The Time of Our Lives Post Eps

None of these are related to the AU part of the ep

The Joy In My Heart by chezchuckles

Of Weddings and Would-Have-Beens and Wedding Night (M) by KroganVanguard

Pause the Sunset by ekc293

An Extraordinary Imperfection by A Beauty to the Rhythm 

Father of the Bride (insert), Daughter of the Groom (insert), Mother of the Groom (insert) and Bedtime Love Story by bingblot

Always Again by Hope is an Inspiration

The View by DNAisunique

A Hobby by Trinity Everett

Worthy of My Love by XX00Meg00XX (M)

Book Signing by r2roswell (insert)

Tonight’s Our Night by CharlieSwagron (M)

Wordlessly by RoShell1978 (insert)

Sleepless Nights by CaskettFeels

Mr and Mrs Castle (M) and After the Vows Jim Beckett’s Journal by CheerfulChemist

The Time of Our Lives by sanumarox123 (insert)

tumblr fic by alwayswritewithcoffee

Unveiled by Meg Moore

Wildest Dreams by bravevulnerability 

Always by KB-RC23 

Another Page In Our Story by SkinnyLove18

Real Bliss by jstar1382

A Thousand Stars by kimmiesjoy (M)

Castle Fics Published in May 2016

I’m gonna be lazy and say *Fics published besides Crossfire fics which can be found here :)

One/Two Shots

Seal Dog Hallucinogenic and All Our Tomorrows by griever11

i can do better by ifonly13

These Three Things by seilleanmor

Wounded and Straight Flush by NellieRai

And If My Heart Should Suddenly Stop and You Only Live Once by bravevulnerability

Double the Joy and Break of Day by Meg Moore

now, not then by airbefore

future rust, future dust by closingdoors

All The Light We See by ColieMacKenzie

Sometimes You Wonder by whatifellinlovewith

falling by adorbskatic

Tomorrow’s Unspoken and Dry Hard by kimmiesjoy

The Trouble with Waking by Docnerd89

Worth the Risk and Root Position by acertainzest

stranger things by faithsette

Hammer Down, We’ve Got Tonight, and Netflix and Chill? by ipreferwestside

So Not Sleeping and Flexible Flyer by WRTRD

Mirage by Liv Wilder

Never Far From Home by pullingbeckettspigtails

Like a Fine Wine by donutz

After the Fire by madcrafter72

Not All That Glitters by KrissaBelle7

Broken by NotYetLostFaith

Lightening by naybaybay

Chain of Command by Minstrel164


Can’t Go Back Now by Oliviet

What You Wanted by jstar1382

Living in the Spring Time by seilleanmor

such a happiness by airbefore and caffinate-me

Season One by chezchuckles

Seasons Change and The Coffee Sleeve by skygirl55

Blow Us All Away by ifonly13

One Quarter by Perspex13

The Wedding Date by Lord of Kavaka

The Coven by SeriesTherapy

Artifacts for you Interment by LivingInSmilesIsBetter

A Cure for Loneliness by Liv Wilder

Text and Subtext by WRTRD

Sins of the Father by IllusiveWritings

Family of Elephants by soprano193

Captain Beckett: Spectre by Shutterbug5269

Gone by anistonbeckett

Gaps: Season One by CaskettFeels

Castle Fics published in August 2014

As I forgot to do this for July, here is a list of wonderful fics that were published in the month of August. Separated into One/Two Shots and Multichapters, and I’ll mark if it’s M or In progress. 

One/Two Shots

Tied by morgangirl11 (M)

ex nihilo omnia by Cora Clavia

waiting game (M), shades of doubt and between two lungs by bravevulnerability

Enough for now by Ky03elk

Hooked on a Feeling by lms2457

Under Pressure by ColieMacKenzie

A Brief Madness by Polly Lynn

Contact (M) and Practice by Kato Molotov

Curiosity by Garrae (M)

The Strong One by CalPal052699

ever so on the road and out of the ashes by AlyssaLucyAnne

The Walls Come Tumbling Down by ilovetoread09

Inferno by flawedperfectionx

Puppy Love by stanaticfanatic

Witchcraft (M) and Falling Into You by kimmiesjoy

What is WooHoo? and Back to Square One by The-KLF

I Hope This Gets To You by jstar1382

Again and When stuck in an elevator by nighttimerunner

Run To You by glowfrominside

In Need of Some Action by Lord of Kavaka

A Proposal and a Ring by KroganVanguard

Denouement by alwayswritewithcoffee

In My Dreams by CuffedBunnies

hold my hand when lights go down by speedofloveSK

an offer he can’t refuse by sugar free vanilla

One but the Other by ShutUpAndPull

in the rain by nevergoback


Handle With Care by bravevulnerability (extra special shout out to this because it was semi inspired by me and I’m super excited) 

No Place I’d Rather Be by skygirl55

All I Want Is Now by blue252

It Was Always You by TR-Fanfic (complete)

Lust by Oliviet (M)

Uvivi by seilleanmor 

Night People by Father Vengeance (Technically a repost of an old fic, but so happy it’s back you should read it) 

Enjoy the Silence by leuska 

Here’s your lifeline by CaskettFeels

Nikki Heat by Neuship (complete)

Young Hearts by stanaticfanatic 

Meet by Anonymous033 

You Leave Me Breathless by CeroMero

Is This How It Ends? by spaceman-earthgirl (complete)

Sleepless in Manhattan by Docnerd89

Payback by Garrae (complete) (M)

Time and Tide by KB-RC23

So obviously this isn’t all fics, but if you know of a fic that should definitely be on this list let me know and I can add! :)

6x23 Post Eps - Immediate

Picks up immediately after finale, or within the same day

One Shots

Numb by Oliviet

Don’t Give Up by chezchuckles

Some piece of you by kimmiesjoy

Just A Dream by CarolinaDawn

Between by youvegotthis

Marco Polo and It’s a bit chilly by Natalie Elizabeth

She Waits by MondayMornings13

Don’t Dream It’s Over by Libbytheblackcat

Downfall by hersandhis

Fly On by Andrea187

After the Crash by Shutterbug5269


You Said Always by ChelseaMarieC

Killing Occam’s Razor by Razgriz Ace

For Better or Worse Redux by cate78

Until tomorrow by He’s-Her-Lobster41319

Felix Finis by eyrianone

It Doesn’t Get Better Just Much, Much Worse by CaskettFeels

Burning Love by BurningxRedxCaskett

Hours Lost Forever by Beledi113

It Was Supposed to be Always by alwayscastle

Et Obliti by flawedperfectionx

Aftermath by bcsm

A Writer’s Trail by FuelDH206

In Absentia by alwayswritewithcoffee

A Bond That Can’t Be Severed by glo1196

At A Loss by fangirling624

Nice Day for a White Wedding by Pegship

We Won’t Ever Give Up by CalPal052699

Darker Demons by HPfan1952

Give Me Something to Believe In by AKJ4

XY Fics

Rare and Therefore Superior by seilleanmor (pre ep)

tumblr fic by prosemeds (8x02 spec)

Keep In Mind All The Sacrifices I’m Making by CaskettFeels (ep insert)

House on Fire by bravevulnerability (ep insert)

Blindsided by jstar1382 (post ep)

Best First Day by Griever11 (pre ep)

Never Again by CuffedBunnies (ep insert)

tumblr fic by Kato Molotov (8x02 spec)

Partners by ipreferwestside (8x02 spec)