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What's a casket magazine?

Slang term for a quad-stack magazine, due to their shape. Typically refers to those made for the Suomi M31 SMG.

It’s also commonly used to describe magazines like the Sites Spectre 50rd mag, AK74 quad stack, and the surefire 60/100.


I wanted to play around with the idea that when Abelas and the other sentinels first went into Uthenera when the veil went up it wasn’t pleasant. That whenever he finds himself in tight, encloused spaces it takes him to a pretty bad place.

Also I wanted more of Ramia doing the comforting and being there for the dude so hence this little thing~~~

Abelas remembers the night the veil was formed. Remembered the screams, castles and people falling hand in hand. Magic stifled and the world falling apart.

The first dip into Uthenera had been a horror, decisions made in haste. Large caskets reserved the highest, while him and his brethren were shoved in stone and silence. Tight confined space and darkness, the hope of ever waking unlikely.

When his mind reverts back to the memory, tries to reach for images of anything after his mind stutters and all he feels is the suffocating sensation of too tight a space and deafening silence in the dark. Abelas reminds himself that memory is all that it is, a memory. When they awoke to protect their temple they had moments to fashion and make their places of rests more fitting. Make it seem less a tomb, if at least for the younger of their brethren. Their journey into the long sleep just as frightening, just as scarring.

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like not even on some depressed mood right now, dont have a funeral at a church for me when i die and don’t have a viewing for my body i legit do not want anyone to see me dead because i personally didn’t benefit from seeing my dad in a coffin. Have a get together at a house with food and drink or something.

i never understood why i was made to just sit there for hours on end in front of my dad in a casket as people came up and cried. that’s why i don’t want to go to any family funerals anymore.

Ive decided that for my next con i wanna do fem Jotun Loki. The problem is i have to design my cosplay… and me being a perfectionist isnt happy with any design because it just doesnt portray the character right or various other reasons. goddammit! this is gonna be a tricky cosplay. Ive already spent 72+ hours researching and designing outfit after outfit. Its just not good enough. Not to mention i intend on making the casket of ancient winters with swirling glowing and cold effects.