caspar lee and harries twin

008. YouTuber Preference: Taboo

These are smutty. Be warned. The last thing I want to do is offend somebody. The mood took over, so please enjoy. If you don’t like smut, scroll away. Thank you.


Fascist dictators. Those were the only people that Finn possibly loathed more than he loathed Andrew McDonald. Since grade school, when he first came face to jam stained face with Andrew McDonald, the boys had a sworn hateship that sailed so hard that waves literally shuddered when they stormed into them. His family considered him to be the level-headed twin since Jack’s head was bubbling to the brim with all kinds of innovative and, sometimes, nutty ideas, but when it came to Andrew, even Finn’s parents thought he was being a touch dramatic. The boys had duked it out for years though: verbally and physically. In Kindergarten, they had to be pulled apart by the teachers in the classroom and put in separate corners on a long time out. Finn recalls it as Andrew continuously throwing wooden blocks at his head until Finn had enough and pushed him to the ground, but Andrew always told people that Finn was just “a little bitch” (at the time he just called him ‘numnuts’, but it had morphed into ‘little bitch’ as the boys aged).

As time went on, the two nemesis went on with their lives separately, but every time Andrew visited Chiswick while away at University in Southampton, he made sure to make some dig at Finn. In total, the boys had been in four physical fights with one another (including their kindergarten scrap). They figured they would always hate each other deeply.

Out at a club for a friend’s birthday, Finn was laughing outside in the smoking area with his friends, a few of them so drunk that they were talking over one another in order to tell the same story and it was hilarious to him. He tossed the butt end of his smoke on the ground and tiredly ran one hand through his hair. As his friends argued amongst themselves, he looked over the head of them and spotted a group that had three very fit girls in it across the way, huddled up in the corner. Andrew McDonald’s little sister standing in the middle of their circle.

You didn’t think you looked like anything special tonight. It would have been nice to have more than ten minutes to get ready after work, but when you came home your friends were already waiting outside to go out. You peeled off your uniform, sprayed on three spritzes of your favorite perfume to mask the scent of a day at work, and scrambled to find something appropriate to wear. Since you had spent the day on your feet, you opted for black leather boots, flat ones that you generally wore on a day of hanging out, and a skin tight white tank top dress with an oversized denim jack over top. After gathering your ID and a little bit of money, you rushed into your best friend’s car and did your make up on the way to Purge.  When you turned around and saw Finn Harries, your brother’s sworn enemy since before their balls dropped, you were surprised that he was devouring you with his eyes. It was strange for two reasons since, number one, you thought you looked like shit tonight, and two, he hated your brother to a cellular level.

“When did Andrew’s kid sister get hot?” Finn asked, causing the drunkest of his friends to turn around and stare you down as well.

“Oh, [Y/N], she’s always been hot.”

Finn shrugged at that information, unable to remember you much up until now, and started to walk over.

“Bad idea. Andrew will kill you.” One of his friends shouted, over the noise of the music from the speakers and the conversations around, but Finn kept walking. He vaguely knew one of the guys in your group and that was his in.

“Hey Finn.” Your friend’s boyfriend nodded and reached over your head to grab his hand. “Haven’t seen you around, last I heard you were in India or something like that…” He offered Finn a smoke, but the Harries twin declined with one hand since he had just had one not even a minute ago.

“Yeah, that was a months ago.” Finn answered, his chest up against you now as he squeezed into the group. “Excuse me.” He looked down and smiled. “I don’t think you and I have ever been introduced before.” He slipped his hand into the small space between you two, but you just shook your head along with your rolling eyes. He knew exactly who you were.

“You’re snippy like your brother.” He joked, the alcohol giving him a little bit of confidence that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to use.

“So, you do know who I am?” He had your attention again as you raised a brow at him with a bat of your winged eyes.

The night became a blur shortly after that exchange. Your best friend’s boyfriend was supplying the group with tequila like it was water during the apocalypse and Finn was right there with you, taking shots, and holding your waist as you wildly grinded to the house music that was pumping out of the speakers.

Typically, you weren’t someone who went home with people you just met, but your drunk head justified it somehow. You hadn’t just met Finn Harries. He had been a part of your life since your brother was throwing things at him in their kindergarten class. You two knew one another even if not very well. It was the way his hands held you against him on the dance floor, fingers pushing into your hips and tapping at your sides as you shifted left to right. This was inevitable.

You were lying in nothing, but a lace nude thong on top of your messy unmade bed, watching Finn as he stood at the end of it with a crooked know-it-all sort of grin on his drunk face. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the side, landing on the turned off lamp on your night table. Slowly, he pulled himself up on the bed and started to crawl over you, but you lifted up your knee to stop his chest from going any further.

“What?” He watched you shaking your head with confusion.

“I’m not going to let you do anything to me…unless you go down first.” That was the rule and if he wanted some action from you, he would have to abide by it.

Unlike your exboyfriend, Finn didn’t roll his eyes, groan, or even pull an unsatisfied face. The boy simply smirked and wiggled his eyebrows up once.

“Let’s see what part of you tastes best, huh?” He had already kissed you in the back of the cab on the way over, but he leaned over you and tried again, refreshing his memory as you parted your mouth so he could slide his tongue in. Tequila, ash, and sugar seemed to mix together inside, but he wouldn’t complain, not with his hands on the naked torso, soft and warm against his palms. He moved down your body slowly, stopping his hands on your hips and then pushing you into your mattress with them. He snickered for a second, looking up at you and how your own smile grew at his forceful touch, and then yanked your underwear out of the way, holding it with one hand to the side and using his thumb to massage your numb while his mouth worked on exactly what you had asked for you. They would have to come up with a new term ‘for going down’ once he was finished as he lapped up what you could give him, burying his face into your crevice happily and cleaning you out. At first, you had just been impressed that he was willing to do it, but the fact that he enjoyed you like a three course meal left you astonished, breathless, and speechless.

“Now, I need you to fuck me.” Simply you said before laughing. You reached down with one hand to rub down your wet slit as it throbbed for more intense pleasure. “Let me just get a condom.” You reached up to kiss him, his lips soaked by you, and then slid off the bed to your dresser where you kept the protection along with your underwear and one little toy.

Finn unbuckled his belt and jeans, feeling his cell phone in the pocket of them, and coyly pulled it out with a cruel idea in his head. He took a picture of wall and sent it to Andrew, having him stored in his phone only because he had tried pranking Finn once a year ago. He sent him the photo of your wall, knowing that Andrew would recognize it thanks to the photos framed on the wall followed by the message ‘Nice house’, and next snapped a photo of you in nothing, but your little thong, bending over as you searched into the drawer and sent it to Andrew with a text that read ‘Nicer sister’ with a winky face.

Finn felt like now, no matter what Andrew did to him, he would always remain the winner.


