casper lethe

I’m trying not to go on dA today, but every impulse in me tells me to go on …  Just still frustrated with results.  I don’t entirely agree with the judges’ critiques and why my opponent won, and …  Guh.  It’s not the best way to start the year, I know.

Also, one of my New Year resolutions is to to not have the default happiness/ understanding stance on things.  Being more honest, ect.


Still trying out the limited color pallet for BFCC’s R5.  It’s a bit frustrating not knowing how the colors compare until I get it scanned, but it’s forcing me to plan more for the round rather than jump right in.  And, I get to experiment with inking.

The markers are actually going to be my favorites: C3, N6 (might have to be C5; that scanned WAY to dark), Pea Green (didn’t think it would work, and it’s PERFECT), Lucario blue– and, probably Atoll instead of the orange crayola.  I’m going to miss the fine-point, but Atoll is another favorite, at least.  <3