buttercream anon ?'s

Guys I made an anon ask game just for our fandom! Send in some numbers!

  1. one thing you like and one thing you dislike about (pick a boy)
  2. fave boy
  3. who will get married first?
  4. who will get married last?
  5. who will have a kid first?
  6. who will have a kid last?
  7. who will quit youtube first?
  8. who will be on youtube the longest? 
  9. who’s content is the most creative? 
  10. who never fails to make you laugh?
  11. which boy did you watch/discover first?
  12. which boy did you watch/discover last?
  13. who has the best fashion sense?
  14. who has the best music taste?
  15. who has the best insta captions?
  16. who has the best insta feed?
  17. who takes the best selfies?
  18. who is the worst clickbait culprit? 
  19. who’s snapchats stories are the best?
  20. who’s tweets are the best?
  21. who’s vlogging channel is your fave?
  22. assign an emoji to describe each boy
  23. which siblings are your fave? (Maynards or Suggs)
  24. which Conor cover is your fave?
  25. which CANTH cover is your fave?
  26. put jack’s mixes in order from your favorite to least favorite
  27. which Brighton boy is your fave? (Abe, Bertie, Alex, Josh, or G)
  28. Jack with his nose ring or stud?
  29. fave flat out of the boys
  30. fave buttercream squad video (games of phones, weakest link, or let’s talk about sex)
  31. do you own sugg life? (if so,what items)
  32. fave popular ship (joeck or jaspar) 
  33. fave unpopular/uncommon ship (joesh or jash) 
  34. videos with Anna Maynard or videos with James White?
  35. Mikey with his leather jacket or without?

“I felt like i needed to repost this cause i want the truth to come out. Im a bisexual and proud to be a bisexual” When I was around 6 years old I knew i didn’t fit in with society, I knew I was different I felt different. Girls my age started to talk about boys how cute the boys were.for me yeah I thought they were cute but I started thinking how cute this girl was in my class. I kept thinking about how I could I think that a boy & a girl was cute I was so confused. When I was 9 I will struggling to find out what was wrong with me so I went to the only person I could trust my older brother. He was practicing his new dance routine with me when I just shouted out that I like boys & girls, he stopped to look at me I was literally crying I was so confused I hoped he could help me. My brother just wiped my tears and said I was struggling with my sexuality he told me that I might be a bisexual and that its normal no matter what people say. When I was 15 I was in high school its had been 3 years since I lost my brother he was the only one who knew my about my sexuality he swore he wouldn’t tell anyone till I was ready to tell people. During my high school I was really trying to just like guys but it was hard when you have a crushes on girls as well. On July 7th 2015 age 17 @shanedawson came out as bisexual now he was the reason I came out he was my idol I looked up to him. So I decided to tell everyone I told my friends on Twitter first cause I knew they would understand but them came the worst part telling my family. At the time my parents weren’t divorced they were in California visiting family I was at home in Illinois I decided to Skype them. My parents & siblings understood me and loved me at least that’s what I thought. A week later my parents divorced I was currently living with my mom when she came home drunk and started saying that my faggot ass needed to leave that I was the reason she was divorced & why she has cancer( Now before you hate on my mom we made up she said she sorry we are all good). The worst part was my mom side of the family & my step dad they were very mexican christen people they hated me & the fact that bi. As for my father and british His family they loved me and they supported me. Yeah having one side of the family support while the other side doesn’t hurts. As for high school they found out cause words spreads fast some supported me while some will push me & call me names like worthless fag. The worst part of high school was senior prom age 18 I was asked by a guy who I currently liked when I went to prom he & his friends organized paint to dropped on my head when I took pictures all I heard was laughter & “my date” say look at the faggot she crying. After prom I just kept to myself and graduated high school thinking I’m free. So here I am today 18 almost 19 year old Angela sitting here telling you my story about how I came out as a bisexual & I’m so happy that I’m finally me after years hiding I’m finally free to be me. I love you all & thanks for reading my story “If anyone has a problem with me being bi please feel free to have your opinions, call me names, unfollow me, im not going to be mad about your opinions thats not how i roll so i dont care what you do im happy for being the real me” -love Angela

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Updated masterlist

Hey guys! So I made some imagines this week and I put it all together in this post with the other stuff I’m working on! If you want to send me your request, feel free to do it!

Even the fanfics are reader & buttercream boy



  • Delight | imagine | soon
  • Trust issues | imagine | soon





  • Love me not | imagine | soon


  • What do you want? | imagine | soon
Can we just talk about Jack’s smile please?

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the earth is 4.54 billion years old and

you’re alive at the same time as this kid

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and this kid

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and this kid

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this kid too

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also this kid

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this kid

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these kids

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those kids

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and many many more, so if you’re ever feeling down, know that you’re pretty fucking lucky to be alive right now