Little easter egg. If you google Araki, you get a real glimpse into the world of Caspre and potentially Ani as she seems to be into this sort of thing. Just uh, don’t do it at work.

Kind of explains the bowl with the naked asian lady floating in it.

OK, but really, is Taylor Kitsch’s character even necessary in the show? Maybe I’m wrong (hopefully I am) and he’ll prove to be a huge player later, but so far he’s just another flawed character with a sketchy past (which is always interesting, but there are at least 3 other characters like that. like the show is just overflowing in characters’ misery and questionable pasts).

Also sure he discovered Caspre, but like he wasn’t even on duty when he found him? And why would they assign a damn highway patrol officer to do detective work for a murder case???? 

Don’t get me wrong I’m still enjoying the season but it’s so far like 50% melodrama and 50% sweeping transition shots of freeways and cityscapes