I have been forgetting to upload this but here it is finally.
This took a few months but it is complete c:

Creating a lot of bubbled gems is physically painful and mentally exhausting I found out.

I added some close ups as well.

I needed to draw her, and my first time drawing Blue Pearl as well.

(I love blue/pink/purple color schemes so much.)

Gems Live

Having forgotten his wallet, Mr. Frowney pays for his lunch at Beach Citywalk Fries by giving Ronaldo and Peedee a pair of “special” sunglasses. Ronaldo puts them on and immediately thinks he can see subliminal messages (actually just a billboard advertising free queso with a large Guacola) and Gems trying to pose as humans (Pearl trying to decide between ketchup and catsup at the grocery store) in some sort of alien plot to secretly control the Earth. While no one takes him seriously, as usual, he attracts the attention of the Crystal Gems when he tries to launch an underground resistance movement that’s literally an underground tunnel into the temple. Can Garnet knock some sense into Ronaldo, or will nothing stop him in his quest to chew bubblegum and kick butt?