding Batcow, Cass and Steph continued their sparring, Tim continued teachung Duke how to hack, and Barbara continued lecturing Harper upon the importance of an up to date grapple. Only Jason looked up from where he was tinkering with his guns. He gave Dick the bird.

“Oh, c'mon! It’s almost Halloween. And we haven’t had a proper movie night in so long!”

“It is not a problem for me, Grayson,” Damian said.

“You love it!”

“No, I don’t!” Damian huffed indignantly.

“Come on! Babs, Steph, Cass, Harper? Please?” Dick pleaded with the girls. They were the ones he had to convince. If the girls decide to have a movie night, they will have a movie night. It was a fact.

At least Steph and Cass had stopped sparring. The two of them look at each other, having a totally silent conversation. They will have a decision soon. Whether Dick liked that decision or not, there’s nothing he can do about it. So he turned his attention to Barbara.

“Please, Babs?” Dick put on his best pleading face. Barbara snorted.

“That’s not going to work on me, Boy Blunder, and you know it.”

“Please? There’s nothing tonight! No team missions, no catastrophes,  nor end of the world incident. Just one movie, please?”

Barbara turned to Harper. She raised an eyebrow. Harper shrugged and said, “I don’t really care anyway. Have a movie night if you want.” Then she said under her breath, “It can’t be worse than this lecture.”

“I heard that, Harper!”

“Well, it’s true!”

Barbara shook her head. She looked at Dick with an eyebrow raised, as if to say, ‘can you believe this?’. Dick simply smiled. He had one down.

Then, Cass said solemnly, “We want a movie night.“

Dick gave his best and widest smile to his little sister. Yes! He had this one in the bag.

“But I get to pick the movie!” Steph replied, already out of the sparring ring and into the bathroom.

“Sure, Steph!” Dick called out.

“Never! Brown’s movies are too degrading to watch!”

“Aww…. So you do want a movie night!”

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