More on the John Valone Names, from the Amazon book preview

Enjolras> Ennis 
Combeferre>Casmire (?!?!?)
Courfeyrac > Mitchell (?????)
Feuilly>Mactier (WHY)


Cosette> Catherine (okay if I thought that reference was on PURPOSE I’d kind of like it but no) 
Fauchelevent >Franklin 
Jean Valjean > John Valone


(also PSA to anyone thinking of buying it, it’s a pro-Confederacy book,the barricade scene is the Amis facing the dastardly Massachusetts Militia. It’s. It’s bad.But here it is, if you want to check it out yourself. )

ETA: Gavroche>Gavin

YA Series That Need Their Own Netflix Shows

The amazing thing about a book series is that you don’t need to leave that world when you finish the first book. There’s no book hangover (unless you’re waiting for the release of the next book in the series, *cough* Everlife *cough*), and you can let the real world slip away as you read book after book. Sounds a bit like binge-watching Netflix, right? We all know some movies are based on books, but we think that Netflix should make room for our favourite YA series to shine!  


Everlife Series by Gena Showalter

Netflix is known for taking risks and churning out the plot twists, which is why we think the Everlife series needs its own show right now! In the Everlife world, life doesn’t end with death—it just begins again. It’s an amazing conception of a tangible life after death with a tough leading lady, to boot. Ten Lockwood is a kickass heroine who takes it on herself to help others in need, no matter the cost. Almost like Clark from The 100 in that way, but less annoying.


Talon Series by Julie Kagawa

Hidden in plain sight as humans, the characters in the Talon series are more nuanced than your average dragon. They have been in conflict for centuries with the human warriors who have sworn to slay them and are not giving up the fight anytime soon. But not everything is as it seems in this world, and this series has a mind-blowing conspiracy that would come to life on the small screen. Fans learned some of the secrets in April, with the release of Legion, adding legions of fans for this potential TV hit.

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Also known as Einstein-Rosen Bridges are theoretically possible going by Einstein’s theory, and equations of general relativity. Basically wormholes take advantage of our 3 dimensional space and are able to “bend” it. Picture a sheet of paper; now put two circular holes on each end of that sheet of paper. Normally the quickest way to join one point to the other would be to draw a straight line between them. Now instead, you could fold the piece of paper so each hole is touching meaning that there is no longer any distance between them. This is an analogy of how a wormhole works except instead of a circular hole on a 2D plane, the entry and exit points of an Einstein-Rosen bridge can be visualised as spheres in a 3D space.

While the theory of general relativity allows the existence of wormholes, we have not yet found physical evidence. The first wormhole solution discovered was the Schwarzschild wormhole presented in the Schwarzschild metric describing an eternal black hole. However this is not stable enough and would collapse before anything could cross from one end to the other. Traversable wormholes could exist of there was a form of exotic matter with a negative energy to stabilise them.

The Casmir effect shows that quantum field theory allows the energy density in some space to be relatively lower than the ordinary vacuum of space. A lot of physicists (like Stephen Hawking) use this to argue that it is possible to stabilise a traversable wormhole. However there are no known natural processes that would cause a traversable wormhole to stabilise.

The quantum foam hypothesis can be used to suggest the spontaneous appearance of tiny black holes at the Planck scale. Stable versions of these tiny wormholes have been suggested as dark matter candidates. It is also possible that one of these wormholes opened into a previously empty space from another universe, held open by a cosmic string (1D string) with a negative mass then it could be inflated to a macroscopic size by cosmic inflation. Is it possible this happened at the start of the Big Bang?

Adlock Fics

PUBLISHED June 6th, 2014
UPDATED July 24th, 2014

You see, there are a hella lot of adlock fics, so there are some missing, but don’t worry, I’ll put them here as soon as I find them.

The rating is the usual:
[E] Explicit
[M] Mature
[T] Teen and Up Audiences
[G] General Audiences

** The fics with an # at the end have a sequel. Its sequel will be listed and indicated by the name of the prequel at the end.


