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Summary: The first part of a series that explores the process in which Josh’s sister’s relationship with Jack progresses until they eventually get together. 

Word Count: 744

Dedicated To: The anon who’s request inspired this series!!<3

“Josh, I’m going to fucking kill you.” (Y/N) yells as she used the spare key, that Joe pridictably left under the mat, to unlock the door to the Sugg’s’ apartment where she knew for a fact her brother would be - there was no doubt about it. It was football day, which meant all of the boys would be huddled around Joe’s flatscreen with pizza and popcorn to see them through.

Back to the matter at hand, Josh had left their shared apartment an absolute tip after getting home from a night out and sleeping for three hours before stumbling over to Joe’s without even considering the mess he was leaving behind. The thought of his little sister having to come home from the airport after a twelve hour flight and be forced to deal with the consequences of his messy night out hadn’t even crossed his mind - not until she came storiming into Joe’s in a pair of penguin pyjamas and her fists chenches at her sides anyways.

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Slight language warning.

A thud of Jack’s phone falling on the wooden floor echoed through the living room in which you and the Buttercream Squad were in, currently on the couch about to film a video for theirs, and your, channels.
“Ah, fuck me.” He mumbled, bending down to pick it up, sighing in relief at the fact it wasn’t cracked.
“Maybe later.” You replied, not taking your eyes off the screen of your phone as you continued to scroll through Twitter, smirking as the boys all laughed at your usual sarcasm.
You were always sarcastic and witty sometimes, and as they claimed, that’s what the boys all loved about you.

After what felt like centuries, you had finally finished with your videos for each one of your channels. The time had dragged on, and none of you had even realised it was already half past six in the afternoon.
“Wow, didn’t know it was so late.” Joe claimed, looking at the clock.
“Yeah, don’t have time to make dinner.” Caspar said before winking and raising his eyebrows, causing us all to laugh as we knew what was coming next.
“Oh my god, okay.” You giggled, sitting up from the bed you were sprawled across as all the boys were at the bottom fiddling with the filming setup. You crawled over to the end of the bed before putting your hands on Joe and Caspar’s shoulders, pushing them apart and jumping through.
“Hey!” Joe jumped in surprise. “You could of gone around!”
“And if you insult me I’ll make you go around to your wallet and pay for the pizza instead.” You smirked jokingly, crossing your arms.
“You’re paying?” Caspar tilted his head.
“Anything for my Caspy.” You winked at him before walking out the room laughing.

You were all currently in the living room getting comfortable on the couch, fetching blankets and pillows to get ready for your movie night. Just as you were handing the boys all some blankets, the doorbell went.
“I’ll get it.” You told them, walking over to the door.
You thanked the man and paid for the pizza, sitting back down on the couch and placing the three pizza boxes on the coffee table infront of it. You opened all the boxes, passing them between you all.
“Woah, this pizza is huge.” Caspar said, grabbing the biggest slice.
“Just like my cock.” Conor piped up, him and Jack laughing.
“Or your ego.” You said, biting into your pizza as Conor earned a bunch of oooh’s from the boys.

“Are we going to choose the movie already, or am I going to die of old age waiting?” You raised an eyebrow at Josh who was still holding the TV remote, scrolling through the possible movie options on Sky.
“Oh, be quiet you.” Josh shook his head.
You shrugged, picking up another slice of pizza out of the box on Joe’s lap.
“How do you eat so much and not gain five pounds like me? You’re so lucky.” Mikey laughed, earning nods of agreement from all the boys.
“Like I don’t burn a whole load of calories putting up with you guys.” You said, taking another bite of pizza as all boys burst into laughter.

“Anyone want some drinks?” You offered a few minutes later, after Josh had finally chosen a movie, already standing up from the couch. The boys all nodded at you, big smiles on their faces. You walked over to the kitchen getting each of them drinks, knowing them so well you knew what they wanted without even asking. You placed them all on the coffee table, but when you went to sit down in your seat, Jack had stretched his legs across your place in the couch.
“What are you, twelve?” You raised an eyebrow before squishing between Jack’s feet and Joe.
Joe wrapped his arm around you and pulled you close into him, earning a dramatic gasp from Jack as he placed his hand on his heart.
“You would choose Joe over moi?” He asked offendedly.
“Any day.” You smirked, feeling Joe’s body vibrate against your side as he chuckled.
“Jack, you haven’t had a girlfriend in years, just accept that you probably won’t get one any time soon.” Caspar laughed, winking.
“Plus, Y/N is way out of your league.” Joe remarked, as you turned your head to look up to him and smiled.
“Aww, thank you, babe.” You grinned at him as he looked down at you, still curled up against him.
“Anytime, love.”
“Just get in a relationship if you’re going to act like that.” Mikey laughed at you two.
“At least she could get in a relationship, unlike some people.” Joe pointed out, eyes locked on Jack as everyone laughed.
“I could get in a relationship if I wanted.” Jack moaned, crossing his arms like a child.
“Probably wouldn’t last long though, mate.” Josh butted in.
“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” Jack exclaimed, earning a giggle from you.
“Oh please, Jack, there are vines that last longer than your relationships.” You smirked, all the boys gasping as Jack sat there shaking his head at you.
“You’re always so witty, I love it.” Joe spoke up, looking down at you still cuddled up in his side. You looked up at his eyes, grinning.

