Archaeological Museum of Thebes

Offering gifts to the goddess

Main element of the Mycenaean religious ritual was the procession of female worshippers towards the shrine, the temple, or the altar of the seated, sometimes enthroned goddess.The depiction of processions on murals, and gold seal-rings was particularly frequent.

The preserved part of a large mural composition from the palace of Thebes (14th/13th century BC) shows a procession of female adorants in traditional Minoan dress. They advance majestically holding their offerings: lilies, wild roses, a casket with jewellery, a necklace, and a luxury vase perhaps filled with aromatic oil. They move in two opposite directions, perhaps towards a central female deity who receives their offerings.

I think I have finally solved the flounced skirt mystery. In my opinion it’s a large rectangle piece of textile, straight from the loom, perhaps decorated at the top and bottom border with added woven bands. The textile is draped around the hips, then tied with the top toppling down. Multiple layers can be worn, toppling down and giving the look of the flounced skirt. Similarly the vest, could be a tunic, again rectangle pieces of textile can be used, with decorative woven bands binding them together at the seams. 

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for the body in the morgue anon: burying a body is a lot of money and time so im *assuming* that they were going cremate the "body" and then just bury the casket but idk... I don't think the Byers have enough spare money to pay for it

It’s a good hint.

me moving in with my dad: Wow im so excited to live w/ someone whos not gonna talk to me while im taking a shit
Me, now that i know better: Cant wait to move into my casket under the ground where nobody is going to talk to me while i take a shit


[casket with bernie sanders’ body is being lowered into ground as somber music plays]
liberal *through tears*
: h-hes… still got… a… a chance if… if we just… get out there… and… a-and vote…

i’ve been thinking…. did it kill keith to see the announcements that the entire crew of the manned kerberos mission has gone missing? did he break down in his room after seeing the broadcast of the alleged pilot error that brought down the ship, killing everyone on board? what was the funeral like? three empty caskets and the same pictures of the crew they used for the broadcasts used for the service? did keith sit in the back, hiding and angrily wiping away tears? did people ask him how he knew shiro? were they friends? classmates? lovers?

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Can you tell us a lil about maude and mallory (The rabbit people)? Or would that spoil some secrets?

i don’t want to give away their main roles in the game (other than that they’re antagonists somewhat) but i can give away small fun facts about them!!

  • they’re ‘married!’ (whatever that means to rabbit people)
  • they are near identical (except mallory is slightly taller than maude)
  • they are both genderless and ageless 
  • mallory is the ‘silly’, ‘funny’ one while maude is the ‘serious’ one.
  • both of them have eyes, but never open them. 
  • they both speak with veeerryy slow, monotonous voices