Bitchy and sexy. It was the perfect combination to both annoy and seduce Mazz. He didn’t know what to himself. On one hand, you were a walking fantasy, doing your laundry in a t-shirt and short silk shorts, your legs looking buttery. They were so easy to picture himself between. He just knew his head would fit so nicely. Then, on the other side of the scale, you could be such a cow to him when you two came across one another in the hall outside. You’d tell him to keep his music down, you’d send the landlord to his door when he was having parties up until the wee hours of the morning, you always said he made too much noise whether he was vlogging at the top of his lungs, dancing, or just slamming cupboards and dropping things about.

Coming home from a night out with some of his favorite lads, Mazz felt on top of the world. He was still chuckling to himself as he fiddled with the keys in the lock. You emerged from the hallway with your laundry basket full of clean darks and rolled your eyes as soon as he saw you.

It was probably the drinks in his system, but Mazz had wanted to ask you why you were always getting after him or ratting him out.

“Why don’t you like me, huh?” The words spat out directly at your back. Mazz took his hand off of his keys in the door, studying your tight behind before you spun around to address him. You could tell he was drunk, his words a bit slurred.

“I haven’t made it clear?” You thought you had been as obvious as one could be with the noise complaints you had filed. “You’re loud and disrespectful. Other people do live in this building.” You reminded him curtly before turning around, the plastic hamper at your side, and went to go back into your own apartment.

“Girl, your pussy is way too dry to be riding me like this.” He called out, your eyebrows raised as you shoved your door all the way open and dropped the hamper on the ground. “It’s a shame you’re such a bitch ‘cause you’re fine, I would end your dry spell for you.” Even in his drunken stupor, Mazz understood the weight of his words for a moment and backed up as you turned to face him again. He didn’t want to get punched…especially by a girl smaller than him. You leaned against your door and put a hand on your pelvis where your laundry basket had been and framed him in a tight stare.

“You think you’re really cool, don’t you?” That was the vibe he seemed to give off. “Well, if you’re such a man, you should prove your word.” You figured he was all talk, so teasing him was an open invitation. “If you think you’re what I need, if you think you can fix this, then be my guest….” Like it was nothing, you shrugged and started to walk into your apartment.

“Are you se-serious?” Mazz stammered out before your door slammed behind you. He left his keys where they were and rushed into your apartment, letting the door slam again. “Are you serious?” He asked, finding you standing in your dark living room, all the lights off. “Fuck, you are so damn sexy…” Mazz cooed as he made out your silhouette in the darkness and walked further, kicking off his shoes as he did. “I hope you’re being serious…you don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to just grab that ass…” He told you so honestly that a chuckle fled from your mouth without your consent. “You think that’s funny, huh? Do ya, girl?” He was standing just inches away from you now and peeled off his shirt, revealing a ripped body only someone with his energy could earn. He slid his hands up your sides fast, pulling your top over your head and then bringing you as close to him as you could be by the ass, grabbing your two cheeks greedily. Mazz bowed his head into your chest and moved his head slowly between your breasts, moaning as he smelt your cotton-like skin.

“Give this to me.” Reaching down, you cupped his growing length through his jeans, massaging it for a second to try and figure out just how much he had to offer.

“Nope.” He pushed you away from him and started to walk until you were backed up against your balcony window, lit up by the lamplights and billboard signs outside. “You got to earn that. You got to be sorry for all the times you’ve tried getting me in trouble and then I’ll give it to you….” His hands slid down and grabbed your behind again, but this time his hands slid into your tight black jeans, making room for his fingers. He pulled your bum apart and explored his favorite female area.

You were in for a rough night.


Jack fancied himself to be pretty cool in high school. He wasn’t the king of the mountain, but he wasn’t the lowest on the totem pole either. He was a mingler, a few friends in every group, and no enemies to speak of. Then there was you, and the other girls like you, that were on a level Jack just couldn’t reach. He would join your group at lunch, friends with a few of the guys you hung around, and crack all his best jokes, but you barely even acknowledged them. You two had drama class together where Jack thrived, but you gave him a slow clap without paying attention at the end of every scene. You two even had to read lines once and while it was a huge moment for him, you didn’t even remember the following day. You were one, if not, the most popular girl in your grade and Jack just wasn’t someone who wet your whistle, so to speak. He was nice, but you had your own things going on. Part of why you were so well adored was your air of mystery. Jack just didn’t know what you thought about him, but he was sure you didn’t consider him a friend.

It was only two weeks after graduation, but everything in the neighborhood seemed duller compared to summer’s past. Jack’s friends were away on fun last hoorah trips with friends or they were already gone and starting on with their new lives. He was taking a gap year though and currently hadn’t a hot clue what to do with himself.

Along with his laptop, he set up shop at a corner table in the Starbucks near the train section. His mom just wanted him out of the house, so he planted himself down to watch YouTube videos with his headphones in the coffee shop instead. He was focused when you walked over, saying his name over and over until he finally looked up and acknowledged you. In a rush, Jack knocked off his head phones.

“Hi [Y/N]…uh, hi.”

“There’s nowhere to sit. May I?” You asked, wrapping your hand around the back of the spare chair at the table he was taking up.

Jack’s eyes scanned the café, completely full of people, and he mentally thanked each one for feeding their coffee addiction at that point in time, giving you no choice but to sit with him.

“Yeah, for sure.” He nodded quickly and started to move his laptop to make room for you at the table.

“It’s okay. I’m just going to drink and read, you can do your thing.” Jack hadn’t a clue you liked to read and it surprised him since he just never imagined you to be deep because he never really got to know you as well as he would have liked back in school. His bright eyes studied the paperback novel in your hands for a few seconds before he put his laptop back and his earbuds back in.

Only ten minutes passed, your latte near done, when you looked up and saw Jack surpressing laughter behind a tightly sealed smile.

“What’s so funny?” You asked, grinning slightly yourself. Jack cleared his throat and took his ear phones before turning the laptop around for you to view the video he just had. Around the twenty second mark, you were laughing too as a vlogger pranked his neighbor on the screen. “Here.” You moved the laptop to face him again and stood up to move your chair right beside his. Sharing ear buds, you both happily spent the next hour showing one another funny videos.

By accident, your hand knocked against his knee as you laughed causing Jack to move it sheepishly closer to his other. You couldn’t help, but notice and dip into your high school girl ways. Deviously, you moved your fingers over his knee, one by one, and then cupped it and watched him stare down at the most action he had ever had (except for that one cast party last semester when Cynthia Myers and him dry humped one another in her parent’s Jacuzzi bath tub after a couple too many alkapops).  You moved your hand up his thigh, your eyes still watching the video that he had just started, and squeezed gently up his leg as she grew closer and closer to his package. The teasing already had him growing underneath his tight jeans. If they hadn’t been so tight, he would have been flying at full mass. You let one finger feel his bulge, causing him to whimper which made you laugh, and then you brought your second finger across it, and your third, until your hand was holding him underneath the tiny table. You gave it a little grab, watching as Jack’s eyes strained on the laptop and his nostrils flared as he inhaled sharply.

