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For anyone who missed the whole 24 hours ☺️ ITS FINALLY UP❤️
Yes time to rewatch all joeck moments:)

Hello World Rant (from someone who didn’t go)

I live in Canada so I couldn’t go to Hello World but I was excited to see people enjoying it on social media. Needless to say, I’m not getting the feedback I expected..

However, I’m not disappointed in the creators. I’m disappointed in the (some, not all) fans (and parents) that are shitting all over it on social media. You are welcome to express your opinion and you have the right to think it wasn’t worth the money you paid, was too crowded, was unorganized, etc.
Why the fuck did this turn into such personal attacks against the creators? They didn’t put on this show for themselves OR for money, I can guarantee you that. They’ve all expressed for years how they’ve become disappointed with conventions being run like they’re a piece of meat for people to smother and take selfies with. That wasn’t what they wanted for this event. Which is why they made it very clear that this was NOT a meet and greet, so to those complaining about not meeting people, you fucking knew. You were told time and time again that that wasn’t what it was going to be. And it’s just plain fucking rude to say they’re all just “cashing in” on the show and “taking advantage of fans”. Would you say that to Zoe’s face? Alfie’s? Tyler’s? Louise’s? No, because it’s not true.

Youtubers are constantly having to make shit up as they go along because this is a new platform (still) and these creators tried really hard to make a new event to bring together Team Internet and have viewers enjoy themselves in a fun environment that worked better than the crazy events they’d been to in the past. Hello World was made for us, not them. They did not put on a giant show with lots of time and effort for themselves.

So yes, it sounds to me like it was too many people with not enough space and time to get to do what they wanted. It was maybe unorganized and somewhat disappointing, but that’s bound to happen the first time around. You still have the right to be upset, but it’s kinks that they need to work out and they need constructive criticism, not personal attacks. Personally, I hope they can work them out and put on more shows around the world.

You’re welcome to be upset with the results, but don’t you dare shit on the people who are trying to look out for your best interest. You don’t have to be like that to give your feedback.

anonymous asked:

why are people mad about hello world apart from the m&g thing?

(Btw about half the people who went are happy actually, I didn’t really make that clear in my rant.) But for those who weren’t, it sounds like they took on a bit more than they could handle. People said it was really crowded and everyone was getting pushed, queues were too long and unorganized, there was “nothing to do” until the show, they couldn’t see the show because people in front of them were too tall (as with any standing show/concert), they weren’t getting things they were promised and mainly that the “talent” wasn’t around enough. But we all know the creators unfortunately can’t just walk the floor, they’d be trampled.

I’m no expert but, in my opinion, it sounds like this is all fixable for future shows (besides tomorrow - late notice). Obviously it might not be easy but, I think they need an even bigger venue for this style of event (like a festival on fair grounds kind of thing) so there’s lots of space to move around and line up (roped lines?). Bigger booths with more staff would also have been great to cut down on time spent in queues. Plus, there’d be more stations of things like baking and slime-making and whatever else they did so more people could be involved at once. More booths too? Or more specific mini-events with creators (not m&g, but them leading you in something)? Everyone sitting, if they’re able, during the show. And overall, making it a day-long event with maybe even a longer show, since that seemed to be the highlight. I think if it was possible to make these kinds of changes, it could be absolutely amazing for everyone and work smoother.

But again, I didn’t go so this is just my opinion based on what feedback I’ve heard. I also have no idea what the creators want or what’s in their power or possible to do. But I think this event is a learning curve for all those involved and I hope that rather than give up on it, they work to improve it and bring it back even better! :)