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Cashmere ties & Diamond Collars


Sipping coffee in the secluded parlor of the buy house Marcus waited as his extensive list of paper work he had just filled out was processed, cataloged, and reviewed. He knew this process was going to take a while, but really this was getting ridiculous.

All he wanted to do was buy a pet. He didn’t think it would be that hard. Owning pets was fairly common, especially in his tax bracket, and he didn’t think his requests for aesthetics was that high.

One that was obedient, liked males. Not to sound judgmental but not a rolly-polly pet, though he was sure someone liked them fat. He wanted a pet that wasn’t especially thin but clearly athletic enough to keep up with him when he did want to play. One that hadn’t had several owners. He wanted a pet for enjoyment in his time off from his busy life and didn’t want to spend the first however months of ownership retraining or untraining bad habits out of one. Also, again not to be judgmental, but he didn’t want someone’s cast off pet; they were usually always trouble.

His seemingly endless fraught of waiting finally ended when his liaison girl did return (for a moment he had thought he’d been forgotten) with a smile and took her seat across from him again. “Thank you for waiting. Your application and everything has returned back positive, and our establishment has agreed to sell to you.”

‘Of course you have.’ He was rich. With a great job and strong family background. Of course they would sell to him. But, since they are playing this game, Marcus smiled and nodded, “well that’s good news.”

“As per your request sheet I have taken the liberty of making some selections.” The woman clapped her hands, and the door opened again, and a gaggle of different pets file in. “Feel free to have a closer look, to make sure your making the right selection. If none of these suit then we can try to get something more to your vision. We want you to have the perfect pet after all.”

“Well I can certainly play this game all day.” Marcus replied with a smirk as he stood up and walked over to the line of scantily clad boys, all slated to be his future pet.

My first attempt at a double breasted vest, so far so good. I’m wearing a completely unconstructed navy cashmere/wool blend custom suit, hand pleated shoulders, wide notch lapel, and slanted flap pockets. Oh and also that’s one of our new spring/summer cashmere ties I’m wearing, best knot I ever tied no lie.


by S. Charlie Weyman

 In the mid-20th century, Scotland’s cashmere industry employed about 50,000 people, about one percent of the entire Scottish population. Since then, Scotland’s ties to cashmere production have frayed. Today, the industry has been reduced to about 5,000 people and a handful of companies fighting for dear life.

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It's my turn...

This is an outtake from my WIP, Twisted. You don’t have to have read the story to understand this… but I will tell you this… Peeta is usually the one who takes charge, but this evening, Katniss turns the tables on him.

I need to thank Sohypothetically and nobertsmom. They are the ones who help me in so many ways. Thank you ladies!!! And thank you misshoneywell for putting all of this together. you are amazing!!! 

warnings… katniss ties up Peeta. With ropes. Lots of them. 

rating… there is smut. 

Somewhere after Vegas and before Christmas…

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Dark brown PJ Roma in an Ariston Doppio Ritorto s130 wool


We consider dark brown to be one of the primary suit colours alongside blues and greys. The absence of red in the brown makes the brown ‘cleaner’ and easier to dress and not to difficult on one’s complexion. With black ties, grey wool or cashmere and navy ties, it makes for a strong look.