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Little Bean Chapter 9

"Carolyn Johanna Beckett, why are you doing this to me?" It was as if she was doing her absolute best to make things difficult. Every time Kate cleaned something, Carrie went over and messed it up again. Currently she was yanking all of her books off of the bookshelf and spreading them all over the floor. "I’ve cleaned those three times already!" She tried not to shout as she cleaned the books up yet again. Carrie didn’t get it, the concept of clean, and the last thing she wanted for the party was an upset baby. Besides, she was just doing what she was supposed to be doing, exploring the world around her. It wasn’t out of spite, and as annoying as it was, Kate couldn’t be angry. Kate scooped up her daughter in one hand, and the shoebox of wooden blocks in the other, carrying them both out of her room and into the living room instead. She put Carrie down on the floor and shut the door behind them. "Maybe now it will stay clean until your friends arrive."

She returned to the kitchen and dining area, twisting the purple and green crepe paper together and hanging it from the ceiling. She had balloons tied to the back of each chair, and a party hat at each place. The paper plates and cups were purple, with little grey cartoon elephants dancing along the edges. Kate had even managed to find a “pin the trunk on the elephant” game for the older kids from the daycare. Elephants had never been Kate’s thing. She liked monkeys, the smaller the better. Elephants were her mom’s obsession, and Kate felt like with them around, her mom was still with her, watching over them.

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