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Listen,,,, Jaspar going for a picnic on a cool summer morning and making dandelion chains for each other's hair and listening to their favorite music and lying in the grass and playing with each other's hands

you know what’s coming,,, iTS HEADCANON TIME

•caspar going over to joe’s place early early early in the morning
•joe is still sleeping
•casp looks at his sleepy boy and fOND SMILES AND HEART EYES., and strokes his hair
•slowly leans down and gives him butterfly kisses all over his f a ce
•joe wakes up and sees casp sitting beside him kissing and smiling and admiring him
•smiles and asks him to come cuddle
•"but what do you think of cuddling outside on this beautiful day?“
“outside? casp i hate outside”
“i’m going to make you fall in love with outside, just you see”
•joe grudgingly wakes up, the smile of his beautiful boyf encouraging him to
•"the things i do for you”
•joe and casp go to a meadow where casp has set up this cute picnic with duck pancakes bc it’s joe’s favourite
•"aw baby, you did all of this for me?“
“for us. i rlly like spending time w you and i want to take every opportunity i have to see you happy”
•j+c lie down on the rug and eat
•joe eats happily casp looks over fondly
•"you’ve got a little something there”
•kisses and fond smiles
•joe lays his little head on casp’s tummy
•"you’re my favourite pillow"
•casp strokes joe’s fluffy hair
•laughter and smiles and kisses
•joe holds casp’s hands
•plays w his fingers
•"i thought you hated my fingers"
“i do when i can’t touch them”
•cute smile
•cuddling in the middle of a meadow,,, with the sun shining and a cool breeze blowing joe’s hair
•make each other listen to nicE SWEET ROMANTIC SONGS
•"oh look casp, dandelions!“
•casp smiles at how the littlest things make his boyf smile
•joe runs over and looks at the dandelions swaying in the wind and thinks about how good they’ll look in casp’s hair
•picks one
•starts weaving them together
•casp walks over and looks at his boy working hard to makes perfect dandelion chain for him
•smiles and sits beside him
•joe turns and sees casp
•"this is for you” sets the chain upon his hair very carefully
•"you’re so cute when you concentrate"
•casp kisses joe “thank you so much, i love it”
“i love you”
•casp makes joe chains now and puts them all over his hair
•smile at each other
•inside jokes and feather light kisses and sleepy joe and fond caspar and strawberries
•"thank you for this amazing day"
“did i make you fall in love with outdoors?”
“well you definitely made me fall in love with you… again”

fuuuuuuu- what did i do

something’s wrong w Jaspar

guys I seriously think something happened between Joe and Caspar.

Lately Joe’s been hanging around Jack so so much more and their snapchat stories made me wanna cry.

Jack and Joe at a restuatrnt and Caspar in bed watching a movie. I feel like Joe broke things off w Caspar for Jack or something. Someone convince me I’m crazy for thinking this


they’re so heart eyes i can’t

Made with Vine
Chapter 1 - Day 1

Day 1

Caspar ended up not sleeping for longer than an hour on the plane. He was kinda upset that he knew that he’d be awake for the rest of the flight. By the time he got to London it would be around 5 pm. So that meant that he could go to sleep once he got there.

Caspar pulled his backpack out from under his seat and he took his laptop out. He had gotten in flight wifi so he went on tumblr. Nothing exciting had happened so he sighed in disappointment. This was the main reason Caspar hated flying, you had to sit in a metal box for quite some time and do nothing!

Caspar had then pulled out his phone and he began to text Troye through kik.



Caspar🍕: if you don’t answer me I’m stealing all your money and throwing your Nutella stash away when I get home



Caspar🍕: lol you love me 😏

Troye🌼: I can’t love you I have a boyfriend

Caspar🍕: can I please meet him

Troye🌼: fine

Troye’s boyfriend has been added to the chat by Troye

Troye’s boyfriend: hi

Cas the trash: asl?

Troye: wtf is this MySpace


Troye: :(

Troye’s boyfriend: in my 20’s, male, up Troye’s ass

Caspar: very informative

Troye’s boyfriend: you know it

Caspar: well I’m just gonna leave so you guys can have sex with each other bye

Troye: bye

End of Text

Caspar sighed because he was alone yet again. He tried his best to go back to sleep but that didn’t happen. His eyes looked across the isle to see someone that was also awake. Caspar and whoever this guy was must have been the only other person awake besides the flight attendants and the pilot.

