goeffmercantile  asked:

Can you recommend any good fan-fiction (Destiel, Johnlock... Whatever, I don't mind)? (We need to read short stories in our English class and we can bring in our own)

Hello! Sorry I’m only replying now; I only just now realised that I have a message. Well, Destiel is my second OTP but I’ve never once read any Destiel fics, so I’ll give you some Johnlock ones. Most of the ones I’ve read have some porn in them, and I’m assuming that you don’t want to read that in English class but I’ll give you some porny ones too, just in case I’m wrong.

Alone On The Water by MadLori (warning: no matter where you are of what you’re doing or if you never cry over anything, this will have you sobbing. I’m sobbing just thinking about it.

On The Table (Eventually John Watson’s Favourite Christmas Story) by emmagrant01 (warning: a bit of porn at the end. I’m trying my best to find non-porny ones. ;_;)

You Are So Not A Sociopath by twisting_vine_x 

Carte Blanche by ivyblossom (because all of Ivy’s writing is perfection) 

Those ones are all relatively short because you said that you needed “short stories”, but there are some really amazing longer ones. Long ones usually have porn in them, but yeah:

The Road Less Traveled by verityburns (I’m serious, Verity is perfect.) (warning: some porn.)

The Heart In The Whole by verityburns (quite possibly my favourite Johnlock fic of all time, and that’s saying something.) (warning: porn. I won’t even say “some”. Lots of porn. Porn.)

The Quiet Man
by ivyblossom (again, one of my favourite fics of all time.) (warning: one chapter’s worth of porn: chapter 45, if I remember correctly. Beautiful porn, though. It’s the only bit in the entire fic where the tears that were always there because this fic is just *sobs* actually overflowed. It’s just so tender and beautiful, djfjdgasjdgkjfh)

Two Coffees One Black One With Sugar Please by Linpatootie (this fic. THIS FIC. It’s absolutely perfect.) (warning: Bit of porniness, but hey. If your English teacher doesn’t mind (and by that I probably mean doesn’t find out) then go for it! It’s amazing.)
Darkling, I Listen by You_Light_The_Sky (an amazing AU which, just letting you know, is a WIP. I cry whenever I think about it, it’s just that perfect) 

So those ones are a bit longer. There are also fandom classics such as A Cure For Boredom (which is just pornpornpornpornpornpornporn and thus I deemed it inappropriate for English class) and Performance In A Leading Role (which I didn’t rec because I haven’t read it yet but everyone loves it so I’m sure it’s amazing.)

I hope I’m not too late in answering, but even if I am and the opportunity to read these in English class had gone and passed, they’re still all amazing fics and you definitely ought to read them anyway! :)

Enjoy! <3