Whilst the world is recovering from its jellied legs from the drop of Jai Paul’ first collection of songs (album or mixtape?) I decided I would avoid because literally everyone has & will write about it better than me. When I find something I like, I try to keep it for a days or weeks to get used to it before posting - there are exceptions obviously, when I just get too excited & whittle off some hideously il-decipherable, poorly formulated & sloppily articulated bullshit, and believe it or not this is supposed to fit in the former. I’m not going to lie after listening to Jai Paul, it did make me want to post something, so now it was a case of scouring the plains of my iTunes, I was tempted to pick up on BEATY HEARTS NEW ALBUM SEAFOOD, but as I posted about them just the other day I decided to pump for Casilofi. (That may be a record for the naming of the most bands before I even start on the titular band) 

‘Ambient, Electronica, Post Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental’ are a few words Casilofi self-described his work as & it generally sums it up, a lot more succinctly than I would have. Seemingly Casilofi is a chap called Sander Van Dijck based in  the netherlands, a place where splif is legal, which traces certainly can be found in this simmering 3 track EP. It’s a follow up to his MAY 2011 10-TRACK ABLUM, SOUNDS, a higher tempo & less produced effort, exactly a year later he realeased 'Gravity’ so perhaps we will see another early summer drop next month…. 'Little Treasure’ the titular track, is my pick of the set, a proper chill song that settles nicely in the warm encouraging winds of the height of summer, on the way back in the early evening from a day on the beach - thats my vision anyway.

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Casilofi - Sounds (album)