a psa

things that are cool:
•shipping gay pairings
•shipping straight pairings
•shipping canon pairings
•shipping non-canon pairings
•shipping ot3’s / ot4’s
•cross fandom shipping

things that are not cool:
•shaming people for their ship
•it makes you seem like a dick
•don’t do it
• !!!!!!!!

Tag game!

I was tagged by the awesome @edmundsass,(thank you <3)

Rules: tag 9 people who you would like know better.

Relationship status: Single 

Last song I listened to: Lantern - The white birch

Favorite color: Blue/purple (like all shades)

Top three shows: Sherlock, Teen wolf, Skam

Top three characters: Newt, Edmund Pevensie, Minho

Top three ships: Newtmas, Minewt, Thominho (for real though, but they all include the same three people so im gonna say two more!), Caspeter, Johnlock!

I tag: @newtemotions, @glader-of-wicked, @edmundforpresident, @subject-a0, @isakvaltertrash, @digorykirke@newtmos, @newtscarf, @tommynewtie and @elise-ruby