(x) The Road to Islamabad [E]

(x) Coming for Blood [E]

(x) Turning Tables [E]

(x) From the Depths of the Underworld [E]

(x) A remembered kiss in the dark of night [E]

(x) An Interesting Dynamic [E]

(x) Muscle Memory [M] (Companion to Olfactory)

(x) The Experiment [M]

(x) What He Likes serie [M] #

(x) Let’s Have Dinner [M] #

(x) A Scandal in Burleith [M] (Sequel to Let’s Have Dinner)

(x) An Extension of the Mind [M]

(x) Casmir [M]

(x) He Remembered Her [M] (Semi-AU)

(x) Potential [M]

(x) The Secret Chord [M] (Semi-AU)

(x) Break The Lock If It Don’t Fit [M]

(x) The Games We Play [M]

(x) Windmills Of Your Mind [M]

(x) After Midnight [M] #

 (x) Neither A Soldier Nor A Gentleman [M] #

(x) The Seventh Day [M]

(x) The Blurred Lines of Love, Lust and Sentiment [M]

(x) Dining with Frogs [M]

(x) In the Morning Sun [M]

(x) Have [M]

(x) The Woman’s Return [M]

(x) I like to keep some things to myself [M]

(x) The Irene Adler Files [M] #

(x) The Science of You [M] (Sequel to The Irene Adler Files)

(x) Spinning round in my brain [M]

(xSubRosa [T]

(x) Petit Trianon [T]

(x) Haunted Palace Corridors [T]

(x) With Heroin in His Veins [T] # (Sherlock/Elementary Crossover)

(x) After the Fall [T] (Sequel to With Heroin in His Veins)(Sherlock/Elementary Crossover) 

(x) What Dreams May Come [T] (Sherlock/Elementary Crossover)

(x) His Harsh Misstres [T] (Werewolf AU)

(x) The Opposite of Victory [T]

(x) The Way We Live Now [T]

(x) Ave Verum [T] (AU sequel to Neither A Soldier Nor A Gentleman)

(x) Full Disclosures [T]

(x) Their Sunlit Room [T]

(x) Sherlock’s Woman [T] #

(x) The Good, The Bad and The Woman [T] (Sequel to Sherlock’s Woman)

(x) Count Down [T]

(x) Hamish [T]

(x) Purely Platonic Sleeping [T]

(x) In the Dying Days of Summer [T]

(x) Grief is the Downfall of Sentiment [T]

(x) Damascus is Burning [T]

(x) Nearly Every City [T]

(x) Little Adler [T]

(x) Seeing trought each others masks [T]

(x) A kiss on the cheek [T]

(x) Ghosts that we knew [T]

(x) Three Knocks on the Door [T]

(x) The End of the World [T]

(x) Chronicles of an unexpected sentiment [T]

(x) A Case of Integrity [T]

(x) Vivaldi [T]

(x) Rome is Burning [T]

(x) An Addicting Attraction[T]

(x) Let your fingers do the talking [T]

(x) One Week [T]

(x) Dear James, Please Will You Fix It For Me? [T] # (Soulmates AU)

(x) You Fixed It For Me [T] (Sequel to Dear James, Please Will You Fix It For Me?) (Soulmates AU)

(x) Soft [T]

(x) Atonement [T]

(x) Ghost [T]

(x) Tumblr Oneshots collection[T]

(x) Everybody Else, Yourself, and Home [T]

(x) I Knew it Would Happen This Way [T]

(x) Uninvited [T]

(x) Olfactory [G]

(x) The Vagra Incident [G] (Star Trek AU)

(x) In Death’s Company [G]

(x) Unseen, Unspoken [G]

(x) Minutes to Apocalypse [G]

 (x) Coda [G] (Sequel to After Midnight)

(x) Rain Check [G]

(x) She Would Wait [G]

(x) Praying To His Mind Palace [G]

(x) Plans Within Plans [G]

(x) Game Over [G]

(x) Potestate Tribus [G]

(x) Drunk [G]

(x) The Funny Hats of Father and Son [G]

(x) Love is a Liability [G]

(x) Goodbye [G]

(x) Around the World in 80 Letters [G]

(x) The Experiment [G]

(x) Save Me A Dance [G]

(x) Remember me? [G]

(x) Have Fun [G]

(x) First Kiss [G]

(x) Imagine Me and You (I Do) [G]

(x) Their Game [G]

(x) Edge of Glory [G]

(x) Becoming Undone [G]

(x) Recall [G]

(x) Come With Me [G]

(x) Unintended [G]

(x) Emptiness [G]

(x) Twenty Seconds [G]

(x) A Little Black [G]

(x) Intimacy in Non-Verbals [G]

(x) Perfume That Smells Like Lily [G]

(x) The Dead Don’t Have Dinner [G]

(x) Dance [G]

(x) The Uninvited Dominatrix [G]

(x) Some yelling, some small some quiet, some tall [G]

(x) A Very Affirming Relationship [NT]


(x) Death Takes a Holiday serie [E]

(x) Here Be Dragons [E] (Espionage AU)

(x) Twice serie [E]

(x) Bring This World Down [E]

