Reblog if you’d wear your favourite goalkeeper’s jersey with pride.

This is to prove a point. 

I mentioned wanting a Buffon jersey, and my dad turned to me and went, “Why would you wear a goalkeeper jersey? Nobody cares about goalkeepers. It’s just stupid.”

I, myself, am a goalkeeper as well. And we don’t get enough appreciation, whether on lower levels, or professionally. If I made it professionally and someone wore my jersey, I’d be absolutely THRILLED. 

 I just don’t see why supporting your favourite player by wearing their jersey is any different when they’re goalkeepers.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who reblogged this and shared their opinion. I wound up getting a Buffon jersey for Christmas because my parents realized they were wrong and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a goalkeeper jersey, judging by everyone’s reaction to this. 😂❤


“I miss you

And not only you 

I miss what I am
 when you are here”

The toughest part is that yes Morata scored two goals against us, but his face says “I am so sorry… I might won, but I also lost today…” It’s written all over his face…

I mean look at him…. 

He didn’t even smile…. 

All I am hoping now is that Juve will win Barca and Morata will score the winning goal!!! Vamos Alvarito!