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When I say I had the best weekend ever…I mean, I had the BEST weekend ever. Tumblr influencers aren’t always seen in the same light as YouTubers or Viners but being backstage with Stomzy, Ellie Goulding and the entire Love Island cast felt so amazing when I knew I was there with other influencers like Caspar Lee. 

Highlights of the weekend have to be:

  1. Dancing to Power with Leigh Anne from Little Mix and eating sweet potato fries at the same table as Perrie. Gotta’ love Little Mix!
  2. P!nk zorbing across the crowd just casually mid-song.
  3. Jason Derulo doing a Cardi B/Katy Perry mash up just for the hell of it.
  4. Having Kaya Scodelario from Skins walk up and introduce herself to me after RECOGNISING ME FROM MY OWN BLOG!

jaspar fave things 0/? 

‘you’re not only a youtube sensation, you also happen to be my roommate, so i sometimes forget i’m living with someone so incredible’

people be like: “i have separate blogs for each of my hobbies and interests”
and here i am with my blog looking like a trash can because it is full with all the trash i like and enjoy in my life

Raucous Productions. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

“That is the latest from us, here on BBC Radio Morning news,” Nick Grimshaw beamed as you came to a stop outside of the large twenty story building.

Cutting out the engine and placing your car keys into your sleek black purse, you couldn’t help but allow a long and tired sigh to leave your lips, your eyes casting out the window seeing dreary dark clouds cover the once blue sky. Why does the weekend tend to go by within the blink of an eye? It only feels like yesterday that you were leaving this place, and now you were here once more.


Sighing to yourself, you grabbed your coffee cup and took a long sip from the hot drink, allowing the liquid to scorch your throat and give you an instant boost. Before leaving your car, you made sure to give yourself a look over. You made sure that your hair was still in neat and bouncy curls, landing around your shoulders. You also made sure to check that your red lipstick was still in tact.

Walking into the large and very modern building, you were instantly greeted with warmth and the sound of your male colleagues mumbling about the awful hangovers they were now suffering from.

“Good morning Y/N!” Paula beamed, rushing from her sitting position at her desk to greet you.

“I know you only greet me at the door so you can get the first bagel, Paula.” You teased, seeing her reach out for the fresh box of bagels while you struggled to hold the batch of folders in your arm and keep your coffee cup in hand.

“You’re lucky I’m the one who greets you. What if it was Micheal that greeted you?” Paula gasped, causing you to roll your eyes playfully, glancing over to Michael who sat at the security desk. You noticed his face buried deep inside of a paper, his legs up on the desk, his body slouching. Michael wasn’t the jolly type of morning person. Michael was more of the ‘don’t talk to me until at least noon and when I’ve finished lunch.’ person. 

“At least he wouldn’t steal the box of bagels to get the biggest one first.” You laughed, following behind her into the elevator, allowing her to press the button for the top floor.

“Did you do anything exciting over the weekend? Drink so much that you can’t remember? Dance so hard that you have to wear flats for the rest of your life? Or did you watch so many new shows on Netflix that you want to sleep for the rest of your life?” She questioned, causing you to scoff and smile playfully at her, a broad smile playing on her own lips.

“I went out Saturday night, it wasn’t overly exciting or intoxicating. Sunday I slept for hours and watched Netflix and now I’m here. Back at it again with meetings, e-mails, faxing and following the every word of my boss because I’m such an amazing personal assistant.” You explained, watching the elevator doors slide open, revealing many of your male colleagues, sprawled out across their desks, holding their hands and whining about the hangovers they have from the weekend.

“You’re such a goody two shoes! This weekend, I’m going to show you exactly how twenty one year old girls actually have fun! That means, no netflix and very little sleep.” Paula spoke sternly, causing you to roll your eyes playfully.

“And what is it that twenty one year old girls do to have fun?” You ask, raising your brows at the blonde girl as she snatched the largest bagel from the box, taking the largest bite from it, washing it down with her coffee. 

“They go to clubs, Y/N! And I know what you really did on Saturday night. Your idea of going out and getting highly intoxicated is by going to a boring little pub downtown and drinking two diet cokes with an old school friend, let me clarify, that is not fun.” Paula spoke, your eyes narrowing in annoyance at her as you both walked into the lunch room, placing the box of bagels on the table. 

“Well, maybe it’s not fun to you. That’s just what I like to do!” You huffed, pulling your folder close to your chest. You hated arriving into work on Monday, mainly because, as much as you love her, but you were always nagged by Paula. She always wanted to know what you got up to on the weekend and you never really did anything exciting. Paula was a wild girl. She loved to go clubbing, go on blind dates, drink until she passed out. She was always disappointed when you told her what you got up to, since compared to her weekend, your weekend was boring. You weren’t much of a girl for partying an clubbing. Sure, maybe once in a while you like to go out, but every single weekend? Getting drunk and waking up hungover, not remembering what you did the night before? No thank you. 

“A real twenty one year old girl, goes out! They dance in ten inch heels and they swoon guys into buying them drinks. They go wild, Y/N. Wild. You need to learn how to go wild, grandma. You never have any exciting or juicy stories to tell me come Monday morning.” Paula tutted, a disapproving look plastered on her face. 

“This weekend, you and I are going out. We’re going to hit the bars up. Surely, with you being Mr. Sugg’s P.A., you’re bound to have a list of all the V.I.P clubs in town. Even have some passes to get us in?” Paula smirked, her eyebrows raised as you walked her to her desk, your eyes widening at her words as you shook your head.

