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any possible scenarios on how irene might be reintroduced to s4??

Mycroft watched Lestrade’s car leave with Sherlock in tow. The elder Holmes thought of the List as he headed for his waiting car. He opened the door, got in, and sat down, his awareness focused solely on the contents of said List, on the implications thereof.

“The house, Anthea.”

The doors lock. A voice that is not his assistant’s answers. “I don’t think so, Mr. Holmes.” That is when he notices the perfume. Casmir. His gaze swings to the rearview mirror, and a pair of cold eyes. “We are going to talk about you sending him to Eastern Europe.”

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mmmm sherlock + thinking irene is dead during ASiB? or maybe irene + hearing about sherlock’s death for the first time?

The violin strings vibrate beneath his fingertips as he draws his bow across them. He does not think about the body in the morgue. About bruises that bloomed vividly against pale skin. He does not think about that skin, and how it would have felt cold and still beneath his his hand.

He had no reason to touch that particular body.

Not that he had touched it in real life. He had measured and memorized, but never touched it. Had never felt it quiver beneath his fingers like his violin.

No, he was right to have left the body behind.

I’m honestly bored so I’m gonna make a post regarding my personal cinnamon roll OC


She’s short in height but tall in stature with hazel eyes and short, fluffy brown hair. Her personality would land her straight in Hufflepuff, with her general kindness and love of making people laugh. Although she doesn’t like to, she can totally get serious when she needs to but even then, it’s hard not to make a bad pun. As well as all that fun stuff, Casmir has a love of working on small mechanics and has a knack for physics and biotechnological sciences.

Which all came in handy later in life, as she had her eye poked out by her brother in a stupid accident. You know those situations when your mom yells “Stop that, you’re gonna poke someone’s eye out!”? That’s basically what happened. On the entire way to the hospital, her mom’s like “I fuckin told you nerds but NO! You had to keep playing with the god damn sticks.” Anyway, on her 18th birthday her mother bought her the last part in completing her tiny work of mechanical art, an eye, that had a lot of similar functions to a smart phone. She affectionately called it the eyephone.

In every situation I throw poor Casmir in, she’s always missing that eye. Even in Under the Black Flag ( she ends up having Lafontaine spoon out her eye due to injury. RIP Casmir’s left eye.

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Talia can teach Casmir about the ocean and Casmir can teach Talia about mechanics, neuroscience and all the other random things Casmir has studied. Talia could also play with Casmir's smol mechanical eye. (Casmir would probably make up a totally fake story about how she lost her eye, when it was just that her brother accidentally poked it out)

I don’t know. Talia is picky so you’d have to talk to her. She’s also very sassy and fiesty, so don’t be offended if she says something rude or anything.

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