*cries for eternity*

I haven’t abandoned you guise. I just have a lot of AP work.

Like I seriously miss talking to my friends here.

My cool ass friends like freaking TANNNERRRRR, and SAM (MY TUMBLR BESTIE FOR LYFE), then I ADORE ADARA (muahaha alliteration at its best), lets see, there is also my other amazing friends like Paige, Rani, Rachel, Chai,

*cries even more violent tears because BO, KAMI, AND MISSHHHHH*

anonymous asked:

hi!! your poetry is soooo amazing. i was wondering if there was like a supernatural poetry club or something on tumblr because you people all seem to talk together and stuff?? or can you just point me in the direction of more awesome poetry?

ooo okay so first of all thanks<333

there isn’t a club, not that I know of hehe, but I guess the ‘spn poetry’ tag is where we all hang out tbh even though I apparently don’t post there because first 5 tags is a bitch

anyways, some really good poetry writers are umm (not in any order omg no)

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How Far We've Come: A Destiel 5th Anniversary Fic

I believe the world is burning to the ground
Oh well I guess we’re gonna find out
Let’s see how far we’ve come

The Impala rattled twofold as Castiel jumped out and slammed the door behind him and Sam copying him, only with a muttered “asshole” directed at the driver. Dean allowed a passing thought as to the abuse his car has endured throughout the years by hissy fits alone.

And the day had begun with such a promising morning. Cas finally tolerated Dean’s more ambitious attempts at coaxing the newly-formed-human out of his shell. The lack of fire in those blue eyes—that angelic spark that Dean knew was still cookin’ under mortal skin—manifested in Dean as a knot in his gut for nearly a week after Cas’s return. The guy hadn’t even told them what he’d gone through to get back to the Winchesters, and that was just another notch in Dean’s stress-meter. From the bits and pieces Dean could glean from Cas’s first fully human weeks on Earth, there had been at least one nasty fight where Cas got his ass handed to him by fallen angels out for blood. 

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