cashew apple


* cashews
* veggies and hummus
* apples
* bananas
* greek yogurt with berries
* almonds
* grapefruit
* olives and pickles
* avocados with cottage cheese
* peanuts
* fresh fruit smoothies
* veggies and guacamole
* berries
* hard boiled eggs
* air-popped popcorn
* raisins
* dried fruit
* pecans
* grapes
* bananas with peanut butter
* string cheese
* edamame
* pistachios
* homemade popsicles
* dark chocolate
* peaches
* clementines

Venus ♀

Associations: Cooperation, unity, agreements, originality, creativity, beauty, love, companionship, fertility, joy, romance, peace, sexuality

Botanicals: Apple, bergamot, cashew, daffodil, daisy, damiana, geranium, goldenrod, hibiscus, larkspur, lavender, lemon verbena, lilac, passion flower, peach, plantain, primrose, raspberry, rose, spearmint, strawberry, tansy, thyme, vanilla, violet, yarrow, ylang ylang

Crystals: Emerald, jade, rose quartz, celestite, turquoise, peridot, malachite, sodalite, coral

Metals: Copper

Colors: Pink, green, aqua, peach

Numbers: 6

Elements: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Libra

Day of the Week: Friday

compiled from my personal grimoire

I remember that when I was 8 I had dinner at a friend’s house with both of our families. Her mum put some peanuts and cashews on the table as appetizers. I had never eaten cashews before and they tasted like heaven. I asked my friend what was their name and she was surprised I didn’t know. Then she told me “they’re yummy but each cashew becomes 2 centimeters on your butt” and laughed. Then I laughed as well and ate on, but “cashew” became a bad word in my head. Cash=fat. It was the first and last time I had cashews.

This morning I ate cashews (and an apple). No, my butt is not larger. No, it’s not going to be larger in a few days. No, cashews don’t make people’s butts larger. Cashews make people happier because they’re fucking yummy and from today I’m going to eat cashews every time I crave them.

Cashews don’t ruin lives.
Eating disorders do.

anonymous asked:

Hey Chris! Would you mind posting your intake from yesterday? They're very helpful and insightful :) you're looking amazing these days btw :)

Hey anon :) Thank you so much! Sure–

Breakfast: cereal + cashew milk + apple + Greek yogurt

Snack: latte

Lunch: whole grain bread with peanut butter, a banana, a Quest bar, roasted vegetables

Snack: one of those Bai antioxidant drinks

Dinner: grilled chicken caesar salad with some spinach & carrots on the side, and pasta 

After dinner: popcorn

If you are gonna eat a salad you might as well get some nutrition out of it. Lettuce has practically no nutritional value. Add things like cauliflower, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, peppers, shredded carrots, chick peas, onion, firm diced tofu, cheese, mushrooms, cabbage, kidney beans, sunflower seeds, olives, peanuts, raisins, cranberries, roasted soy nuts, avocado, walnuts, cashews, diced pears, diced apples or anything else that you enjoy.

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Demi-Sec

Feeling like a princess with my off-dry Veuve! Yellow flowers, cashews, lemons, golden apples, and freshly cut pears on the nose. Sweet apples, browning pears, lemons, cashews, and marzipan on the palate. Nice balance of fruit acidity and sweetness. 

3/5 bones


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

12% abv

Champagne, FRANCE

2013 Louis Jadot Domaine Gagey Bouzeron

This is a lovely Aligoté, typically known as the secondary white grape of Burgundy after Chardonnay, from a big name producer! Lemon, apple, cashew, pear, and some wet cement on the nose. Ripe pears, lemons, and almost limes and lime zest on the palate with a hint of cashews and parmesan rind. 

4/5 bones



12.5% abv

Bouzeron (Burgundy), FRANCE

Where do cashews come from? From the Cashew Apple tree of course.

The nut, core or heart of the fruit, which is the green bit hanging down is outwardly located and is where cashews come from.

The fruit of the cashew tree is an accessory fruit and is called the cashew apple, better known in Central America as marañón.