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I had a dream that carl died and rick buried him in a casket.. really sad

i never want to ever see that scene on the show oh my god that would be so heartbreaking.

also apparently eating cheese before you sleep gives you nightmares so just avoid cheese so you never have to see that nightmare again haha.

i hope you’re having a lovely day!


I wrote him a letter. That night, before we moved the casket to the Capitol. Do you know what I wrote? That I wanted to die. I wanted to die. I understand. Do you? I do. Unless you are asking permission. No, only crass, self-indulgent people kill themselves. No, I was just hoping… if I walked down the street next to Jack’s body then someone would be kind enough to do it for me. In front of the whole world… A famous life, a famous death. (Jackie dir. Pablo Larraín - 2016)

Moved my altar to a new spot and spruced it up a little! ✨

My altar has:
🌙 my crystals; rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, tiger eye, bloodstone, aventurine, opalite and moonstone
🌙 my runes
🌙 my tarot cards (the Hanson-Roberts deck) also bonus thanks to witch casket for the pentacle pouch!
🌙 my grimoire
🌙 my pendulum (rose quartz necklace)
🌙 a bottle of dead see protection salt (from witch casket - swear I’m not sponsored haha)
🌙vanilla candles for sweetness (another witch casket item omg - the skull mason jar)
🌙 incense and incense holder (from, you guessed it, witch casket - honestly not sponsored, I just loved this month’s casket)
🌙 a sprig of rosemary to ward off negative energy
🌙 a bay leaf with a sigil drawn on for protection and good intent

Yay for altars!!