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Dad Mode Activated

“Oi, get back into bed!” Joe scolds as Caspar and Oli freeze, giggling loudly before running away.

“You can’t catch us!” Caspar calls over his shoulder, stumbling slightly as his one foot catches on the other.

“Considering how much you’ve drank tonight?” Joe snorts as the taller man falls against Oli, “I’m not worried. Now get back into bed! You’re already going to be horrible with your hangover in the morning! I don’t need an injury as well!”

“Yes, dad,” Oli rolls his eyes, pushing Caspar off of him, resulting in a shoving match as the two drunks make their way towards the guest room where they’re crashing for the night.

“Dad?” Joe turns around at the new voice, his eyes falling on Jack’s amused face, “Did he really just call you that?”

“Shut up,” Joe blushes, walking over to his boyfriend, “Are the others dealt with?”

“You make it sound like I killed them, babe,” Jack laughs, wrapping his arms around Joe. “But yes, they are dealt with.”

“When did we become the boring parents of the group?” Joe wrinkles his nose, leaning against Jack.

“When we decided that we no longer had to go to the club to find someone to sleep with?”

“That was always you.”

“True. You just longed after me.”


“I’m kidding!” Jack laughs again, “But hey, someone has to take care of the drunkies. And I know Conor and Mikey have taken their fair share of turns doing it for me, only seems right to repay them.”

“I’ve never been this bad.” Joe mutters, yawning lightly, but lifts his head to look at Jack when the younger man scoffs, “What?”

“You realize there is actual video evidence of you being this drunk online, right?”

Blushing, Joe buries his face into Jack’s shoulder, “Oh shut up. And no one took care of me!”

“I’ll always take care of you,” Jack kisses his boyfriends head, “Ready for bed?”


“Are you going to move?”


“I’m not carrying you.”

“Then I guess we’re sleeping where we’re standing.”

“Dork.” Jack mumbles, walking Joe backwards and towards their bedroom.

The next morning, a group of groaning men stumble into the living room and kitchen, to which Jack calls out a cheery good morning!

“Piss off, mate.” Oli grumbles, curling up on the couch.

“And shut the hell up.” Josh snaps, throwing an arm over his face as he tilts his head back.

“Fine, I see how it is, you don’t want something to help with the hangover?” Jack smirks, shaking the bottle of pills.

“Don’t be an asshole.” Conor reaches weakly for it, as Joe laughs from over by the stove.

“Foods almost ready too!” He calls to them, humming lightly.

“Oh good, you’re cooking.” Caspar sighs in relief, slumping into one of the bar stools, “I’ll actually be able to stomach it.”

“Be nice,” Joe shoots him a look, “Jack is learning to cook. Slowly.”

“But your food is so much better.” Caspar reaches for a piece of toast, wincing as he feels a smack come to the back of his head, followed by two pills placed in front of him.

“Be thankful I don’t want to listen to your whining, or else you wouldn’t get those,” Jack comments, pulling Joe close for a quick kiss. “The rest have been dealt with.”

“Stop saying it like that!”

“You started it!” Jack laughs, the two ignoring the grumbling that comes in response.

The rest of the day is spent in much the same fashion, the couple teasing their drunken mates, but still taking care of them through their hangovers, both understanding fully how gross one feels following a night of heavy drinking.

It isn’t until late in the evening that the last boy stumbles out, still clutching their head or stomach, mumbling a quick thank you to Joe and Jack.

And once the apartment is empty — the only signs of the boys having been there are the scattered glasses, pillows, and blankets — Jack pulls Joe down onto the couch with him, nuzzling against his neck.

“Did you have fun playing dad today?”

“Stop saying that,” Joe squirms, repositioning himself to get comfortable, “It sounds weird.”

“Face it, we’re the dads of the group. We’ve hung up our party hats.”

“Party hats?”


“Now who’s the dork?” Joe chuckles, turning his head to look up at Jack fondly.

“Just embracing the inner dad in me.”

“Please don’t do that.” Joe wrinkles his nose, “I’m not ready for you to enter dad mode.”

“Hmm, but we get to stay home more. And when we’re at home, we can do adult activities.” Jack smirks, his hand creeping lower, but it freezes when the older man bursts out laughing.

“I’m sorry,” Joe gets out, “But adult activities?!”

“I’m trying to seduce you!” Jack protests as Joe continues to laugh.

“You’re doing a shit job at it!”

“Then I must have fully embraced by inner dad, because they always suck at seducing the mom.”

