You Don’t Need That Pillow - Jack Maynard 

Warning : Smut // Hardcore full on sex described scenes. And full on described masturbation scenes. I’m so sorry in advance.  If you get easily disgusted please leave cause I am going into full on description here folks.



It happened to be at least six in the afternoon when my pussy couldn’t stop aching for some action and Jack wouldn’t be coming around till maybe ten to eleven tonight. I groaned as I stopped the movie I was currently watching and stood up heading over to my curtains and closing them since it was winter and it was becoming darker out earlier. I went over to my lamp and turned it on the lowest setting and sat back down on the couch back placed my foot in between my legs so it was against my hood.

Even with that it ached for more and by more I knew it needed dick. In fact it needed Daddy Jack’s dick. I groaned rolling my head back hitting it against the wall making me jerk it back up and grip onto it. “Oww.” I whined. After a full on five minutes I got fed up with it and headed to my room. Once I reached my room I closed the door behind me and pulled my hair up into a messy bun and pulled my leggings down and off which left me in my t-shirt, socks, and panties. I looked myself in my mirror and smirked.

“Okay Y/n you’re going to get some action now. And some action later.” I said biting my bottom lip just imaging the sex ahead. I slide my panties down my legs and threw them somewhere on the floor and jumped onto my bed. I pulled the pillow up against the wall and placed my back against it and spread my legs opened and placed my fingers in my mouth before moving them down to my va-ja-ja and started to rub circles into my clit. I felt the pleasure hit my body and I let out a quiet moan.

I Inserted two fingers and started to pump into myself quickly wanting it to be Jack’s full on length but clearly my fingers weren’t that long. I continued to do so as I brought my other hand down to do the job my hand was doing before it started to pump in me and started to rub circles. My moans became more frequent and a little bit louder every time.

I soon found myself moaning out Jack’s name as I pull my pillow from behind my back and placed it in between my legs and started to hump on it laying my head down as I moaned. Not even hearing the door open I felt my body being turned over and Jack stood in front of me. My cheeks flushed with a bright pink.

“I-I thought you weren’t suppose to be home till later?” I asked quickly. “Well I thought I would surprised my girlfriend It looks like she surprised me instead.” He smirked. “I, you weren’t suppose to find me in my sad stage.” I chuckled at bit. “Sad stage, more like presex stage.” He smirked bringing his lips down on top of mine.

I kissed back immediately. His tongue licking the bottom my of my lip to ask for entrance which he never needed to do when I was this horny. I let him in and our tongues danced together as I felt his hand find his way down to my vagina which was wide open for him. His thumb working wonders on it. I moaned against his moaned which he responded with a smirked. He pulled back and licked his bottom lip.

“So so wet.” Jack whispered. “Only for you daddy.” I responded knowing that the nickname killed him inside. “Your vagina is getting a lot of attention don’t you think? Maybe we should bring these beautiful tits of yours out.” He recommended as his hand was slowly inching it’s way up under my shirt. I nodded with response as I bite my lip still moaning.

The shirt was flown off my hand as so was his. I look in his whole body and pushed him back with my foot going to his belt buckle and unbuckled it pulling them down off his legs and pulled his boxers down enough so I could hold his length in my hand to start pumping it well entering it in my mouth. I felt his length full on in my mouth as I heard him groan and grunt from the pleasure I was giving him. I continued on with this action until he finally came into my mouth and I swallowed all the white substance.

“God Y/n such a dirty girl.” Jack smirked. I smirked back at him as we changed positions to where his face was in between my legs and his tongue was now working wonders on me. My hands were tangled in his hair as his hands rested on my thighs to keep them open. I Moved my hips along with his tongue to get more pleasure to fill to my orgasim.

Which came a few minutes after to my legs starting to shake a bit. I felt him finish licking me up before rubbing his tip against my entrance looking at me. I nodded and his pushed into me. It didn’t take me long until I got used to his size again. He pounded into me hard cause me to scream out his name.

“Fuck Jack!” I screamed in pleasure. Jack connected our lips as I kept moaning. He moved down to my breasts to give them some attention. He nibbled at my nipples and sucked on them. He moved up my body leaving kissed as he reached my neck where he reached for my sweet spot where he started to suck and bite at the spot.

His thrusts still fast as my knuckles started to turn white from me clenching onto the sheets. My back arched as I was soon close. My head back against the sheets. “Babe i-,” “Me too.” He responded seeing as I couldn’t properly speak because of him. From this point I was lucky I took the pill earlier today. Cause if I didn’t I would most likely be pregnant. But I wouldn’t of cared anyway because I just needed to feel his bare length inside of me.

In the next couple minutes My orgasim fell as I came along with him shooting inside of me. He collapsed beside me and kissed my shoulder. “Are you?” Jack asked. “Yeah.” I replied catching my breath. “I should come here earlier a lot more.” He commented turning on his side so that he was facing me.

“You should.” I breathed out connecting our lips.