“Jack?” You looked at him and watched as he slowly shifted his eyes over to you, he looked like he was in pain which was not the look that the guys you usually spent your time with looked like. “Are you a virgin?” As quietly as possible, you asked.

“No…” He sounded offended and scoffed at the question.

“Part of me believes you because you’re hot and all, but…I don’t totally buy it.”

“You think I’m hot?” He couldn’t believe it.

“My hand is on your junk, isn’t it?” Rhetorically, you asked him while lowering your stare on what was going on under the table, your hand massaging him slowly through the denim.

“We’re in a Starbucks…” He leaned in and whispered to you, not sure where he was supposed to touch you or if he even could.

“I’m aware.”  You looked around for a moment before letting go of his hand. Without a word, you picked up your book and handbag and walked right for the bathroom, closing the door behind you and flicking on the light.

Jack was pretty sure that was cue. He was sitting there hard as rock, but he couldn’t be sure if you wanted him to follow you into the washroom or if you had gone to pee. After a whole minute, he packed up his laptop and carried the bag towards the washroom, knocking and then waiting against the door. You pulled it open right away though, causing him to nearly fall into it. He saw you standing there in nothing, but your underwear and bra, both a shade of violet which he really liked and he stared like a tourist seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time.

“Lock the door.” You told him with a frown. Jack reached behind his back and fiddled with the knob before locking it. You pressed your back side up against him and reached around to lightly tangle your fingers in his. “I know you wanted to fuck me in high school, you know…” He didn’t hide it anywhere near as well as he thought he had. “You were always staring at me…trying to make me laugh…complimenting me…” Leaning your head back, you rested it on his shoulder, and cooed.  “Did you ever fantasize about me? Alone at home after school? In your bedroom?”

Gulping, Jack nodded before managing to stammer out a positive response.

“I fantasized about you, too.” You let go of one of his hands and dragged it down your body only stopping above your panty line. Jack watched from behind you with hungry and excited eyes. “I always had a hunch you were the bigger twin.” Your eyes closed as you found yourself underneath the translucent material of your underwear.

“You’re touching yourself…” Jack breathed out, all the blood in his body pulsating to his dick behind you. This was one of the hottest things he had ever seen. He was going to give his mother a huge hug when he returned home and thank her for getting him out of the house. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Why don’t you touch me?” Opening your eyes, you batted them up at him and led the hand you were still holding onto your soft stomach. You let go of his fingers teasingly and felt his knuckles drag upward, instantly going for your breasts. You just smiled to yourself and let your eyes close again as you worked on yourself.

“Jack…” He had reached under the cups of your bra with both hands and was massaging the little nipples he could feel.

“Uh huh?” At the sound of your voice, he took one hand away from a boob and went to unclasp your bra from your body.

“I want to ride you dirty…” You cooed, pulling your hand up out of your underwear and reaching it up to his lips, giving Jack a taste that he happily indulged in, two fingers between his lips for just a few seconds. “I’m told I taste like kiwi…” You shared with a giggle before backing away from him.

Gulping, he scrambled to get out of his own clothes. He didn’t know if he should leave his socks on or off, but eventually kicked them off along with his trainers.

“Where should I go?” He asked you, completely out of his realm, but you just nodded to the toilet. It wasn’t as if the floor was any cleaner an option. Once he was sitting, you walked right in front of him, your waist at his eye level and swiftly shimmied out of your garments, revealing yourself pink and trimmed to him. He had imagined you naked plenty of times, but he was surprised in a delightful way at what he saw.

He didn’t know what came over him, but he leaned forward and gave your nub a little kiss. It was just too sweet for him not to. His hands shook as they smoothed over your hips to your ass, exploring you ecstatically. You walked a step closer, straddling him, and reached down between your legs to stroke his length. After one, two, three pumps you lowered yourself and glided him into you, listening to both of you gasp combined causing you to grow wetter than you had already made yourself. Jack bucked his hips, his arms folding against your back and crossing at the ankles as you reached above his head to hold one hand on the wall.

“Don’t cum in me…” You whined out, throwing your head back. “I want to taste you.” He was a virgin and you expected he wouldn’t last, so it was better to get the warning out now when you two had really just begun since the end was probably near. Obediently, Jack nodded before letting out a groan. He was just trying to concentrate on lasting. He wanted to be one of your bests.


It was just a smile at first. His seat at the very back of the train, facing yours a few rows ahead. He made a small, stupid joke about the man checking the tickets for anyone who was willing to listen and you looked up from your magazine to give him a smile, agreeing with his funny opinion. It wasn’t as if you were wearing anything terribly revealing, Caspar had seen more vulgar outfits during Sunday service, but you looked good. You radiated appeal, it seemed to ooze out of you, and Caspar couldn’t distract himself enough to stop looking up and stealing glances. Your head leaning to one side, eyes studying the images and articles in your Vogue magazine, as your lips rubbed together out of reflex. He wondered if you would get your magenta looking lipstick all over him or if you were gentle. Your fingers stretched out before you reached up with one to quickly lick in order to turn the page. It was one of the sexiest things he had seen all day, he thought, but it was only quarter to noon.

You felt someone’s eyes on you and you were glad it was the cute blond with the funny accent when you looked up, catching his stare and embarrassing him instantly. He blushed a shade of pink you would have loved to wear some time, but you just winked at him. It was no sweat, really. In fact, you took it as a compliment. Male attention had been lacking in your life recently, you would take it from anyone at this point, but it was specifically nice when it was coming from someone you found to be seriously attractive.

Three stops passed and you and Caspar were still giggling each time you caught one another staring, flirting without saying a single word to each other. It was quite out of your character, but you lifted your eyebrows and shifted your eyes to the side. If he turned you down, you could always play it off as a joke.

However, he wasn’t put off at all. He rose from his seat with a cheeky grin and started off down the aisle toward the nearest washroom. You were a little unsure of where the nearest bathroom was, but took your small crossbody bag and went after him, after counting to twenty in your head. As the doors connecting the two trolleys opened, something tugged on your blouse and pulled you in. You went to gasp, but a hand was thrown over your mouth. When you were turned around, you spotted the boy you had been silently eye fucking the whole ride and started to laugh. He didn’t make any noise though. He just grinned while peering down your blouse, his hands yanking on it to give himself a better bird’s eye view. He picked up one of your legs and pushed your skirt up to your waist, glad you were only sporting pull up’s and not full tights. He slid your white thong down to your knees and chuckled at how you were already dripping.

“Mmmm….you’re all ready.” He whispered above your head and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, letting himself spring to life once revealed. Without any foreplay, the silent stares earlier having been enough, he dove right into you and began to pump. His arm hooked around your one leg as he kept it open, he pushed your back against the wall as he fucked you in the tiny space. This was his first time with a stranger and it wasn’t anywhere near as shameful as he thought it would be. In fact, you were tight and Caspar was very much enjoying himself. Your mouth’s combined and he was lost in both your wet caves. Your bottom half was already so pleasurable, but he was wildly impressed at how you worked your mouth.

