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Friendship Goals Conor Maynard Fluff Imagine 💋

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Y/n and Conor one year anniversary as friends was coming around

Both of guys are so excited

To y/n

Come to my house now we have to celebrate our 1 year anniversary 😊

To Conor

Yes I will can’t wait to see you *Arrived at Conor house*

Y/n runs up to the door and leaps in excitement. She was really excited to see her best lad that she can share any secrets with, laugh and joke with even cry at the bad despair in life. Y/n knocks on the door and waits for someone to come to the door.

Tapping her feet on the welcome rug and in her own little world humming she gets interrupted by the door opening revealing a dirty brown and blonde haired short slender lad

“Hey you must be y/n he’s waiting in his room, he couldn’t stop thinking about this day”

Y/n laughed at the brown highlighted blonde lad at what Conor does 

“Really well let me in so I can ease his mind" 

The blonde and brown head lad known as Jack went to the side of the door unblocking it, letting me in and I ran up the stairs to his room.

Going into Conor’s room I see a very uneased conor passing around his room waiting for y/n to come. When i seen him i closed the door and then i sneakily rook 3 steps to him and then i leaped on him and then he let out a high pitched scream causing me to laugh.

Then, Conor turned around and opened his arms wide and he hugged me laughing at what I put it him thought.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again”

Conor said still hugging me

“Sorry I had to take the opportunity”

Y/n giggling and hugging a little tighter.

We stood there for what it seem like hours was only 3 seconds.

Conor pulled away and smiled y/n returned the smile back.

“Okay I got everything set up"

Y/n scans around the room admiring the scene Conor has put together for you both.

I see the decorative blankets on the Windows making conor’s room dim. Couch pillows design into a little fort.

Then Conor takes my hand and led me into the well built fort.

Once we both get in my mouth opens wide in amazement, the fort is bigger than I excepted to be I see a 72 inch Roku tv with the red letters “Netflix” and the all to familiar cocaine white background covering on the screen. Then pillows and blankets everywhere.

Even Conor set up a food table with different foods; chips, nacho cheese dip, burgers, sushie, fries, and ribs and desserts; chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting,m&m brownies,and candies we both enjoy eating and a soda station with famous but different cola to choice from.

“ Conor you really take 1 year anniversaries really serious”

“Well yes I do cause it’s important. why wouldn’t I?”

Y/n laughed 

You both started making yourselves at home, grabbing a plate from the food table and getting all your favorite snacks that you see and Conor capturing a full sized warm blanket.

Then seizing the remote looking through the wide variety of films.

Conor and I saw a movie we always wanted to see and it’s perfect for the occasion so he picks it and we start watching it while making small chit chat, taking bites and sips from our edibles and drinkables.

*almost the ending of the movie*

You and Conor was having the time of your young lives

The movie finished and Conor seize the remote and turns the tv down.

He grabs a pillow and playfully hits you with it


Y/n laughs and grabs a pillow and hits Conor back and then you shield yourself with the blanket so Conor couldn’t hit you 

But miserably failed Conor hits you with the pillow again and then starts ticking you under the covers

Y/n laughs uncontrollably

“ Conor stop my insides”

“Revenge is sweet ain’t it”

“No if I do the revenging”

Conor tickles you some more then stops.

“Y/n I got a gift for you”

“ Conor you didn’t have to buy me anything”

You sitting up 

“I wanted to”

Conor reaches under the blanket and pulls out a decorated rectangular jet black box with a huge golden sparkled bow on top.

Y/n opened the box and looked inside

You pulled out a beautiful diamond studded necklace with a golden heart that says “happiness is where you are”

Y/n looks up at Conor and surprisingly Conor is blushing and y/n sees Conor looking at her like the only one that’s in the world or his world 

“I love it Conor ”

Aweee I knew you would”

Conor smiles big and fixes his hair

“Hey y/n I just wanted to let you know I really like you”

Y/n stood there in shocked of what she was hearing her best friend almost like a brother say that to her. The one she grew up in diapers with had mutal feelings towards her

“Conor I love you, when I first laid eyes on you I thought you were the only one I can see in this universe”

Conor takes you by your cheek and places his warm heartsshapped lips on yours.

Y/n kissing back and smiling in the kiss knowing he felt the exact same feeling towards her

All this time y/n was worried about loving her friend was going to be weird

But at the end of the day it was a treasure to have and to hold forever. 

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