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5 Times Garrus Vakarian met Hannah Shepard (Shakarian, T) 1/5

Summary: The first time she met Garrus Vakarian was at her daughter’s funeral. (Warning: Character death; although she gets better, this chapter deals with a lot of Hannah’s grief.)

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Nothing would bring Janie back.


There was little comfort in knowing that she wasn’t the only one mourning. Most of Janie’s crewmen and even a few of her friends from basic had traveled to the Citadel for her “funeral.”

There wasn’t a body. Therefore, logically, there shouldn’t be a burial, but the Alliance brass had seen fit to honor a hero with a memorial service.

There was nothing here for Hannah but mourning and loss and raw pain so intense she wanted nothing more than to scream and pull her hair out, just so the pain of that could distract her from this. 

But it seemed like too much effort to bother with.  Everything did.

Truth be told, she did not remember most of the funeral, too caught up in her disbelief that Janie was gone. She certainly did not dwell on the presence of multiple aliens who had attended. Janie seemed to have cultivated friends from every single star system. 

Even a Turian – C-SEC, young – stood in mourning, watching the casket with his sharp blue eyes. He sat a row across from her, up front, eyes never wavering from the casket that did not hold her Janie.

She didn’t think much of it.

At best, she had a passing thought that it was strange, a turian at a human’s funeral.

But it was even more strange to be burying your not-even-thirty year old daughter.

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Funeral Expenses - DP

As requested: a short, demi-sequel to‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’.  You don’t have to have read that story to make this make sense… but it’s highly recommended.


Funeral Expenses
A Danny Phantom Fanfic by Cori


Vlad stood next to Jack’s casket, his blue eyes sharp and his hands loose by his side.  It was a closed casket - but that wasn’t a surprise.  There wasn’t going to be a body.  Not the way Jack had died.

Twenty years of dreaming had finally come to fruition: Jack getting what was coming to him; Jack losing everything; Jack just simply losing.  Of course, Vlad had always had higher hopes than a quick death for the man - but being here, standing over Jack’s body, the ultimate winner of their little duel?  That had always been the dream.

…Now that he was actually able to do it, though?  His fingers trailed over the metal of the casket, tracing the smooth lines and the velvet-covered handles, confused by the morose thoughts circling in his mind.  It felt like something had been stolen from him.

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Save Your Money!

Time for a product review. Also known as your save your money post. I know when new products come on the market we are tempted to try them. Nyx has never steered me wrong until now. 

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Rating: -5011

Cost: 7.00

Final verdict: You better off purchasing a 5.00 foot long and keeping the change, Nyx tried my life with this product! I took actual pictures with my camera for you guys to see.