casimir i


Royal Birthdays for today, July 25th:

Casimir I, Duke of Poland, 1016

Arthur II, Duke of Brittany, 1261

Albert I, Duke of Bavaria, 1336

Philip I, Duke of Brabant, 1404

Albrecht VII, Duke of Mecklenburg, 1486

Augusta of Hesse-Kassel, Duchess of Cambridge, 1797

Louise Margaret of Prussia,  Duchess of Connaught and Strathearn, 1860

Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Belgium, 1876

Nicholas Windsor, Son the the Duke of Kent, 1970

Maria Olympia, Princess of Greece and Denmark, 1996

the complications you could do without

CS. Angst. Mostly speculative/canon-divergent. “And she’s not sure she’s ever wanted to keep anything like she wants to keep him." 

Notes: So, ages ago I asked for prompts for 5 sentence fics (most of which I haven’t filled because I suck, apologies), and I got one from sepiatonesky: something where Emma and Killian share true love’s kiss, then Emma (or maybe both of them) freaks out. And I was thinking about it and Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens came on and this happened. 

(But sometimes I do this thing where I write a thing and I think it’s terrible so I leave it to collect dust in my documents, and that’s what happened here.) 

(But here it is, months later. Enjoy.)


            It starts with: I’m telling you the truth.

            It ends with: I love you, Emma Swan.

            But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

            He gets hit by a curse and it wasn’t even a heroic moment—it wasn’t even the result of him stepping in front of her and taking it upon himself, it wasn’t an act of love that led to it—she wasn’t even there.

            He gets hit by a curse and he’s all alone, and they only realize it when he starts getting colder, when he starts to shiver near constantly, when his hand that was always steady began to shake. The Snow Queen, of course, and she hates that all these villains always seem to go after him to get to her—hates that he has to deal with this, hates that he gets threatened and put in danger and frozen all because he’s with her and he—

            He’s got ice in his heart and Whale says there’s nothing to be done, no reversing it, nothing. Just a piece of ice that will spread and is spreading, until eventually he’ll die and the only way to stop it is an act of True Love, and she’s never been more scared of those words until now.

            (He doesn’t ask, doesn’t press, just takes her hand and smiles at her, tells her she’ll defeat the bloody Snow Queen, tells her he believes in her, tells her she’s strong and beautiful and everything, and it’s everything she can do to leave his side.)

            (He doesn’t ask her to try, and she can’t figure out if she should be hurt by that or not.)

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