(x) The Way the Heavens Go [M] HIATUS

(x) Sui Generis [M] (AU sequel to Neither A Soldier Nor A Gentleman)

(x) The W Hypothesis [M] (1890’s AU)

(x) Forget-Me-Not [M]

(x) Walking with Shadows [M]

(x) Dangerous Liaisons [T] (Collection of Drabbles)

(x) Her Last Vow [T]

(x) The Detective, The Dominatrix, and The Little Emperor [T] (Serie of Drabbles)

(x) Together or Not At All [T]

(x) Aftercare [T]

(x) I’ve Stared Down the Barrel of a Gun [T]

(x) The Montenegrin Affair serie [G] 

(x) The Nero Wolfe Problem [G]

(xA voyage into death [G]

(x) The Case of the Boy In the Raincoat [G]

(xThe Nero Wolfe Series [G]

Irene Adler & Mary Morstan

In my previous meta, I found several common characteristics between Casmir (Irene’s perfume) and the perfumes named in Sherlock’s deduction as he recognizes Claire-de-la-Lune.

I find this connection between Irene and Mary quite meaningful. On the surface, these two characters share some characteristics, but they are in fact two formidable opposites.

Irene & Mary: two similar characters

To this day, Irene and Mary are the only women who managed to avoid Sherlock’s powers of deduction. Actually, in both cases, Sherlock realizes he’s facing a disguise, but fails to fully understand the person in front of him. Sherlock recognizes both characters as clever.

Irene and Mary both beat Sherlock, following the same steps: 1) fool his powers of deduction, 2) shooting him (Irene drugs him, Mary fires a gun at him). After hurting Sherlock, the two women are self-satisfied and gloat

Irene is a very sensual and seductive woman, sure of herself, her intelligence and assets. She is a woman of power, she likes to be free and doing exactly what she wants. She doesn’t actively choose/defend a side: she follows people she’s interested in (Moriarty, then Sherlock).

Mary possesses most of these characteristics. She is a woman of power, using her job (assassin) and seduction/playfulness to dominate people. She sure likes having an ascendant on people (we see it through her relationship with John and Sherlock throughout series 3). She shows herself as being very self-confident too, borderline (!) arrogant, like Irene. She is very sure of her skills, especially when she shows Sherlock (and John, oops) her gun-aiming skills.

It is also interesting to note how Mary’s character is associated with mischief, playfulness and wickedness. Similarly, Irene says it herself: she likes to misbehave.

Irene associated with Moriarty to play a nice trick to the Holmes brothers. However, she commited herself far too much into the play and ended up falling in love with Sherlock.

Mary is clearly associated with Moriarty in the show, even if we don’t know explicitly about their relationship or where she stands now. Most likely, Moriarty’s plan was to put Mary on John’s path after a traumatic event and make him fall in love with her (like he put Irene on Sherlock’s path after a traumatic event - the pool - to make him fall in love with her). However, I believe Mary definitively fell in love with John (in a selfish way) and it screws up Jim’s plan.

Irene looks a lot like Sherlock and shares his best assets and weapons/tricks (brilliant mind, faking her death, riding crop). Like him, she uses her powerful brain to do something that she likes (dominating people vs him helping people).

Mary looks a bit like John and shares his best assets/weapons/tricks (witty, feeling responsible of other human beings, medical knowledge, gun skills, posing as an inoffensive person while being a dangerous alpha). However, she uses her skills in a wicked/”dark” way (she is destructive while John tries to help people and do good).

On the surface, Irene and Mary seem to be very similar characters.

Irene and Mary: a study in opposition

It is interesting to note that, when we look at their character’s arcs, Irene and Mary follow two very different paths.

  • Irene’s arc

Indeed, at first, Irene appears as a threat, a dangerous force working against Sherlock. She drugs him, hits him with a riding crop, taunts him, is sexually aggressive… If we’re attentive, we can see subtle clues of her real intentions behind the cold mask.

However, as time passes, her character takes a softer tone and she becomes an allyHer presence helps Johnlock, and she actively tries to make both boys realize their feelings for each other and stop them from hiding their sexual orientation and impulses.

Irene protects Sherlock and his secret (his sexuality and love for John) and, in the end, isn’t shown as a bad character. Sherlock obviously likes and respect her, as a person. He recognizes Irene is on his side and has helped him tremendously. He is ready to help her if needed in return.

  • Mary’s arc

Interestingly, Mary takes the exact opposite path.

She is introduced as an ally (of John, Sherlock and their relationship), a person willing to help Sherlock. Sherlock respects her as a person, he respects her relationship with John. If we look close enough though, we can see clues of her real intentions.

