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👫 Jem and Cas, Jem and Eshne, Wy and Daisy? (*is being greedy* ;3;)

Send a 👫and I’ll write four headcanons I have about our muse’s relationship || accepting

Jem & Cas

  1. They both enjoy the political landscape and enjoy using it to their advantage.
  2. Neither like sneaking around at first, but they come up with ways to make it enjoyable and all the sweeter for when they get moments alone. 
  3. Casimir makes hints sometimes that he wouldn’t mind marrying into Jem’s family, liking it better than his own, but never states it and denies such things if asked.
  4. Dancing is one of their favorite activities together.

Eshne & Jem

  1. Once they learn that the other is trans, they share a lot about their past with each other and how they dealt with all the ups and the downs. 
  2. Eshne eventually reveals her bloodlust to Jem saying it’s a result of her being a Reaver and is terrified it’ll scare him off. She is relieved when it does not. 
  3. Jem eventually gets Eshne to loosen up and relax and enjoy herself sometimes. She usually grumbles but comes to enjoy having fun without worry. 
  4. Eshne eventually goes back home to see her father and asks Jem to stay with her the entire time. It is one of the biggest things she could do to show her trust allowing someone to see her completely vulnerable.

Daisy & Wyatt

  1. She enjoys baking him things and getting his reaction as she is just starting out but wants to improve. She sometimes thinks he is lying about his compliments but enjoys them all the same.
  2. When she learns of her twin’s death, he is there immediately to comfort her and help her through it.
  3. Neither really talk about the age difference, but both get teased about it from time to time.
  4. Daisy loves cuddling up with him. She feels safe in his arms.

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Techne has literally broken into this gala. She climbed in through the girl’s bathroom window on the second floor by climbing up the ivy, in her gala attire no less. She was on a mission and there was no way she was going to let something like “not on the list” and “get out of here, you’re like twelve” stop her from accomplishing it. She made it to the party room filled with first class people and she look a flute of first class champagne from a waiter and downed it before her eyes locked on her targets. 

“Balls to the wall, Techne,” she said to herself before walking herself over to the pair. 

Standing in front of them, the girl flashed her smile, “Casimir Reynolds. Anna Nightingale. I’m Techne Miranda-Rodgers and I am your night daughter. You’re art daughter.”

Casimir I the Restorer
Casimir I the Restorer (Polish: Kazimierz I Odnowiciel; b. Kraków, 25 July 1016 – d. Poznań, 28 November 1058), was a Duke of Poland of the Piast dynasty and the de facto monarch of the entire country from 1034 until his death.

He was the only son of Mieszko II Lambert by his wife Richeza, daughter of Count Palatine Ezzo of Lotharingia (of the Ezzonids) and granddaughter of Emperor Otto II.

Casimir is known as the Restorer because he managed to reunite all parts of the Polish Kingdom after a period of turmoil. He reinstated Masovia, Silesia and Pomerania into his realm. However, he failed to crown himself King of Poland, mainly because of internal and external threats to his rule.

“he must choose his own path” that doesnt exactly. apply. to the dark side. sorry like?? does anyone know what indoctrination is. you do know how jedi mind tricks work, right????? u know the seduction of the dark side is more than just temptation?? right??? that powerful dark force users use every bit of anything they can get their claws into in your head to hold you under their compulsion and keep you dark?? anakin and ben both disappear behind vader and kylo and the narrative never really tries to hide that or how they’re trying to fight it off. yeah they’re not blameless i’m not and would never say that but it is a lot less about choosing the dark side and choosing to do all those horrible things than it is not being able to make those choices at all.

the weakness inherent in joining the dark side is not in succumbing to doing all the awful things you want to do but rather in being unable to stop yourself from doing awful things you dont want to do. it fucking tears you apart fighting that. your reality and identity are utterly fragmented. anakin both is and is not vader just as ben both is and is not kylo, and their choices were not their own but the actions and guilt are unavoidable. bc deep down there is light. and so often it is fighting to reach the surface, but that struggle is so intense that sometimes they just have to sleep, more or less. go numb and watch their body do and say horrible things without their consent. death is preferable to living in that cage and they both express that when they manage to break through.

anakin fought hard to keep from palpatine’s grip but lbr the jedi order was just an extension of the slavery he grew up in. he was never free and he never had the chance to find peace and balance in himself except for in places he was then told were Wrong. he was told his emotions were weakness and he was used and he lost so damned much and yeah it weakened him and made it possible for palpatine to sink his teeth in.

with ben, snoke’s influence was following him for his entire life. whether his instability came from that or was a way in for it, honestly it doesn’t matter. either way, all the love of his family and all the jedi training luke could give him was still just. it isn’t irrelevant. ben is still in there. but he’s being /torn apart/. he’d rather die. snoke was in his head his entire life! whatever finally pushed him to the edge it wasnt sudden and he hasnt gone quietly. those “tantrums” everyone thinks are so funny are so often just. him fighting himself spilling over. anakin did the same thing. the seduction of the dark side is thick and unbearable and smothering and resisting it is agony but he tries anyway. just like anakin did for a long time and again at the end when he finally saw a glimmer of hope again.

and either way, the force is life and life is emotion and both of them are so strong with the force and so deeply emotional and they were drained over time and hardship and dragged into the dark and still didnt stop fighting. vader Did kill anakin and kylo Did destroy ben, or at least, they tried to. theyre not. the same. and just bc luke could resist palpatine doesnt mean ben and anakin were weak. they just had a lot more working against them and a lot more inherent passion for the dark side to manipulate.

i imagine if palpatine had tried for leia instead of luke he mightve succeeded there too and you’d have to be the wrongest person in the world to think that she is weak. just. honestly if you think the dark side is a really about choice (or that the jedi order is inherently the right choice but that’s a different ball of fish entirely) then you havent been paying attention.

Very lazy preview of what the gang is going to look like for this thing. Left to right: Gunther, Leif, Eyre, Casimir, Adahlen.

They’ll be around a lot so if you want you can ask them something or send one of those OC meme things or whatever.

For now, let’s play a game of match the quote to the character!

  1. “I think we should all walk in a line and I’ll be at the front and you can all follow behind me like ducklings. That’s how people will know I’m the leader.”
  2. “I killed a cow once. I was trying to hit a demon and sort of - missed. That poor sweet cow exploded. All I could smell for weeks was a Sunday lunch. And it was delicious. I cried about it for a month.”
  3. “I don’t like the desert. Too hot. Don’t like the mountains. Too cold. Don’t like the country ‘cause it’s too quiet. Cities are too crowded. Don’t like lots of people. Don’t like not enough people, either. Don’t want to travel by myself but also don’t really want to travel with these guys.”
  4. “Every morning I eat an entire partridge. You don’t get a body like this with no protein. If there’s no partridge some quail should suffice -  maybe seven? Or eight? Sometimes I like to stuff a partridge with some quail. Then stuff that in a goose. Goosridgail. Delicious.”
  5. “I’ve seen forty-three murders happen in front of me. One guy, had a sabre tusk stabbed right through his eye and came out the back of his head. Fatal, of course. Just gone and killed him, completely. Really dead. Blood everywhere. That’s one of my fondest work stories.”

Hazard a guess?