“I’m going to cum….” You whispered, your mouth pulling away as your head fell back and loudly hit the wall. Caspar threw his hand over your mouth again and you screamed into it, muffled sincere calls of delight. He wasn’t far behind you though. Caspar drove one hand up your leg, pulling one of your cheeks, and knelt his head down, muffling his own orgasm, as he poured into you, squirt after squirt of a warm load.

You two straightened up, chuckling like school yard kids, and you began to walk back to your seat before he stopped you.

“Hey!” He hissed, bringing your head back to see him. “I’m Caspar, by the way.” A little late, but an introduction still felt necessary.

“[Y/N].” You told him with a small smile and yanked on the hem of your skirt before leaving him be.


He knew he was lucky to have an apprenticeship at all, let alone one where he made some money and got to do something he really enjoyed: thatching roofs. Some days though, like any job, it could be a real pain in his ass and he was threatened to walk away from it all with his middle fingers held high up in the air, waving around because he really did not care. Today had been one of those days from beginning to end.

He couldn’t seem to get his head into it which made it hard for him to work as quickly as he usually did. He wished his uncle was there, that would have helped him to focus, and it always did. Instead, his boss was there and he kept ripping a strip into him to ‘hurry his scrawny ass up’. In order to not get fired, Joe just said that he would politely and tried to pick up the face, but in all honesty he just wanted to tell his boss to fuck right off.

Right at four, Joe’s boss left for the day though like he usually did. He told the English boy to stay though, reminding him that he couldn’t go until he was finished with the roof and had cleaned up.

He was in his own head now, working by himself and feeling the wind cold through his hair.

“Is my Dad around?” Startling him, you asked with your hands around the ladder’s sides as you peeked your head up on the roof.

“Uh…no…he left.” Joe recognized you as you had come to sites before and when he had gone to collect his paychecks, you were sometimes around bringing your dad lunch or using the office printer. “Like twenty minutes ago, maybe.” Holding onto the knot he was tying, Joe estimated.

You nodded and sighed, trying not to look down out of a fear of falling or throwing up all over the ground below. It hadn’t been worth it to climb all the way up, you thought. You should have just stayed down below and puttered around. Joe Sugg was cute, but he was not worth how sick you felt when you thought about how high up you are.

“I see why you’re not in your family biz…” He laughed as his hands went back to work, watching your fear out of the corner of his eyes. “Just sing in your head on the way down. It’ll distract you.”

“I kind of want to focus on not dying though.” Scrunching up your face as the wind blew your hair around, you shouted.

“Don’t even think about it.” He advised. After all, he did have more experience being on rooftops than you did.

Taking in a deep breath, you slowly started to crawl back down the ladder to the ground. You hugged your coat over yourself while walking back the way you had come from. Joe didn’t join you back down below for another half hour. He walked by you waiting in the parking lot, resting against a fence as he carried the ladder over to the shed where all the tools were kept along with excess hay.

“Do you need a ride?” Wiping his gloved hands together loudly, Joe asked, coming up behind you.

“I called a taxi already. I don’t know what’s taking so long.”

“I’ll give you a ride. It’s freezing cold out.” He shrugged. “Just let me get my stuff.” He was eager to get home, but he wasn’t going to let you stand there, for God knows how long, freezing.

“Are you sure? I live quite out of the way for you…”

“It’s fine.” Joe shrugged. He figured if his boss found out that he had left his daughter waiting for a cab in the cold, he would get in a heap of trouble.

“Well, thank you.” You slid into the passenger seat, dropping your book bag between your knees, and put on your seatbelt.

Joe drove quietly, not sure what to say since you were strictly off limits to him being that you were the daughter of the man who employed him, the man in charge of his income. You smirked though, catching him watch your legs every time you so much as squirmed.

“So, how was your day of roof thatching?” You asked him, fisting your hand through your hair and beginning to tie it up with the black elastic on your wrist. “Riveting?”

“That is just the word I was looking for!” Joe exclaimed with a jolly laugh. “Riveting. Through and through.” He liked thatching roofs, but his sarcasm was evident. “Why don’t you work with us?”

“I’m in school. You saw me on the roof, heights aren’t my thing.”

“Well, not everybody is cut out for the glamorous life of a roofer, I’ll admit it.”

“Have you always been so funny? I don’t remember my Dad mentioning it.” Glowing, you asked him while staring at his profile. He was trying to concentrate on the road, but you knew that you had almost all of his attention.

Joe cleared his throat, his eyes moving to the side to check you out again, “I don’t think your Dad actually really likes me very much.” He didn’t know how appropriate that was for him to say, but it was the truth. Actually, he wanted to get a little information out of you. You must have had some dirt and intel on your old man.

“He likes you. He’s always hard on the young guys.”

“Have you inherited that? Are you a tough cookie?” Sincerely, Joe asked, but he also still wanted to keep you in stitches.

“Nope. I apparently just make the young boys hard.” He did make you chuckle, but not the way he wanted as you nodded at his apparent arousal underneath his gray jeans.

“Fuck.” He hissed, looking down at himself. “It’s involuntary, I swear.”

“Oh gee, thanks.” You rolled your eyes, but took no offence.

“This is so embarrassing.” He took one hand off the wheel to try and cover himself, but it was pointless. The cover was blown.

“It’s natural, Joe. Whatever.” Unhooking your seatbelt off yourself, you rolled your eyes and leaned in close to him. “Do you want a blowjob?” You asked, considering his consent as you leaned in close. He stared at you with the kind of confusion only a newborn of any species can wear, but eventually he nodded with a gulp. You reached below as his right hand joined the left on the wheel again and massaged his him through his trousers, keeping him bothered with the friction before unbuttoning the one button and unzipping him. You fished him out with one hand and leaned in, giving the tip a kiss and then moving lower to lick up the shift. As your tongue christened his length, you reached in with one hand and lightly stroked his balls, only causing him to move forward and moan like a small puppy. As your mouth hollowed out to make room for him, Joe’s one hand started to run through your hair, taking the ponytail and gently holding. He wanted to keep his focus on driving, getting you both home safely, but the feeling of your wet mouth was making it impossible for him to think about anything besides cumming. And how amazing you were at what you were doing. And how much he hated his boss.

“You need to come by work more often…” Joe chuckled as your tongue lapped at his shaft, your mouth trying to engulf more, determined to fit all of him down your throat. 

Wait… Why is everybody freaking out about Jack and Ella? I saw the comments on Jack’s IG and people are all like, “IS THAT YOUR GF?” or “YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!”. They’ve been together for a while now 😂 I think i first found out about them on January 2013 back when Alfie and Joe was a roomate. I do think they broke up for a little while but then got back together, Jack even gave her a surprise visit to Australia on December 3rd (since she moved there from London). If you’re asking how do i know, they’re both very active on facebook (personal fb), that’s how i know, they’re constantly commenting each other’s pictures, which is so cute.