“Hey.” Caspar said

The guy turned around to face Caspar. He had on headphones so he took them off and he smiled.

“Hi.” Said the guy

“I’m Caspar.” Caspar replied

“I’m Dan nice to meet you.” Dan says extending his hand out for a handshake

Caspar gave Dan’s hand a nice shake before releasing it.

“I’m assuming that’s your boyfriend sleeping next to you.” Caspar says laughing

“Oh, um, Phil no, he’s not my b-boyfriend.” Dan says stuttering

“Your stutter says other wise.” Caspar replies smirking

“Okay fine we’re dating so what brings you to London?” Dan asks

“I’m here for work, what about you?” Caspar asks in a reply

“Phil and I over here live in London and we just got back from one of our trips.” Dan said smiling

“That’s cool ( by troye sivan ).” said Caspar

The two boys talked for the rest of the flight. Hours and hours had gone by and they hadn’t realized. During some point in the conversation Phil had woken up and joined in. After all the talking the three had done they had finally landed in London, Englad.

Caspar grabbed his bag from under the seat and walked off the plane. The airport wasn’t too packed for it only being around 5 pm local time ( it was an 11 hour flight that took off at six am ). Caspar went straight to baggage claim. When he got there he also saw Dan and Phil, he remembered that he had not gotten it as they were talking. After Caspar grabbed his bag he quickly asked for Dan’s number and ran to catch a cab.

Outside of the airport, there were already cabs lined up to take people to their destinations. He got in the first one that had no one in there. The cab driver looked no older than 22. Caspar told the man his hotel location and he took him there. Caspar was wondering why the man had been driving on the left side of the road. He then remembered that this was England and they did that.

Once they were in front of Caspar’s hotel Caspar paid the guy the and left from inside the car. He made his way to the front desk where he checked in. The lobby had looked quite nice in Caspar’s opinion so he knew that he had more than likely picked a good hotel to stay in. The lady that was attending the front desk was fairly nice. Caspar made sure to take notes of all these things for when he does his report.

After Caspar got his room key he entered his room which turned out to be huge! There was a nice kingsize bed, a big bathroom, there was a flat screen on the wall in the bedroom and living room and kitchen area. For the price that Caspar got this hotel at it was pretty nice. He set his suitcase in his bedroom. Caspar laid on the bed for a moment pondering. Then he realized that he was hungry so he decided that he was going to go find a place to eat. He grabbed his camera, notebook, and special pen. Everything else that he needed was already on his person.

He left the hotel room and made his way downstairs by elevator and walked outside. Caspar realized that he wasn’t at home so he didn’t have a car to drive around with. He didn’t feel like paying for another cab so he decided to walk somewhere to find food. After walking a few blocks he found a small little restaurant to eat at.

When Caspar walked into the door of the place he admired the decor. Someone was trying to walk out of the door but when Caspar stepped to the side he bumped into someone. He turned around to look at the person he bumped into. The guy was a shorter than Caspar, he had fluffy brown hair and striking blue eyes.

*insert picture of joe here*

“I-I’m sorry.” Caspar said looking down at his feet

“No it’s okay. Wait, where’s my phone.” said the boy as he looked around the area frantically

He looked down to the floor and saw it laying on the ground.

“Oh my gosh is it broken?” asked Caspar

“It’s fine don’t worry.” replied the boy

“No I need to repay you, tell me your name and I’ll treat you to dinner.” Caspar said

“You know I really don’t think you need to do that but if you want my name is Joe.” said Joe smiling

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Hiiii, I hope you have a lovely day/night :)) 💗 #jasparpositivity

It makes my heart do cartwheels when I receive stuff like this ^-^ Also, being considered as someone in the Jaspar fandom, (since I don’t do shit lmao)  is just amazing, I love you all  💗 💗
Thank you for this message! It’s short but sweet (I would say “just like you” and make this cheesy af but I don’t know if you are short.) 
I’ll see if I can send something to other Jaspar shippers because y’all deserve to be congratulated for being the wonderful people you are! :)  #jasparpositivity