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Y/N: hey boys, I’m making lasagne for dinner and watching movies all night, if any of you want to join me let me know.

 That was probably the dumbest text I ever sent to the buttercream group chat because none of the boys Would turn down food or a good movie night. That was also the best text I ever sent because from that night forward my whole life had changed.

Randyyy: Um… YES?!!

Caspy: can we watch something other than nemo this time please? 

The cheed: leave nemo out of this caspar… and Y/N, you better have a lot of popcorn this time, I was I was very disappointed in your popcorn ratio last time 

Y/N: fame has turned you into such a diva 🙄 

 Joseph: I’ll come only if I can bring a plus one 😏😉 

 Y/N: Who’s your plus one?!! You know what I don’t care, just no sex on the couch 

 Joseph: thanks a lot Randy 🙄 

 Randyyy: hey, at least I got some 😉💪🏻 

Ginger ninja: if mikey’s coming I’ll bring the alcohol, can’t handle him sober 😂😂 

 Mikey: nice one mate, but Im seeing a girl tonight 👌🏻 

Ginger ninja: have fun bud 😂😂 

Y/N: so me, casp, josh, con, jack, joe and his um, friend? 

Randyyy: Yep 

Y/N: okayo see you later losers!! Love youuu! ❤️❤️❤️

I threw my phone onto my bed before getting up and pulling on a pair of sweats so I could go downstairs to get a few things for dinner. I headed out once I pulled my hair into a messy ponytail and stuffed my phone into my pocket, I needed some soda, cheese and popcorn for tonight but while I was at the store I got some hot chocolate and toothpaste because I was out. I dumped the shopping bag on my kitchen counter and started putting things in the fridge cupboard when I got home.

After watching some TV I decided I should get dinner started so it would be ready when the boys came around. I put on some music and gathered all the ingredients on the counter so I could start making the lasagne, I danced around the kitchen as I stirred and added to the pan that was busy heating on the stove. The boys loved when I invited them over because they loved my food, there was even a point when Connor was paying me to make him dinner. I layered the pasta, cheese, and meat in a dish once the meat was cooked through, I placed it in the oven then went into the living room making sure it was tidy. I took all the empty dishes to the kitchen, folded the blankets and put them in the basket at the end of the couch and I threw out all the sweet wrappers laying on the coffee table. When I was satisfied with my work I went to my room and changed out of my sweats into a t-shirt dress and brushed out my hair leaving it loose. As I was about to relax and put another episode of the show I was watching on I heard a knock on my door, “Coming!” I called and jogged over to the door.

“Hey princess, how are you?” Conor asked when I opened the door. He smiled and wrapped an arm around my shoulder as he walked in, “Holy crap, that smells so good, when will it be read?” He said before I could answer him, I giggled and walked to the oven to check on the food.
“It could go for a few more minutes.” He groaned in annoyance and chuckled when he saw me raising an eyebrow at him.
“I just want to eat!” He exclaimed defensively making me shake my head as I closed the oven again.
“The rest of the boys will be over soon.” I chuckled. “Why’re you here so early anyways.” I asked checking the time seeing that he was half an hour early.
“I had a meeting and I was passing here on my way home so I came here rather than going home and coming back but I di-”

“HEY Y/N!” Caspar yelled as he, Josh and Jack walked in causing Conor and I to jump, “Y/N you shouldn’t leave your door unlocked.” Caspar commented as they all three walked into the kitchen.
“Yeah, I should lock you out.” I rolled my eyes and gave him a hug.
“Even me?” Jack asked and pretended to be hurt before he pulled Caspar off of me and engulfed me in a big bear hug.
“Aw no, how could I ever lock you out.” I cooed and gave him a squeeze before letting go and making my way to Josh who was already checking if the food was ready. “Josh you complained about Mikey but you’re already eyeing out the food.” I giggled and ducked under his arm giving him a hug.
“I can’t help that it tastes good!” he chuckled and hugged me back, “How are you?” he smiled but there was a knock at the door before I could answer him.
“I’ll be back now.” I said as he pulled his arm away allowing me to answer the door.

I opened the door expecting Joe but no one was there, just as I went to close it again he jumped out from behind the wall giving me a fright, “Joseph! I hate you!” I yelled between laughs making him laugh too.
“I’m sorry,” he said once his laughs subsided, “You look cute, what’s the occasion?” he smirked at me.
“The weather?” I chuckled making him roll his eyes. “What! It’s warm today!” I said trying to supress my laughs. Just as I was about to pull Joe in and shut the door a tall brown-haired guy appeared next to him.
“Oh Y/N/N, this is Byron.” Joe said but suddenly found something inside much more interesting as he pulled out his vlogging camera.

“Hey, I’m Byron, I’m staying with Joe, nice to mee-” at this point my brain had completely shut down and all I could think was ‘holy cow I love my friends for bringing even prettier friends over. Oh. My. Word. look at his smile, holy cow he’s adorable, and his eyes, wow. I think I’m pregnant.’
“Y/N?” he said with a frown.
“Sorry I was um… trying to remember what time I had to take dinner out.” I mumbled as a deep blush rose onto my cheeks. I motioned for him to come in then closed the door behind him, the boys had sorted their own drinks but I felt compelled to impress Byron so I ordered Josh to pour him one while I checked on the dinner one last time. Once Josh had poured Byron his drink I took the glass and offered it to him basically stealing all Josh’s credit, he stood in the kitchen watching me in amazement. I returned back to Josh’s side once the boy’s had settled in the living room, “I’m sorry okay, I just had to imprint myself in his subconscious.” I winked as he frowned down at me.
“You like him don’t you?” Josh sighed and watched as I pulled plates out the cupboard.
“What, psht, nooo.” I frowned and turned around switching the heat of the oven.
“Oh my god, you do!” he laughed before he helped me pull the lasagne out the oven.
“Thanks.” I grumbled and closed the oven door when he place the dish down on the counter.
“Aw princess, it’s such a pleasure.” He laughed and squeezed my side making me roll my eyes.
“Boys! Food!” I called making them all jump from their seats and rush to the kitchen, “Calm down it’s not going anywhere.” I chuckled and sat down on one of the chairs by the counter watching as they all excitedly lined up for food.