But i guess i wouldn’t be surprised if not everyone knows both Jack and Finn ARE taken, they keep their personal lives very private to protect their loved ones. 

Jack also came to Ella’s prom as her prom date btw (Ella is 19).

I can clearly see why he fell for her, she might not look like a supermodel (but still is super gorgeous), but she’s real, fun and she’s not a bitch. The one thing i know for sure why Jack loves her is because they share the same interest. She’s adventurous and not afraid to look silly. And you can just tell she won’t use Jack for fame (although she is a youtuber herself).

I wish there are more guys like Jack though, aside from being the gorgeous human being that he is, he also don’t see girls JUST from their appereance. 

I’m so glad he picked Ella, she’s the perfect girl for him.

007. YouTuber Preference: The BreakUp Song

*You can click on the lyrics for the actual song. I also have a masterpost link finally on my page for the other preferences. Enjoy.


He was busy during the days. There was very little empty space in his day planner until around seven in the evening. It was easy for Jack to stay distracted with a full plate. He constantly needed to be on his game and that often required a lot of talking. There was little time to indulge his aching heart when he was so busy. However, when the night came, it was all he could do not to just mope around his house like a forgotten ghost.

While he usually stayed very true to himself, he was making a real effort to hide how hurt he was feeling. You barely gave him a chance to think, your mind had been made up. You were moving for a year of school in Spain and you weren’t interested in a long distance relationship, you wanted to give Madrid a full chance and that meant being single there. He could barely process what you said before you were giving him a small reusable bag of the things he had left at your house as well as a couple things he had given you as gifts.

In his bedroom, the darkness over him like a blanket, he lied trying to sleep over top of the covers with the same song playing through his surround sound speakers that he had been playing since getting home an hour ago.

“I’m going to head over to Will’s now…are you sure you don’t want to come?” Finn asked over the soulful song, stepping into the room and nearly being sucked in by the sad voice singing. They were all going to have drinks at their friend’s house and then hit up the student bar. It was the cheapest night of the week for pints after all.

“No, I’m tired.” Jack answered, mumbling with his face stuffed into his pillow.

Finn wasn’t going to argue or pester his twin. He knew he was dealing with his pain the way he wanted to, but he didn’t like the idea of Jack holing himself up in his room like a recluse.

“Well, text me if you change your mind. I’ll come pick ya up.” Usually, he would not, but this was a special case.

Finn left the room, closing the door behind him to save his family from the song they were growing used to hearing and then went out. Five minutes later, Jack’s little sister appeared, knocking on the door before pushing it open.

“Dad and I are going to go bike through the park. You want to come?” They had made up that activity as an excuse to get Jack out of the house, but he didn’t bite. He just told her ‘maybe, later’ and closed his eyes to finally fall asleep, in his clothes, to the song that seemed to make a lot of sense to him right now, wondering if you were at all missing him while packing for your new year in Spain without him.

I carry a smile when I’m broken in two

And I’m nobody without someone like you

I’m trembling at night and

Nobody knows it but me

I lie awake it’s a quarter past three

I’m screaming at night as if

I thought you’d hear me

Yeah my heart is calling you

And nobody knows it but me


It was his fault. He had screamed you out for something you had no control over. His anger was misdirected, he was sleep deprived, he had a lot on his mind….his excuses weren’t going to bring you back though. He had crossed a line with the name calling and he knew that that was a deal breaker for you. You had told him that around your third date, just about eight months ago. Fighting was fine, being upset was fine, but you made him swear to never resort to name calling and, in return, you would do the same.

It was your ex that he wanted to be calling names and pissing off, not you. He hated that you two were good friends and when you had called him to pick you up from his house, Finn just lost it. It didn’t help that it was the end of a day where Jack had been on a tyrant, giving him a ton of tasks to do without much explanation.

He was lifting weights in the basement of their home, Blur playing through his headphones on repeat. However, he had the volume so loud that his mother could hear everything as she wandered around the room, tidying up before her parents came over for dinner that night. She hoped that Finn would be able to remove his scowl when they arrived. He had been such a grump since you told him to never call you again, jumping out of his car when he was at a red light, and walking the last three blocks to your house. He had driven next you for two of those blocks, his window down as he asked you to quit being silly and get back in the car, but you had had it. It wasn’t like this was Finn’s first slip up. His temper really would be his downfall if he didn’t check it in place.

“You know, honey…” Before leaving the home gym, Mrs. Harries spoke up as soon as you noticed Finn remove his headphones and let them rest around his neck. “This is a good example,” Her voice chipped and eyes full of optimism, she began. “Blur broke up and now look, Gavin Rossdale is doing just fine. He married Gwen Stefani.” She hoped that would help her son in some way, but he just stared with deadpan eyes before putting his headphones on again and starting the song again.

“I don’t want Gwen Stefani. I want [Y/N].” He muttered and picked up to 30 pound free weights dangerously fast.

Everything’s gone white

And everything’s gray

Now you’re here now you’re away

I don’t want this

Remember that

I’ll never forget where you’re at

Don’t let the days go by



He was alone walking through the park where he first met you, two years ago walking your Pomeranian under the July sun. The same park you two used to walk hand in hand with hot chocolate in your free grips and knit hats on your head as snow lightly fell down. The same park you laid down in and slept in his lap while he filmed the scenery around them. The same park you told him you didn’t want to be together, that you couldn’t trust him anymore due to how much he was going out with new friends and people you didn’t trust either.

The park looked a lot different to him now that he was by himself. You used to love the ancient trees and how their trunks looked like they would sprout out secrets if you cut them in half, but right now, they looked like just heavy pieces of wood. You used to hang out by the pond, watching the ducks and swans make their afternoon laps, but right now, he didn’t see anything but boring animals in dirty water. The extra sparkle out of the world had left him and he was just angry. He kept his headphones on and just kept walking, he was going to go see his friends and then everything would be better. He didn’t think about you as much when he was busy drinking and filming with his friends. He was only a minute away from the gate out of the park when he saw you. Caspar did a double take, thinking that maybe he missed you so badly that he was hallucinating. He hadn’t seen you in two months, not since you ended things. He only had you in photographs on his phone and computer now unfortunately. He smiled and watched you for a moment, not sure if he should shout for your attention or not. His thin lips parted to call your name, but he didn’t let it come out. There was someone else with you. A tall man, all limbs, with ginger hair came over to you with two iced drinks in his hand and offered you one, but not before leaning down to kiss you happily, the kind of kiss that said to the world ‘we’re together, but we’re not obnoxious about it’.

Caspar swore under his breath, a string of fucks, and stuffed both his hands into his pockets as fists, and focused on the sound of Kate Nash’s voice in his ears. You had turned him onto the songstress, but right now this song meant more to him than anything else. It summed up exactly what was going on inside of him.

