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Eames the new Kingsman agent accidentally picks up rent boy Arthur, they have an amazing bantery sexy night, hickeys and assfucking all around WHOO, then Arthur figures out Eames is some kind of law enforcement, actually gets the best of him, and leaves Eames naked, tied to the bed, out of cash, pissed off, and horny again. Arthur's just amazed; he knows it was sheer luck. And Eames tracks him down: Kingsman needs a new Percival, and Eames thinks Arthur would look fantastic in a suit.


random story of the day: I was at work and I needed to piss but we have no bathroom in the building so I have to go into the college (I work at a bookstore) to use the bathroom and then came back to go to work. so when I reach the door I see a customer about to walk in too so I hold the door for him. he gives me this look and is like in a snarky way “I should be holding the door for you” and I’m here like *fake laughs* but inside I’m like boy fuck your gender roles and get out the doors way so I can get back to work.

i was going to drop gt gamzee for otakon because im out of cash for fabric but then i opened a large box FILLED with nice purple fabric in various shades cleaning at my dads. this horrible cosplay idea is truly blessed and meant to happen

I still haven’t cashed out my measly IRA because I read somewhere that if you are disabled and cash out an IRA then the tax penalty is much less (even nonexistent). I have been too lazy to find out real information about this with my slow Internet. I thought I would just go ahead and pay taxes and then see if I got a refund, but A) I have been waiting over a year for another government-type refund that I might never get and B) yeah, this sounds like the kind of thing I should figure out BEFORE filing paperwork. Honestly, we’re talking about a $150 difference, which is nothing, but I am a cheapskate and don’t care.

A Creepy Encounter: Taxi Driver

By Emily

One night I went out with a friend near Liverpool St, London. We were in a pub and I wanted to draw more money out so we could get more drinks. I left the pub and walked down toward the cash machine, drew out my cash, then came back. As I went to enter the door to the pub a cabbie pulled up and got out and said “Hey, excuse me?” I said hello back. “I just won the lottery!” he said. “I’ve got champagne and I’m going to have a party, do you want to come?” I laughed it off and told him no thanks and went into the pub.

Months later I was reading the paper on the tube and saw that a serial rapist had been arrested. He was a cab driver operating in London and was luring women into his cab by saying he’d won the lottery and had champagne. I’m guessing it was the exact same guy.

please if you need extra cash and you are considering these options if you could join up through me it would be incredibly helpful!!

bing rewards has been especially good to me, and i have redeemed three amazon gift cards so far, i just need to save up a few more points to redeem a larger git card from the other two, and any of you signing up and getting gift cards or other rewards of your own would actually help me a lot!!

this would be really great for me and if you want i could make you an edit, a drawing, give you a promo, maybe even a theme if i have the time, or whatever it is you want that is within my limits!

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Bringing this back cus why not?