“I am not stealing any passes, I could get fired!” You hissed, giving her a pointed look making her roll her eyes.

“Alright fine, then. I’ll just hook us up somewhere cool anyways. We can have a couple of drinks, doll ourselves up, then hit the bars, mix with some guys and then hit the real V.I.P. places. What do you say? Actually no, you’re not getting a say. You’re coming out this weekend, with me, and I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing out on.” Paula grinned, sitting down at her desk and logging onto her accounts. 

“I’ll think about it, Paula. I’m really busy at the moment.” You smiled sweetly, trying your best to get out of going anywhere this weekend,unfortunately you were cut off.

“Well babe, you better clear your schedule, because I’m not letting this go. Have a good day, and hey, if you see Mr. Sugg, give his bum a squeeze from me.” Paula whispered, winking at you as you groaned at her. 

“Shut up, Paula.” You tutted, rolling your eyes at her, making your way into your office and noticing a yellow sticky note sitting on your keyboard.

'Ms. L/N, when you see this, please make your way to my office. -J.S’

You gazed down at the note unsure. You didn’t want to just walk straight into his office, not after what happened last time. The last time you recieved one of these notes, you knocked on his office door and walked straight in, immediately being greeted by a shirtless Joe and a girl just dressed in her bra and underwear. You couldn’t look your boss in the eyes for two weeks. Picking up the phone on your desk, you began to dial Joe’s extension number, listening to the dial tone ring.

“Yes, Ms. L/N?” Joe’s voice spoke, his voice sounding deep making a shiver trace down your spine.

“Would you still like me to come into your office sir? I’m just reading your note now. I’m not disturbing you at this time, am I?” You responded.  

“You’re not disturbing, Ms. L/N. Please, come in.” He answered, the sound of the phone hanging up ringing in your ears. 

You grabbed your diary and a large notebook, taking a pen with you while walking towards his office. You knocked twice before pushing the door open and peeking your head around the corner, noticing your boss standing in front of his large, open window. 

“Good morning sir.” You smiled, closing the door behind you and walking up to his desk. 

“It is a good morning, isn’t it?” Joe answered cheerily, his body turning around to face you. You were instantly greeted with a Hollywood smile and a sweep of his brown hair, brushing to the side. Joe was dressed in his usual attire. He wore a crisp white shirt with a black suit, a black tie also tied neatly. 

“What can I do for you, sir?” You questioned, sitting down in front of him as you opened up your diary, reading out his plans for the day before he could ask you. “You have no meetings today sir. You do however, have a business call with Mr. Hughes and Mr. Grant at eleven. Mr. Lee is still on business and would like for you to call him at three.” You added, reading from your diary before looking up to Joe, seeing him nod at your words while he takes note of the time to call Mr. Lee. 

As he did, you took time to take a look around his office. Joe’s office was no doubt beautiful. The walls were clean white. There were paintings and art work hung smartly around the room. Plaques also hung proudly on his wall, while awards were placed neatly on shelves. He had a large window wall, your favorite thing in his office. It gave you the most fantastic and most beautiful view of London. You loved it especially during the Summer evenings, watching glorious and beautiful sunsets from this spot was amazing. The room was very large and spacious. Leather sofas and chairs were pushed to one side, a large flat screen tv hung up on the wall. It was a dream office that every CEO would love. 

Raucous Productions is a company set up by Mr. Joe Sugg and Mr. Caspar Lee. After filming Joe and Caspar Hit The Road, it instantly became a number one best selling DVD. This film led to a second film and it wasn’t that long until they made it big time, with A List celebrities, for example, Zac Efron, Leonardo Dicaprio, Rachel McAdams, Mila Kunis etc.They are now multi millionaire CEO’s and they now direct and produce big time, Hollywood movies. 

“You’re always on the ball, Ms. L/N. One of the many reasons why I love the fact that I snatched you up before Mr. Lee could.” He chuckled, leaning comfortably back against his leather chair, throwing his hands behind his head while a relaxed sigh left his lips. 

“Please, reserve a table for two at Apsleys, The Lanesborough Hotel. Lets say for eight o'clock.” He nodded as you jotted down the words he spoke. “Also, please send a large bouquet of red roses to Ashley. Here is her address. Have them delivered to her at one. Please also enclose this note on the bouquet. That will be all for now. Thank you, Ms. L/N.” Joe smiled at you, slipping you a piece of paper. Smiling at him you turned your back and made your way back to your office, rolling your eyes at the sight of Ashley’s address on a slip of paper.

What number girl is she?


Hello lovelies! 

How are you all? Are you keeping well? I really hope that you are. It’s also the flu season so make sure to drink plenty of fluids and keep warm! Also with school starting again, make sure you all get a lot of sleep and make sure not to worry or stress yourselves out with the thought of exams and homework. 

Ahh, this is a new series that I’ve been planning on posting for a while! What did you think of it? Was it good/bad? Does it deserve a part two? Would anyone be interested in reading a part two? If you would like to read part two, please tell me down below! It would mean so much to hear back from all of you gorgeous souls and to hear your thoughts! 

I love you all so much and I hope that you’re all having the most wonderful day or evening! 

Never forget how important you are! 

All of my love xxx

Caspar: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One

Troye, code name – Been There, Done That.

Joe is – Currently Doing That. 

Tyler is – It Happened Once in a Dream

(Tyler: Hell yeah bitch)

Louise, code name – If I Had To Pick a Chick.

Oli is – Eagle Two.

Oli: Oh thank God.