The boys had eaten and now Caspar and Jack were packing the dishwasher while Joe handled the popcorn. I got the movie ready and went to sit next to Joe once everyone had found their spots but Josh came from behind me and shoved me making me land on Byron’s lap, “Y/N sit with Byron, I said  I was sitting with Joe.” He said with a wink. I blushed slightly, “Sorry.” I said to Byron.
“No problem, here,” he chuckled and lifted the blanket for me, “Comfortable?” He asked, I replied with a nod. Joe played the movie and I had settled down, until my phone buzzed making both Byron and I jump, I picked it up and saw that Josh had texted me.

 Ginger ninja: At least cuddle him?? Idk but you’re being awkward 🙄

Y/N: What if he thinks I’m weird for randomly cuddling him????

Ginger Ninja: He keeps looking at you, he’s waiting to make a move. Also you’re adorable so if it doesn’t work out I’ll just be like no dude she’s just that kind of person but I highly doubt he’s going to think you’re weird. 

Y/N: okayo 😬

 I put my phone on silent before leaning forward and sliding it onto the table and winking at Josh. I fell back into my spot and leaned into Byron’s side pretending that I had less space on my side of the couch, he lifted his arm and wrapped it around my side pulling me even closer into him. I shook off my nerves and snuggled into his side and lay my head on his chest.

 At some point I must have fallen asleep during the movie because I woke up to Byron carrying me to my room, I grumbled and buried my face further into him. “Sleep well?” He chuckled and passed the kitchen to my room, I nodded slightly and twirled the hair at the back of his neck around my fingers sleepily. He turned around opening my bedroom door with his back before making his way to my bed, he lay me down and pulled the covers over me before bending over me and pressing a kiss to my temple, “Good night sweetheart, see you tomorrow.” He said as he walked out the room and closed the door softly.


finch: HEY cashpian!!
caspian: uh it’s actually just caspi-
finch: my dad isn’t here today so ur gonna have to help me bake stuff!
caspian: um. i don’t know how to bake, that’s not a good idea.
finch: thats fine, just RISE to the challenge!
finch: RISE to it. its the
finch: YEAST
finch: you can do!! hehehee
caspian: ………yeah.

London || Jack Maynard

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Summary: The first part of a series that explores the process in which Josh’s sister’s relationship with Jack progresses until they eventually get together. 

Word Count: 744

Dedicated To: The anon who’s request inspired this series!!<3

“Josh, I’m going to fucking kill you.” (Y/N) yells as she used the spare key, that Joe pridictably left under the mat, to unlock the door to the Sugg’s’ apartment where she knew for a fact her brother would be - there was no doubt about it. It was football day, which meant all of the boys would be huddled around Joe’s flatscreen with pizza and popcorn to see them through.

Back to the matter at hand, Josh had left their shared apartment an absolute tip after getting home from a night out and sleeping for three hours before stumbling over to Joe’s without even considering the mess he was leaving behind. The thought of his little sister having to come home from the airport after a twelve hour flight and be forced to deal with the consequences of his messy night out hadn’t even crossed his mind - not until she came storiming into Joe’s in a pair of penguin pyjamas and her fists chenches at her sides anyways.

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Caspar update

Sorry for not posting on this blog recently, jus thought I’d update yall.

Casp has had his surgery and it went well!! They removed the big lump on his eyelid and one from above his back leg. She wanted to take more but his heart was skipping so they decided to wake him up early. He spent the night at the vet and they took good care of him, and he was a real hit with the nurses!! They said he was super sweet and everyone loved him. The samples are being sent off for biopsy and we’ll get the results someday soon. He has a follow up appointment next Friday to talk about the results and what to do next.

From my research and talking to the people on the subreddit we suspect it’s reptile papillomavirus, a rare and incurable virus causing warts. It’s not fatal so we would just have to treat and manage his symptoms and he should live a normal lifespan (Yay!!), but if the lab confirms papilloma then this will be one of the first documented cases of the virus in the UK, meaning there’s little knowledge on how to treat it. Hoping the vets might have some ideas…

He’s doing great right now, eating, drinking, and behaving normally!! Only strange thing is that the side of his tail below  where he had a lump removed is dark in colour and doesnt change with the rest of his body. It seems that this is just a symptom of pain/nerve damage during surgery and should clear up on its own. I’m keeping an eye on it and it’ll be mentioned to the vet on Friday. 

He’s also on an oral painkiller which I was nervous about giving him as you have to force his mouth open, but I just gave his first dose this morning and it went okay. I wasn’t quite fast enough and he bit down on the syringe but he managed to swallow it all. I’m sure I’ll get better at it with time and he won’t need it for very long!

Thats about it. I’ll make a video once we know the official diagnosis giving a full update as a know a lot of you guys care about him. It may be on my main channel to raise awareness for the virus but I haven’t decided yet. Thanks for reading and supporting me and Caspy!! He’s a strong brave boy and I’m so proud of him