casino art


Eeyup, I drew more Chibita in costumes that should’ve been in Hesokuri Wars, because I love my sweet oden boy, and you should too! You can see I got lazier and lazier with every drawing, forgive the off-model Chib’ pfffft!

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ay casino au

Scott is a bartender
Vincent is the entertainment
Mike is the security officer
Byron is the boss and runs the whole place
Jeremy is a bunny waiter
Fritz is a dealer

(extra characters that aren’t in the pic lmao)
Chris is the janitor (but sometimes can put on a magic show for people)
The Fredbear band that sometimes plays jazz (or this song cause its so fitting to this au~)
Freddy is the lead singer, Bonnie is the bass/guitarist, Chica is the Piano/keyboard player, and Foxy plays all the brass.


So apparently 11/11 was Osomatsu Day (again, but with four Osomatsus jaysus), and with Stripper!Karamatsu becoming canon (at least in Hesokuri Wars), I had to.

…Well, clock’s gone past November 12th here, but somewhere (hopefully) it will still be saying 11/12 or 12/11. 

Apologies for the messy quality. Someday I’ll redo this with smoother/more complete lineart and colour. In the meantime, please enjoy(?) this.