I wish that without me your heart would break

I wish that without me you’d be spending the rest of your nights awake

I wish that without me you couldn’t eat

I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep

Look, all I know is that you’re the nicest thing I’ve ever seen


He knew that Sting had written the song about a stalker, but he didn’t care. In fact, it had crossed Alfie’s mind to follow you around town. He knew your daily routine pretty much after five months of being inseparable. Sure, it wasn’t a lengthy relationship, but Alfie had been so wrapped up and interested in you. He truly had had thoughts of being together forever with you, growing wrinkly in lawn chairs next to one another, buying matching multi-color jogging suits at some point.

He was planning to ask you if you wanted to look for apartments together the morning you broke things off. You had planned to do it the night before, but he was being so sweet and affectionate with you that you just couldn’t. You wound up sleeping with him and then staying over under his arm and against his naked skin in bed.

Alfie was whistling in the kitchen, flipping pancakes for breakfast, when you emerged in your clothes from the night before.

“You look beautiful even without make up on, see.” He told you before leaning in close to kiss you ‘good morning’, one hand still on the skillet’s handle. “Go sit. The flapjacks are almost ready. I have something I want to ask you…” He was as chipper as the birds that dressed Cinderella every morning.

Groggily, you sat down and watched him, trying to come up with the kindest way to break someone’s heart in your mind. You knew how much he adored you, but you didn’t think it was fair when you couldn’t give him that affection in return.

“Can I tell you something first?” You asked, scratching at your bedhead nervously.

“Sure. Lay it on me!” He laughed, now wishing he had never given you permission to share. He should have said ‘no’. His mom had asked him to make his room three times that day, so he finally pulled himself off of the couch and went to do so. He hoped it would distract him, but just as he suspected, it only made matters worse. Traces of you were scattered throughout his bedroom. You had touched so many of his things, you bought him the cologne on his dresser, you had left behind Season Three of Suits for him to watch, and you had slept in his bed a handful of times. That was the whole reason he was on the couch. You made it impossible for him to be in his bedroom.

Turning up his iPad, playing the list he had created just for his heartache (the most productive thing he had done since you broke up with him), he started to slowly pick up all the clothes off the ground, crying when he found a pair of your small lace undies on the ground from the last time you were over. Everything about you seemed so important to him and he wondered if that would ever change.

Since you’ve gone I been lost without a trace

I dream at night I can only see your face

I look around but it’s you I can’t replace

I feel so cold and I long for your embrace

I keep crying baby, baby please


As soon as he climbed behind of the wheel after his girlfriend, you, of five years said you wanted to try seeing other people, thinking that, maybe, it wasn’t healthy to be with the same person for so long especially so long, the song came on. At first, Joe cursed the world out. Of course, one of the saddest songs would be playing when he just had his heart ripped out of his chest and stomped all over like bubble wrap. He drove home with it on a low volume, mocking the words you had used to explain yourself and then feeling his own tears come back and sting through his animated eyes.

He slammed his car door behind him, then the house door, and marched loudly up the stairs like a child. The first thing he did was go on his laptop. His plan was to delete all three hundred and twenty two photos he had of you, it had to be around that, and then delete all the videos you were in, even the ones you were just walking in the background of, and then he was going to pack up all the things you gave to him and take them to the garbage outside. Instead, he went on YouTube and looked up the No Doubt song and sang along with it, over and over, shouting out the words as he began to delete pictures, sobbing to himself.

“Joe, stop!!!” Zoe screamed through the wall, banging on it for his attention. He didn’t though, so she whipped in and pulled his laptop away from him, slamming it shut and causing the music to pause.

“What the fuck, Joe? What’s going on?”

“[Y/N] dumped me so I need to delete all evidence of her existence, thank you very much.” He grumbled and reached out for his laptop, his butt not leaving his unmade bed.

“Oh, Joe, I’m so sorry.” She put the laptop down on the floor and sat on his bed with a pout. “What happened?” You two were that couple that everybody thought would last forever. You were the William and Kate of your inner circle.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He muttered, shutting his eyes tiredly at the very idea of trying to understand his night. “Just let me feel like shit, okay?” The question was rhetorical and Zoe knew that, so she reached down and gave him the laptop back.

“Do what you have to do. Listen to all the No Doubt there is, but don’t delete all the memories, okay?” She tried to get through before leaving. Zoe decided to go out to escape the song, but Joe did take her advice. He left his photo files alone and stared out the window instead, singing the song to himself while trying to fight his urges to call you.

You and me

We used to be together

Everyday together always

I really feel

That I’m losing my best friend

I can’t believe

This could be the end

It looks as though you’re letting go

And if it’s real

Well I don’t want to know



District 3: 

you or him are ill


period pains 

helps with homework 

he does a video with you 


Family party - new year {Luke Hemmings}

Family party - engagement {Calum Hood}

Family Party - wedding {Michael Clifford}

Family party - family reunion {Ashton Irwin} 

Argument part 1


One Direction:

The way he kisses you 

Family party

Photo he takes of you & your friend{s} 


Shoes he buys you

The band he takes you to see 



Shoes they buy you


Tattoo you & Alfie get 

Film you watch when your ill 

Wallpaper on his phone 

Photo’s you & him take

Song he sings to you 

What he buys for your 10 months anniversary

Meal with Alfie & the family 

What you wear for a family party 

Outfit he picks out for you 



District 3:

Shoes he buys you 

What he buys you for Valentine’s Day

The way he holds your hands 

Family party 

Wallpaper on his phone 

Good morning text 

Song he sings to you 

Misses you 







Union J:

Video you & he do

Engagement ring

Misses you

Good morning text 

Family meal 



First date 

Good night text

Good morning text

Misses you




Day with him & his family

Family meal

The tattoo he likes on you


One Direction


Night in

Meeting him at the airport

Day with Niall

Sisters birthday party




Meeting the fans

First child 


Day with Louis




His birthday – DIRTY


Last day


Your ill 

Baby sitting 

Before he leaves for tour – DIRTY



Late night school




Together at last

Break up 

His birthday 


Day with Harry 



Following spree 

Youtubers imagines

Sam Pepper:

Break up 

Alfie Deyes:

Film premier

Youtube gatering

Caspar Lee:

Movie night

Harries twins:



Conor Maynard


Your friends 21st birthday 

New start, New Year 

Meeting his family


District 3


Day off 




Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Blowing a kiss {gif}



Union J




X-Factor Tour 


Birthday {personal for Lucy}




Sam Callahan:

Movie Night

First Child **REQUESTED** 

Ollie Marland:

First Gig

5 Seconds Of Summer:



New Years Eve


Winter Wonderland - London based! 


