casing ejection


Light tank SK-105 “Cuirassier”

Tank SK-105 In the Austrian army is classified as a tank destroyer. Tank “Steyr” SK-105 is also known as “Cuirassiers” were developed to provide the Austrian army’s own anti-tank weapons capable of operating in rugged terrain. Work on the tank in 1965, the company began “Zaurer-Werke”& in 1970, included in the Union “Steyr-Daimler-Pooh”. The basis chassis design was adopted BTR “Zaurer”. The first sample of the tank was collected in 1967, five pre-production samples in 1971. By early 1993 there were about 600 vehicles for the Austrian army and for export.
The tank has a conventional layout, the office is placed in front of combat in the middle of the engine compartment at the rear.
Gun loading is done automatically from 2 stores drum for 6 rounds each. A shell casing is ejected from the tank through a special hatch in the rear of the turret the guns Rate of fire is 12 rounds per minute. The reloading of the stores is done manually outside of the tank. Full ammunition gun shot 41.

Performance characteristics light tank SK-105 “Cuirassier”

Combat weight, t 17,70
Crew 3
Overall dimensions, mm:
length with gun forward 7735
width 2500
height 2529
clearance 440
Armor, mm
the forehead of the body 20
forehead tower 20
105-mm gun M57; two 7.62-mm machine gun MG 74
43 shots. 2000 rounds
Engine “Steyr” 7FA, 6-cylinder, diesel, turbo-supercharged, air-cooled power 320 HP at 2300 rpm
Specific ground pressure, kg/cm 0,68
Speed on highway, km/h 70
Cruising on the highway, km 520
Overcoming obstacles:
wall height, m 0,80
the width of the ditch, m 2,41
fording depth, m 1,0


SIG 556 SWAT Patrol

Classic but modern European rifle that is also being produced in the U.S. Note the marks on the receiver from the ejected casings. Some owners cover that section with electrical tape to protect the finish. Chambered in 5.56x45mm and able to use AR-15 magazines, it is often compared to that platform. Unlike the AR the SIG 556 has it’s serial number located on the upper, making that “part” the recognized firearm. (GRH)


The Silver and Fletcher Royal Irish Constabulary Revolver,

The Royal Irish Constabulary was the main national police force of Ireland during British rule. The RIC was armed with the Webley and Scott No. 1 RIC revolver, a double action centerfire cartridge revolver chambered in .450.  In the late 1880’s a few hundred RIC revolvers were outfitted by Silver and Fletcher with their rare self ejecting system.  The hammer was removed and replaced with the Silver and Fletcher mechanism. A mechanism is connected to the hammerr, so that when the revolver is cocked, a hook type ejector at the top of the frame slides under the rim of the empty casing, ejecting the spent brass out of the loading port. The hammer also worked as a safety, if pulled back and rotated horizontally, the firing pin was withdrawn rendering the revolver inert.

The downfall of the system was that the loading gate had to be open in order for it to work. Keeping the gate closed and unloading it after firing was no faster than any other revolver with a loading port.

Silver & Fletcher patent case-ejector

Hugh Adams Silver and Walter Fletcher of London patented this case-ejecting device in 1884. Marked SILVER & FLETCHER’S PATENT, THE EXPERT, 450, and PATENT S.W. SILVER & CO. CORNHILL, LONDON. The example shown is fixed onto a Webley Royal Irish Constabulary revolver.

The device ejected a casing upon each strike of the hammer, so that there was no need to manually eject each casing upon reloading. The Royal Irish Constabulary and the Metropolitan Police of London bought and fitted a number of these devices to their revolvers in 1887.

Tower of London collection

I spent the entire evening putting in a feature that only dumb gun nerds like me will care about. Guns now emit smoke when firing, and spent casings will eject out of them to bounce around on the ground.

It’s extra dumb because I was a hipster and wanted to use resources that haven’t been used in every single other mod out there.
So instead of the Doom Alpha casings/shells, there’s spent shells from Moorhuhn 3: Es gibt Huhn and bullet casings from Marathon, both edited and recolored and with several different animations each. And instead of that spinning smoke sprite from every Doom mod ever, it’s an edited and whitened Strife explosion. And instead of that generic casing bounce sound, I went and ripped new ones off YouTube videos and spliced them all together.


The Greene Barnekov Model 1872,

Invented by a Mr. Greene and Mr. Keil Barnekov of New York in 1872, the Green Barnekov was a single shot breechloading rifles which used a very unique mechanism for the time.  Though a breechloader, the breechblock utilized a toggle mechanism similar to that of the Luger pistol invented around the turn of the century. Pulling back on a lever opens the breechblock, at which point the user would insert a cartridge into the chamber.  The chamber would remain open until the trigger was pulled, at which point the toggle mechanism would slam shut while discharging the round.  The toggle breechblock had an extractor, and the empty casing would be ejected through a hole in front of the trigger guard when the breechblock was retracted again.

The Greene Barnekov was entered into the US Army Ordnance Trials of 1872..  Ordnance officials saw the design as overcomplicated. In addition, even though there was a half cock safety, it was difficult to carry the rifle loaded in a safe manner.  Thus the Greene Barnekov lost out to the Springfield Trapdoor. Only a handful of Greene Barnekov prototypes were produced, the rifle never went into full production.