casket sharp

Save Your Money!

Time for a product review. Also known as your save your money post. I know when new products come on the market we are tempted to try them. Nyx has never steered me wrong until now. 

This Tame and Frame brow pomade should be renamed to No Tame What a Shame. This product has a type of greasy consistency to it. It is not easy to apply at all and it clumps in your eyebrows. It also can give off a gray look. If you want casket sharp, funeral home fresh eyebrows this product is for you. Save your 7.00 and buy you a 5.00 foot long and keep the change. You will feel better that you did. Do y’all see this foolishness below. This foolishness looks Gray and applies Gray. Who in the world thought that was a good idea.

Rating: -5011

Cost: 7.00

Final verdict: You better off purchasing a 5.00 foot long and keeping the change, Nyx tried my life with this product! I took actual pictures with my camera for you guys to see.