Seeing the Christmas tree in New York – Requested

Award Celebration


Late Night Walk


The Vamps:


Halloween Party


*Don’t worry got something for james being posted next month!*


Firework display


Meeting for the first time



  1. Imagine - Prom - Michael Clifford - hopefully up tonight
  2. Imagine - Concert - Ashton Irwin - *BEING POSTED TOMORROW NIGHT….. TOMORROW NIGHT*
  3. Imagine - Breaks up {Happy ending} - The Vamps - James McVey - being posted in FEB {POSTED}
  4. Imagine - Girlfriend does my make up - Jc Caylen 
  5. Imagine - First Child - Ricky Dillon
  6. Preference - The fight part 2 - 5SOS
  7. Preference - His favorite tattoo - 5SOS - photos 


  1. Preference - His favorite tattoo - photos - being posted in FEB - queued
  2. Preference - His favorite piercing - photos {changing this to FIRST DATE!}
  3. Preference - First kiss
  4. Preference - How you meet {BEING POSTED SOON}
  5. Preference - Meeting the family {BEING POSTED SOON}
  6. Preference - He introduces you to the boys
  7. Preference - Morning texts - photos
  8. Preference - You/He spends the night together - being posted in FEB
  9. Preference - Holiday - photos 
When I Was Your Man
Madilyn Bailey
When I Was Your Man

006. YouTuber Preference: When I Was Your Man


External image

When our friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down

‘Cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name

“Who is so interesting?” Across the packed breakfast dinner, Marcus teased Louise as she was and had been furiously texting more than anything else since they sat down.

The blond beauty guru didn’t even look up from her phone screen to answer, “[Y/N]. She just got back from Vancouver.”

“Hi [Y/N]!” Zoe leaned in close to Louise and called as if you and Louis had been FaceTiming instead of simply messaging one another back and forth.

Jack hadn’t really been paying attention to the conversations going on around him. He was talking back and forth with Louis mostly, talking fast and excitedly about an upcoming project that he had wanted to work on long ago. His attention was on Louise now. The sound of your name bringing his eyes up and over to her, his face contorted into an expression you could only give someone when they had just stabbed you in the chest. Suddenly, he wasn’t excited anymore. His mood changed quicker than the temper of a toddler. It only took someone mentioning you these days to send him into swirling depression.

He knew you were still close friends with the girls he had introduced you to while the boys seemed to side with him. The breakup had been tricky with a lot of public emotions when you both finally called it quits after trying to make it work for three months longer than either of you should have. Right now, you and Jack were in two different worlds. He was all about creating things and enjoying his youth while you were focused on trying to find your path. It was great that he had something he was good at and wanted to pursue, but you were still figuring out what you were passionate about and enjoyed, where your talents lied. He was often frustrated with you changing your mind and looking into different colleges and majors. Jack was a ‘just do it’ kind of guy while you were a thinker. He hadn’t been very supportive of you going up to Vancouver to work at a ski lodge and resort for the winter. He thought you should find something more local and something that would open doors or you could make worthwhile connections, so you put the idea to bed and continued searching. As soon as you and Jack were over though, you had a Skype interview and lined up a job at Cyprus Mountain and it had been the time of your life. In fact, you did meet people and you were planning to go on a huge snowboarding trip in Switzerland next month. One of them was a world class athlete and he wanted you to model for the website of his ski gear line. While you loved Jack and you knew Jack loved you, right now it just wasn’t right. If he had supported you and wanted to try long distance, you would have probably stayed and tried, but he didn’t. So anything he felt now about you was his own fault. 


Take you to every party

'Cause all you wanted to do was dance

Now my baby’s dancing

But she’s dancing with another man

Finn was not Jack. He didn’t just instantly feel comfortable in every social scenario. He was rarely the first to stand up to speak. He couldn’t make interesting and real conversation with everyone. It never really bothered you as it was just another trait that made up the guy you were so crazy about, but after two years of being together, it was a little bit annoying that it was still like pulling teeth to get him on the dance floor with you when you would go out. Generally, you would just join the crowd on your own or with a couple friends, leaving him to watch and preserve a small spot in the corner of the club somewhere.

Of course, that wasn’t why you two broke up. You were growing very unhappy in the relationship naturally. You two didn’t go out and explore anymore. It was all just hanging out, watching movies on the couch, eating take out, and napping together. While those activities were nice sometimes, they had their time and their place. You wanted a little more effort into the relationship, the way there used to be, but he stopped and when you brought it up with him, things would improve for a little bit, and then go back. Eventually, you weren’t interested anymore, you were just sort of going through the motions and you thought both you and Finn deserved better than that.

He was sad when you left him, all your things promptly removed from his bedroom, but he understood and wore a brave sad face as you returned your key to him and left. You tried to be his friend, but he asked you not to because it was difficult.

A year had passed now and you met Zach towards the end as he started to work at the burgers and cake restaurant your parents own and ran. He was tall like Finn and had an understated sweet smile like he did, but that was where the similarities ended. Zach was all about trying everything and anything once and it made for a lot of strange, but fun scenarios. There was a time where you wouldn’t have been as interested in doing wacky things, but after being taken for granted by Finn, and now a year of singledom, you were ready for just pure fun which Zach was happy to bring to you.

Your friends thought you should have asked Tanya (Burr) if it was alright for you to bring Zach to her birthday, but you didn’t think it was necessary. A lot of people brought their significant others or just a plus-one, why couldn’t you? It had been a year after all and you knew that Finn had been out meeting girls during that time. It wasn’t as if he had slept for 365 days.

It was unbeknownst to you, as you were free of care, but on the second floor of the Camden club, Finn was nursing a beer slowly and watching the dance floor from the balcony, his eyes fixated on you as you happily danced with a group of your girlfriends, including the birthday girl. Zach was behind you, his smile matching yours, with one hand on your hip as you leaned into him. He spun you around occasionally, just for fun, each time evoking a little giggle to slip from your painted pink lips. It made Finn feel a bit sick which surprised him. He didn’t think he would be the way he was, seeing you moved on because he thought he had moved on too.

After a couple more drinks, he worked up the fake courage to go down onto the dance floor himself. He squeezed through flailing sweaty bodies and smiled as soon as he was close enough to see all the details of your face. You tried to be polite, lifting a hand to acknowledge him while you reached around and kept your boyfriend close to you.

“We should dance.” He spoke over the music, trying at least. You stared at him with very surprised eyes, thinking you would never hear those words come out of Finn Harries’ mouth.

“Go for it. I could use a break.” Zach laughed, backing up and slowly letting go of your waist. He kissed you quickly and started to walk away, ignoring that you and Finn were still staring at one another.

“Um…no.” You shook your head, hair that had been sticking to your face moving off. Behind you, you caught Zach’s hand and let him lead you off of the floor and over to the toilets. It was too little, too late and now you had moved on. Finn could have taken you out and made you feel special when you were his, but he didn’t, and now you weren’t his anymore. 


External image

Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now

Our song on the radio, but it just don’t sound the same

If he read Cosmo magazine, he might have been informed that what he was doing was not helpful at all, but Caspar wasn’t really interested in healing or getting over you so he didn’t care. 