Girls Night || Buttercream

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Word Count: 1.1k+

A/N: Bare in mind that this references you being interested in a girl, which you can just not read into if you’re strictly into men. I just wanted to change things up a little. Oh! And this also includes a lot of Maddie and is strictly a friendship imagine!!xo

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Can I be part of the family too~? ㅠvㅠ -Caspy

I’m sorry sweetie we’re pretty much full with all these babies plus the dogs and stuff… sorry :’’’’’’’’’’^(

Relationship Craze (Request)

You finished applying the last of your minimal make up and checked yourself in the mirror once more. For the launch party of Oli’s book you had decided to wear a simple navy blue dress that came down to just above your knees and a pair of white flats
“Babe you look beautiful can we go now?” Joe sticks his head round the door
“I’m finished I’m finished” You roll your eyes jokingly and grab your purse.
“And would you just look at how perfect (Y/N) is looking today- as always of course!” Joe vlogs as you walk out of the door and get into the taxi outside your hotel room
“Don’t be such a romantic Joe” You laugh as he laces his fingers with yours

The rest of your short journey was spent with Joe vlogging and making you laugh and occasionally turning off the camera to kiss you
“And we’re here!” Joe says, getting out of the car to hold open the door for you
“Why thank you Joseph” you chuckle, holding his hand once you were out.
“And here they are! The most talked about couple of all of YouTube! The relationship goals of our generation- it is Joe and (Y/N)” Oli vlogs when he sees you, “I think you’ve over taken Zalfie by now!” He chuckles
“Hello Mr author!” You smile, giving him a hug
“Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!” You hear Caspar squeal, “Is (Y/N) cheating on Joe? My favourite couple are over?!” He fake gasps and you laugh
“She hasn’t got rid of me yet” Joe smiles, one arm holding tightly onto your waist.
“Life is good guys! Screenshot opportunities to all you shippers!” Caspar exclaims into his Snapchat as he videos the pair of you
“Stop with the paparazzi guys! You might start rumours!” You joke and turn to Joe, “I’m gonna go say hi to everyone babe. See you in a bit” You lean up and kiss his lips for a second, before heading off onto the crowds. After getting yourself a drink, you began talking to Oli’s mum as she had always been fond of you.
“Yeah Joe and me are just fine. We moved into the apartment about two months ago now so we’re pretty much settled now” You explained to her before a familiar pair of arms fell around your waist from behind, “Talk of the devil” you smile
“Oh you’ve been talking about me? All good things I hope?” He questions.
“There’s not a lot of good things to tell” You joke and he chuckles into your ear
“I should go find my son wherever he is” Oli’s mum nods, heading off.
“Ooh and here they are guys. Can we see a ring on her finger yet?” Jack videos the pair of you for his Snapchat.
“Can I sing at your wedding?” Conor jokingly asks and you and Joe turn around to face them
“As long as its not one of your originals buddy” Joe laughs and Conor glares at him through his own laughter.
“Nope I’m still waiting for that day boys!” You smirk.
“What are you playing at Joe?” Jack shakes his head
“One day” He whispers into your ear.
“I found them I found them again!” Caspar cheers again.
“Its our biggest fan” Joe chuckles
“Although I’m sad the Jaspar ship has gone now” Caspar frowns
“Oh I’m not so sure I can guarantee you that Joe still has a special place for you in his heart Caspy” You grin
“Of course buddy” Joe smirks, kissing your cheek, “She just takes priority”
“That’s definitely going in the vlog” Oli laughs.
“Gosh guys! I didn’t realise how much you loved us together!” Joe rolls his eyes
“Come on I wanna go to that photo thing” You say, taking Joe’s hand and leading him over there.
“Can we come?” Caspar jokes.
And the fans definitely went crazy that night over the many Snapchats, vlogs and photos that were taken of you two over the course of the night.
(I hope you like this and its what you hoped for! If anyone has any requests please send them through x Love to everyone x)