“Wait,” Joe’s laughter cuts off, and he sits up, “I’m not the mom! You said I was the dad!”

“We’re both the dads,” Jack tugs Joe back against him, “We don’t need a mom in this relationship.”

“Okay, if you really want to do adult activities tonight, we need to stop talking about this…”

“Alright,” Jack kisses him quickly, “Dad.”

“Jack!” Joe groans, his forehead falling forward against the younger man’s shaking shoulder, “Don’t make it weird!”


after doing a search both on tumblr and on general google, I discovered a severe lack in Finn Mikaelson icons, so below the cut are 90 100x100 icons of Caspar Zafer as Finn Mikaelson. You’re welcome to use these for whatever purpose you desire, I just ask that you give this post a little like or a reblog if you do so. and also, check out @originalscaps for their amazing source of screencaps of the Original family and all those associated with them (they were an excellent source for this adventure in icon making.)

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Jaspar AU 3/? - High School

↳ Joe and Caspar are on opposite ends of the social spectrum - one is the school’s resident football celebrity, while the other can barely get people to notice him. But what happens when Caspar finds that he isn’t as invisible as he thinks he is? 

Featuring JJ as the overly-protective best friend.


Joe: get well soon love!
Caspar: so you can make us food!!!
Joe: Caspar?!
Caspar: mate, have you even tried her pancakes??

This is kind of random because this video is so old, but still I felt like it deserved a kind-of-analysis just because of the feels (you can watch the video in this post by @inlovewithjaspar)

Joe: I haven’t seen Caspar in over a month!

Oli: Who did you miss more, me or Joe?

Because we can’t tell from this video at all

Caspar: Who did I miss more, you or Joe?

Yeah tell us Caspar because we can’t tell AT ALL

Oli: I feel very left out

Oli: I feel very very left out

Aw mate but why would you

Joe: Look at Oli third-wheeling us

I think rarely has anyone ever third-wheeled harder than Oli right now

*Titanic theme tune*

Joe: Aw I missed you man

Again, we could hardly tell





Caspar is so going in for a kiss fuck me and my life

Then Joe remembered that this was live on camera

Caspar: I missed you so much

Oli: I missed you too, buddy


Caspar: I missed you so much!


Joe’s smile I can’t he missed his fragile little bean so much it hurts

And look at Oli’s face of resignation

But in the end I think we can all agree that there has rarely been a video that managed to put so much love in just one minute

Prank Revenge

“I’m in.”

“Alright, remember the plan.”

Rolling my eyes, I adjust the headphone I have placed in my ear before replying into the mic, keeping my voice low. “I remember it…hell I helped create half of it.”

Moving further into the apartment, I looked around in the dim light.

“Sorry, I’m nervous.”

“You’re nervous? You aren’t the one breaking into your friends place!” I hiss, glancing over my shoulder.

“It’s not really breaking in if Caspar gave us the key, Y/N.” Joe laughs through the phone.

“Remind me why I’m the one doing this and not you?” I walk into the kitchen, placing my bag on the table and begin pulling out the supplies.

“Because I’m the one distracting Caspar while you set everything up.” I can just hear the grin in his voice.

“Shut up and let me do my work.”

“Text me when you’re done, Caspar just walked in now. Good luck.” And with that, he ends the call. I pull the headphones of my ears and hung them around my neck, looking over the supplies in front of me.

“All right…let’s do this.” I say to myself before getting to work.

Done. I type before hitting send, locking the front door behind me as I leave Caspar’s place, a grin spread across my face. While waiting for the elevator, I feel my phone vibrate, indicating a new text.

How does it look?

Exactly like we wanted it to. Now, we wait. I reply quickly to Joe, laughing to myself.

Pulling up the photo app on my phone, I start to look over the work I had just done.

Every single picture in his place had a picture of Joe making a ridiculous face hidden in it, all the pillow cases have been replaced with pink frilly ones, and when he goes to turn on a lamp or light, it will be a different colour, since I had switched out every single one with a random coloured lightbulb.

One of the great things about this prank, is that will be going on for a while, because Caspar will definitely not notice the Joe pictures, at least not all of them, for a while. The light bulbs, well that depends on when he even bothers to turn on some of them. The pillow cases will be more of an immediate thing, but the best part? His bathroom.

Joe and I are hoping he doesn’t go in there until tonight, when it’s dark. Because when he turns on the light, a lovely photo of a terrifying clown will be looking at him from the mirror.

Maybe next time, Caspar will think twice before he pranks Joe and I when we’re sleeping.

Revenge is great.

Part 2