When you two met, just a mere five months ago, you were a saucy barista and he was the boy vlogging with his friends and annoying you. He edited you out of  the video since it sort of painted you to be a right bitch, but he was lying in bed now, watching it over and over again, feeling sorry for himself. In the background, he could hear the faint sounds of music and Shazammed it to find out it was “Come Back Home” by We Are The In Crowd. You had left him broken hearted in his bedroom last night, saying that you just weren’t as interested as he was and you were so sorry, but he was still just lying in bed feeling sick to his stomach with stained red eyes. He watched the video over and over and the others that he had managed to capture you in while the song played on repeat. He wanted to get up, go to the coffee shop you worked at, tell you that he wanted to make things work, but he knew he couldn’t force himself. You couldn’t make someone feel something for you that they didn’t. He just stayed in bed and decided that he would keep torturing himself with memories and pictures of you. 

He stayed in bed for three days, only leaving to use the washroom and get something to eat from the cupboards downstairs. His hair was a greasy mess sticking to his face while his breath’s scent matched the odor coming from his arm pits. Marcus and Joe had been texting him that morning, threatening to come over and take him out, but he just turned their attempts away. It wasn’t until you texted him that you wanted to come pick up a movie that you left over there that he sprung out of bed to shower. This was his chance, he hoped.


My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways

Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life

“Obviously, you wouldn’t understand!” Mazz’s voice had grown in volume and irritation almost instantly as you asked him another rhetorical question. You didn't understand a lot of the things he did, but the influx of girls he was catering to was getting to be a little much. The conversation started simply by you asking if he stopped taking his shirt off for fan photos, even if they requested, but he looked at you like you were asking him to move mountains. So you asked how he would feel if you took off your top when taking photos with anyone, male or female, and he wrote it off with a smart ass joke, saying he wouldn’t mind because he loved your boobs. “You don’t know what it’s like to have a bunch of people want something from you. They want me to give them what they want, okay?" 

Before that, you hadn’t been thinking about leaving Mazz at all. You two had been friends since before you hit puberty and dating since your final year of school. This was just a little tiff, but after he said something as douchey as that, you checked out. Those sort of comments at that kind of arrogant behavior was becoming too regular with him and you weren’t going to sit idly by like it was okay. 

Rolling your eyes, you slid right up off the hotel bed, took your purse, and left. The Marius you fell for was somewhere else now and you felt like, maybe, if he was to grow up you two could work, but until then you were over.

Now, Mazzi played that whole argument over and over in his head. He hadn’t watched you leave because he was frustration, but now the sound of your sneakers squeaking against the hardwood floors haunted him. He called you the day after your tiff, wanting to know if you were alright and if you wanted to get lunch, but you didn’t pick up. You two never spoke again. It was bad enough that he was heartbroken over it, but having his mother and grandmother on his ass about how he lost the best thing to happen to him was like poisonous icing all over a cake made of feces. 

It had been two months and he picked up the phone to call you, but it went straight to voicemail. He rubbed his signature chin for a second before sighing and hanging up. He was still a little too proud, it seemed.


External image

Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize

That I should’ve bought you flowers

And held your hand

"Must you two do that?” Alfie snarled. 

In front of him as he was setting up a camera, Niomi and Marcus were holding hands while they waited, cutely talking among themselves. It hadn’t even been 24 hours since you left, telling him you were going to go visit your father and when you came back, you didn’t want to be with him, you didn’t want to see him. Alfie woke up knowing he should have fixed a lot of the holes in your relationship that you pointed out to him, but he never tried. He just let it go in one ear and out the other without a care. They would fix themselves if you two were supposed to be, he figured, not realizing until you told him off that he had to actually work at a relationship.

“Don’t snap at us cause [Y/N] left.” Niomi was a sweetheart, but she was also your friend and had heard all the stories, let you come over upset with Alfie, and she wasn’t just going to put up with being growled at like she was a piece of meat and Alfie was a wolf in the woods. He got what was coming to him, he had been warned. 

“Whatever. I don’t care about her.” He lied, squinting his eyes and working out his frustrations with the camera.

“Wasn’t that the problem?” Marcus asked, not to be rude, but just out of reflex simply. Alfie looked up at him with eyes that could kill. “Figure the damn camera out yourself.” He hissed and took off, stomping downstairs and out the door. He stuffed his hands into the pocket of his jeans and started to walk. His anger softened instantly when the cold wind brushed up against his face. He was sorry. He missed you. He didn’t know how to make things better.


I know I’m probably much too late

To try and apologize for my mistakes

But I just want you to know

Zoe had been torn since you two were great friends, but Joe was her brother. She wasn’t impressed that he had cheated on you, but he was still her brother. Instead of bringing you over to her house, she always went over to see you since you screamed and cried your way out of her house a month ago after finding the padded black bra in Joe’s bed that so obviously wasn’t yours. 

Zoe had been planning her a surprise birthday for Louise and wanted to have it at her house, but she felt conflicted since you and Joe weren’t talking to one another. She thought if anyone needed to break the ice, it was Joe. He was the cheater, but she didn’t think he would budge. Finally, when he was bugging her playfully, she just exploded on him and let him know how upset with him she was and how she felt like she couldn’t bring you to the house anymore. 

“Hi…” Joe’s voice breathed out on the other end of the phone, whispering because he wasn’t sure what to do and because it was two in the morning and his parents and Zoe were fast asleep.

You had debated not answering, but there was a part of you that was interested in what he could possibly have to say to you. Plus, it was two in the morning and you worried something could have happened to him or Zoe. “Are you there?” He checked since you didn’t reply.

“I’m here.” You whispered back, groggily.

“I’m sorry to wake you … I just…. ” He wasn’t good at these things. He didn’t have any experience.

“Is everything okay? Is anyone ill?" 

"We’re all fine.” He quickly assured you. “Well, my dad threw out his back, but…nevermind.” Joe cleared his throat quietly before grabbing at his hair, wanting to compose himself somehow. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” In montone, you replied.

“Oh good. Well…I just wanted you to know that I do feel like shit about what I did.” The words came out on their own as he fought with the rock-like lump in his throat. “You didn’t deserve it, you didn’t do anything to warrant it, I’m just a total shithead.”

“Thank you.” It was a lot better than listening to his excuses and scrambled 'sorry’s’ back when you first found out. It sounded sincere and it was all you needed to hear.

YouTubers and their Zodiac Signs

,Aries: Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg

Taurus: Joey Graceffa, Caspar Lee, Harries Twins, Sawyer Hartman, Hank Green

Gemini: Dan Howell, Troye Sivan, Tanya Burr, Rosanna Pansino, 

Cancer: Markiplier, Shane Dawson, 


Virgo: Joe Sugg, Anthony Padilla, Jenna Marbles, Mamrie Hart, Connor Franta, John Green, 

Libra: Lily Singh, Grace Helbig, Chris Kendall, Carrie Fletcher, Charlie McDonnell, 

Scorpio: Hannah Hart, Felix Kjellberg

Sagittarius: Ian Hecox, Marcus Butler, PJ Liguori, 

Capricorn: Jim Chapman, 

Aquarius: Phil Lester,

Pisces: Toby Turner,