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Ludlow Vineyards Shop Robbed; Employee Kidnapped

By Dunnedin Stratford

On Sunday evening, the Ludlow Vineyards Wine Shop was robbed and employees assaulted. Observers reported five individuals entering the store then exiting a short time later.

Upon further investigation, all the employees but one were found tied up. Most of the casks in the store had been damaged or opened, and over 10,000 gold from the shop’s safe was stolen. A search is underway for the missing employee a Miss Kendra Gallows.

Investigators ask anyone with more information leading to the recovery of Miss Gallows or the attackers to report to the guard. Lady Ludlow is also offering a reward for anyone who can offer information on the location of Miss Gallows.

The Royal Courier will continue to track this case.


my favorite thing about the cask of amontillado meme (which I LOVE) is that it displays, yet again, how difficult millennials on the internet are to predict. oh, giant company, you want your advertisement to go viral? well this week the kids are obsessed with a short story written in 1846 good fucking luck

New Sign For The Cask ‘n’ Anvil

By Risri Elthron

Visitors to Ironforge may have seen a new sight at an old location. The Cask ‘n’ Anvil pub has received a new sign. The Dwarven tavern open each Friday evening at 6 bells has long been found simply by word of mouth. Now with the new signage, the business hopes to draw in new and old customers alike.

(OOC: A WRA Tavern has become canon!  Congratulations to Modarin and the Dwarven Community for this recognition by the Blizz team.

The Cask ‘n’ Anvil is located directly across from the Flight Path in Ironforge. Check it out today and stop by Friday evenings to meet Modarin in person!)

throwback to that time grog turned down money from the whitestone residents when they tried to give it to him because he felt bad, and asked for them to simply refill his cask of ale and for a singular gold piece to appease vex

a big, soft man with a heart of gold

Modern Black Butler AU Headcanons-

Lizzie: Is interested in the sweet lolita style, likes Melanie Martinez, has a pastel aesthetic blog, has tried dying her hair but didn’t like it much and hasn’t done it since

Sieglinde: Already studying to go to medical school, honestly just wants to wear pajama pants around everywhere, runs on coffee, really liked Lizzie’s dyed hair-

Ciel: Listens to MCR, is the most emo emo to ever emo, wears Lizzie’s eyeliner (she knows about it, don’t worry), makes Edgar Allan Poe memes

Alois: Introduced Lizz to Melanie Martinez, is the sassiest friend you can ever have ever, is getting the love and therapy he needs, has finally fired Claude’s bitch ass

Grell: Has finally had the sex change she wanted, playlist goes from Halestorm to Lady Gaga, has like a million cats and a puppy, also makes Edgar Allan Poe memes

Ron: He hasn’t changed much tbh but I can see him running a meme/shitpost account

Othello: SCIENCE BOI HAS BEEN INTRODUCED TO HARRY POTTER, reminded Grell to be careful after she got the sex change, has one asshole kitten that always hides his pen

Undertaker: Creature Feature is his jam, has a blog made J U S T for Edgar Allan Poe memes and shitposts, has probably yelled “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MONTRESSOR” at Grell for giving him more corpses to fix up