However, we end up discovering Mary’s true nature: a dangerous force working against Sherlock. She hurts him with words and uses violence against him. In the end, the show clearly associates her with words like wicked and bad (from one of the most disgusting characters, aka Magnussen!).

I don’t think John likes Mary very much after discovering she shot Sherlock, and he clearly disrespects the fact that she is an assassin. He also knows Mary isn’t good for him and actively threatens Sherlock; he most likely is planning to destroy her as soon as he sees the opportunity.

Mary and Irene have opposite roles regarding the reationship between John & Sherlock.

While appearing as an obstacle, Irene greatly helps John and Sherlock’s relationship, whereas Mary, while playing cool and posing as the link between the two forces them apart.

I see another symbolic opposition between Mary and Irene. Irene is a brunette who likes to misbehave, she is very free in her sexuality. She technically makes people pay to have sexual favors from her. Mary is the image of the luminous blond bride with child. We could see Mary as a twisted representation of a Madonna (/Virgin Mary) (and there is a direct reference to “Madonna” in TSOT, the episode where Mary marries and Sherlock discovers her pregnancy ; plus, Mary’s a dark mirror for John and John wears the bristol with “Madonna” written by Sherlock) and Irene as a twisted representation of a whore.

The Madonna and the whore is the classic dichotomy between two schematic representations of women. We can thus see a great symbolic opposition between Mary and Irene.

Also, funnily enough, the Madonna-whore complex is namely the inability to maintain sexual arousal within a committed, loving relationship. OH MY GOD, JOHN! Tbh, it really looks like an accurate description of Mary and John’s marriage to me, but I could be wrong (or not).

Speculation related to this opposition: Mary’s end

In the end, Irene almost gets killed but is saved by Sherlock. After that, she leaves and hides (most likely in the US?). However, we’ve seen Irene and Mary are shown as two opposites, both from a symbolic point of view and from Johnlock’s narrative arc.

Therefore, I believe Mary’s end will happen the exact opposite from Irene’s almost-death.

See, Irene was on her knees threatened by a man standing behind her (btw, the man behind her was Sherlock, a traitor to the group). She chooses to send a message to Sherlock before accepting her fate… But: big twist! We hear Sherlock’s characteristic ringtone and Irene is saved at the last minute.

Knowing Mary, the opposite works quite well. It is easy to picture Mary standing in front of a kneeling man, threatening him (as we discovered her assassin identity as she was threatening a kneeling Magnussen at gunpoint).

Most likely, by the well-known laws of opposition, the threatened man would be Sherlock (another possibility is John, but less likely). Mary, the standing woman, is a traitor. Two possibilities: the kneeling man or Mary send a message to their beloved (John). Following the message: big twist! We hear a ringtone. The kneeling man is saved at the last minute and the recipient of the message kills the people threatening them.

To me, it makes more sense to have Sherlock as the kneeling man. Indeed, if Mary is to be killed, it must be John’s choice, and it’s his turn to take a dramatic action to save Sherlock.

Hence => Mary threatening a kneeling Sherlock at gunpoint (most likely gloating), one of them sends a message to John Watson. As Mary is ready to kill Sherlock, we hear the ringtone. BIG REVEAL, John was there the whole time (like Sherlock was there for the whole “I’m not gay/Well I am, look at us both” discussion between John & Irene). Sherlock opens in eyes and realizes John (the man he loves) is here. Then,we have a shot of John’s face as he speaks shortly to one of them (likely Sherlock? … But the two work: Sherlock speaks to a woman he doesn’t love but who loves him before killing the threatening people; so John could speak to the woman who loves him but whom he doesn’t love, aka Mary) before killing (most likely shooting) Mary.

A dramatic end for an amazing opponent.

Added remarks

  • I can’t wait to see Janine’s arc, as she seems to be another strong woman working with Moriarty most likely to hurt Sherlock.
  • This opposition between Mary and Irene strenghtens my belief that we’ll see Irene come back in the show.

Ela não queria pensar naquilo como um encontro, mas ela tinha se arrumando como se fosse para um e seu coração estava acelerado como se ela estivesse em um. Aquilo era bobo, extremamente bobo e sem sentido, Casmir só tinha lhe chamado para aquilo como um pedido de desculpas e ela nem devia o aceitar-lo, mas já tinha feito isso na ultima tarde que passaram juntos. Bateu na porta da casa do mesmo, encolhendo-se um pouco em si mesma, encarando os próprios pés, tentando não parecer muito nervosa. 


Casmir Pulaski Day (First time on this tour!) (starts at 2:57 mark)


 “michael’s house.” 

“oh yeah!”