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The Bad Guy (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

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Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Requested?: ‘Tjeff with #45 “everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy"’ (@predomina-buna)

Prompt: "Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy”

Words: 3200+

Warnings: Southern Motherfucking Democratic-Republicans, Fluff, High school setting, Prom



“Stay away from Thomas Jefferson. He’s nothing but trouble for a sweet girl like you.”

That’s all you’ve been hearing from your new friends at Monticello High. You transferred there because of your old school upstate was shut down because of sanitary violations. Your family moved from Albany to New York City in order for you to go to school here. You knew your cousins were attending here so you knew you were going to be safe. You didn’t have many friends so your cousins, the Schuyler sisters, introduced you to their friends and you connected with them. You were really good friends with Eliza’s boyfriend Alexander and Alexander’s gay friend John. The rest of the group were cool and really nice to you. You always talked with them regularly and sat with them at lunch. You were all a big happy family.

That is until you met the Southern Democratic-Republicans.

The Virginian duo and upstate New Yorker that made this trio of chaos were the first things Alexander decided to educate you on once you entered the group. Alexander had a really hostile past with the trio of Juniors that ran the school Debate team and Government class. He would pinpoint each individual member and speaks about them in a hushed tone.

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Inverting Layers

For me, one of the most interesting aspects of colder days is the variety of outfit combinations they allow. Layering is not only a necessary technique to fend off cold, but also one of the most creative ways to explore your wardrobe and come up with unique styles. Although there are some rules to be kept in mind, both for aesthetic and functional purposes, I find myself constantly trying to bend them and invert traditional layering elements.

In this particular case, which of course is not suitable for harsh climate, I aimed to explore different uses for essential garments such as the v-neck cashmere sweater, popover shirt and tweed vest, all while maintaining a mix of casual and polished elements. More often than not, the v-neck would find its place as an outer layer with the tweed vest being worn under a blazer or topcoat; here I went for a different approach wearing the sweater over a tee, the popover shirt as an outer layer and the vest as outerwear. The polished nature of the vest, sweater and wool slacks are broken down by the chambray shirt and camo sneakers. Accessories such as the pocket square and paisley scarf complete the look.

Details: cotton tee by Levi’s, v-neck cashmere/silk sweater by Massimo Dutti, chambray popover shirt by Zara, houndstooth vest by Purificacion Garcia, tailored wool slacks by Gentleman, camo sneakers by Asos, paisley scarf by Zara and pocket square by The Tie Rack. 

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

I feel like a thing the glee fandom does not talk about nearly enough is the fact that Kurt has got to know his way around cars. He grew up in a garage, for god’s sake, and no self respecting mechanic would give his kid a car without knowing that kid would know what to do if it broke down.

I invite you to consider Puck, circa season 2. Puck is not rich; he probably bought his car at a used dealership and then gave it a nice paint job; as many parts need replacing as don’t, if he’s completely honest with himself. And one day, they’re at school late for glee club, and when Puck tries to go home, his car will not start. He tries everything he can think of, but it will not start.

And then Kurt, with his delicate little hands and his face like a 9 year old girl, walks over and says “Hey, let me take a look at it.” And Puck is like “it’s probably best you didn’t”, but Kurt doesn’t listen. So he takes off his Marc Jacobs jacket and pushes up the sleeves of his cashmere shirt, and in ten minutes flat he’s got Puck’s engine running a little bit better than it was when he bought the damn car. And tiny, delicate looking Kurt smiles his biggest smile and says “you’re welcome” and has sailed off before Puck can even figure out the appropriate way to arrange his face.

anonymous asked:

A list of the basic pieces that you must have in your wadrobe?

Lists of ‘must haves’ are different for everyone. I’m a bit tired of those blogs that dictate “the perfect (French) wardrobe”, just wear whatever you want. In any case, you can’t go wrong with the following:

-trench coat
-wool coat
-cashmere sweater(s)
-silk shirt
-a blue shirt
-basic T-shirts in neutral colours
-silk camisole
-little black dress
-a summer dress
-black skirt
-black tailored trousers
-a great pair of jeans
-a blazer
-one pair of sneakers
-comfortable heels
-a pair of ankle boots
-flat sandals/espadrilles
-leather handbag
-nice lingerie

Ok, really boring and open for interpretation. I don’t even own every piece from the list I just made -I never wear jeans (too lazy to go shopping for jeans) and I’m too cheap to buy a new pair of sneakers. 8-)

bymikedallas  asked:

What are some of your wardrobe essentials?

tobacco khaki
light khaki
dark jean
penny loafer
driving loafer
boat shoe
white shirt
cashmere sweater
cable-knit sweater
wool sweater
linen suit
Navy blazer
smoking slipper
blue oxford
thick white oxford
blue and white gingham button down
quilted jacket
cable knit winter hat
fisherman sweater
denim button down
navy and white stripes
corduroy blazer
washed navy polo
canvas duffle bag
tortoise shell sunglasses
classic boxers, stripes, ginghams, etc.
a classic pair of sneakers
simple scarves
leather gloves
repp ties
long sleeve polos
grey crewnecks
wool suit
tweed jacket
navy suit

Perfect Pairing: Sweaters & Shirts

How to mix and match button-downs with sweaters like a pro

During this time of year, layering is a must. One of the key ways to stay warm while showing that you have style is by wearing button-down shirt under a sweater, and letting the collar and edges peek out. We styled a few variations of this foolproof look to show you some new ways to mix it up. From plaid to polka dots and cardigans to pullovers, see our choice combinations and shop your favorites below.

ASOS Sweater in 100% Cashmere

Checked Cotton Shirt

Tiny Hands Embroidered Ergo Sweatshirt

ASOS Smart Shirt In Long Sleeve With Button Down Collar And Contrast Buttons

Killa Whale Pullover

Eligh Woven

Grey Amsterdam Sweatshirt

Button Down Shirt

Four Eyes

ASOS Denim Shirt In Long Sleeve With Rinse Wash

Men Pure Blue Japan Sweat Shirt

Striped Long-Sleeve Button-Down

Native Youth Geo-Print Crew-Neck Sweater

Button-Down Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt