A solitary casket remained in a corner of the pitch black vault. It was no ordinary casket however; it was made of steel, and had eighteen or so clamps on the lid. It appeared to be a special container for bodies that were to be stored for a long period of time, or perhaps infected with a contagious disease 

This is located in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York. It was created in mid-1830 following the city population increased rapidly and simultaneously hit by diseases and epidemics, so they needed a larger and more remote city cemetery. The cemetery is still running although much of its facilities have been abandoned. The chapel and crematorium no longer used completely.

If Harry wears space buns tonight I expect all of you to go to my funeral tomorrow. Make sure they play Drag Me Down as I’m being lowered into my grave. Instead of throwing roses on my casket, please toss water on me because I know I’ll still be thirsty as fuck, even in the afterlife.

kawaii-rosalie asked:

"I never stopped thinking about you" (to casket)

(Mkay) *smiles a little* “I-I never stopped thinking about you e-either, Rosi.. H-heck, you were all I thought about when they h-held me in that stupid lab..” *he looks really pale and thinner than he was before, with marks on his wrists, and his red eyes are a much duller red now*

the theme for my birthday party next year is My Funeral. everyone has to wear black, tell stories about how great i am, listen to somber music, and mourn me as i lay (alive) in a casket made out of solid gold. 

The Pessimist

Ask the pessimist why
he’s dropping anchors in the
swimming pool.

Ask the drunken fool not
to drown in a puddle
of whiskey—

Arm lengths of subtle
flow, rain clouds of
ambiance; these moments are
golden treasure in the

black of raging fire. We speak
a different language—our
words fray the speaker
wire, as they roar

through the grey; building
caskets for yesterdays lovers
and spiderwebs for
tomorrows liars—

And the pessimist
wonders where we came

How we got here. Why we

have smiles on our faces..

Why we’re frantically
pulling the anchors from
his swimming pool.

- © 2015 Clynton Brooks

Rie Ichikawa in Bella Figura. Boston Ballet. Kennedy Center, June 2014. © Gene Schiavone.

The mood is solemn, the colors dark. If there is a theme, it’s death, or eternity, or the absurdity of life. Curtains – opening, closing, rising, falling – figure prominently. At the start, two naked bodies (mannequins, one presumes) are suspended above the stage in translucent caskets. A woman (Rie Ichikawa), topless, finds herself trapped in a black drape, released, trapped again. She emits a silent scream, then several more.

Wilden = Charles & CeCe = Red Coat Mini-theory

Wilden and CeCe have been working together this whole time. Wilden is Charles DiLaurentis. In episode 4x01, Wilden’s body was discovered in front of the church even though he was “killed” near the lake after a confrontation with Ashley Marin and then CeCe Drake. CeCe and/or Wilden try to frame Ashley for his murder. The motive? Wilden and Ashley had that sexual relationship in early season 1. Maybe Wilden still resents Ashley for using him. OR CeCe framed Ashley because CeCe was jealous that Wilden used to have a thing for her. What better way to get rid of the ex-girlfriend (of sorts) than by framing her for the “dead” boyfriend?

In 4x01, Wilden’s body is showed to us multiple times- outside the church, inside of the casket. With everyone knowing Wilden is “dead”, Charles can reclaim his true identity and can spend all of his time torturing the girls. CeCe was never supposed to go down for the murder, but when she gets caught, that’s when she devised her plan to get off the radar to help Charles. CeCe tells Holbrook that Alison is alive and somehow CeCe escapes police custody… Yeah, right. CeCe then goes to Paris in 5x01 and makes her return appearance at the Ice Ball in 5x13. She actually returned to Rosewood earlier than Christmas- my guess is that she is the mysterious person who showed up to the Mona, Jenna, and Sydney meeting in 5x05. This quiet return enabled CeCe to pull off some A-team shenanigans without anyone suspecting her. Remember the clue that Romeo and Juliet play a big part into the story of A? Hmmm…

CeCe is NOT a character from the book series, so the writers created this name and character for a reason. CeCe Drake | Charles Dilaurentis
Both have the same initials. Clue or coincidence?

I used to be against having an open casket funeral, but the goths have enlightened me so goodbye cremation, hello ass funeral!


Owner: Jon Bicchieri 

Band: Caskets Filled With Flowers (MA)

Genre: Punk/Shoegaze




Amps used:

1967 Fender Bassman with standard set of groove tubes.  “I only use the normal (instrument) channel.”

Cabinets used:

Marshall MG shell/cabinet with Celestion Truvox’s.

Guitars used:

“Fender (once) Blacktop Jazzmaster with an Antiquity neck and a MIJ Jazzmaster neck pickup in bridge position, all wired in parallel.

Black Knock-off tele deluxe with Blacktop Tele bridge pickup in neck position.”

 Pedals used:

“ I run Boss Tu2 > Tube Screamer > Boss Super Chorus > Way Huge Swollen Pickle > Big Muff Pi with tone bypass mod (tone usually always bypassed) > Moog MF Delay > Hall Of Fame reverb.”

 Misc. info:

 “Matching flower Print on head/cab.”  

 Previous gear:

“I used to play a fender bandmaster reissue that was great for a while, but it had too much  headroom.”


Go check out CFWF’s new EP and pick up a tape!   

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  • *literally my funeral*
  • Minister:And so, to honor her, we will play a few of her favorite songs from her lifetime.
  • CD:whoa oh oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh whoa
  • CD:B-b-be careful making wishes in the-
  • Me:*punches through casket with one hand and then the other in quick succession*
  • Me:*blows the cover off of the casket*
  • Me:*jumps out of casket as my family and friends begin to scream*

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