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for the headcanon thing- jet + his guitar?

Jet’s known as one of the best guitar players in Zone One, despite not playing often. On rare occasions he’ll perform at the bar for some extra cash, or bring out the guitar at a party. But he’s a perfectionist, so most of his songs don’t see the light of day. He plays a lot of covers (some that are better than the original.)

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Wed, bed, behead: Saren, The Illusive Man, Kai Lang

Wed Saren, because Shepard’s gonna kill him anyway, so might as well cash out on whatever life insurance policy he’s got worked out. Mama needs that Elcor plushie from the Bioware store.

Bed Kai Lang. But I’d stop before he could finish and tell him “that was for Thane, you son of a bitch” before I left him to his blue balls.

Behead TIM, cause screw you for making me shoot Anderson, pal. :(

Reblog if you still like Rebornica/Dapper-Deoxys even when they aren’t drawing FNAF anymore.

Honestly, Deo needs more credit for the amazing drawings they do, how they deal with art thieves, and all the hate they get. They’re honestly a rolemodel too me and really deserve more love.

Kylie Jenner Playlist

Click the song name to watch the Snapchat accordingly:

King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar
Treat Me Like Somebody by Tink
She Twerkin by Cash Out
You Know You Like It by DJ Snake and Aluna George
Thro Sum Mo by Nicki Minaj
Background Music by Tink
Used 2 Know by Tink
Bankrolls On Deck by T.I. ft. Young Thug, Peewee Roscoe, & Shad Da God
The Seems by Sam Gellaitry & Connor Pearson
No Role Modelz by J Cole
Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna
D.G.I.F.U. by Tyga
Truffle Butter by Nicki Minaj
Dancing Like a Stripper by Rae Sremmurd
Tuesday by Drake
Feeling Myself by Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj
Earned It by The Weeknd
I Don’t Mind b Usher
Trap Queen by Fetty Wap
Body Language by Kid Ink
2 On by Tinashe
Schemin’ Up by OB O'Brien
Come Get Her by Rae Sremmurd
Take Ya Tights Off by PROBLEM
Fuck Up Some Commas by Future
Kylie Jenner Freak by LiveLikeDavis
Is Your Time Up by Chinchillla Q.
Talking Body by Tove Lo (Young Professionals Remix)
Trap N**as by Future
Nasty Freestyle by T-Wayne
Check by Young Thug
Never Had It by Young Thug
Diamonds From Africa by Future & Dj Esco
When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge
Just Like Bruddas by Future
My Way by Fetty Wap ft. Montana Buckz
Anyway by DJ Carisma
Adult Swim by DJ Spinking
Hotel by Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown
Body Language by Kid Ink ft. Usher & Tinashe
Cant Trust Thots by Wash ft. French Montana
Faded by ZHU
Her by Majid Jordan
Post To Be by Omarion ft. Jhene Aiko & Chris Brown
7.19: Big Sean – Deserve It
7.22: Big Sean – Deserve It
7.22: Kanye West - Heartless
7.23: Flicka Da Wrist by Chedda Da Connect
7.23: Touchdown by Genasis
7.23: Silento “Watch Me” (Whip/Nae Nae)
7.23: Pia Mia - Do It Again ft. Chris Brown, Tyga
7.23: Jeremih - Don’t Tell ‘Em
7.23: Future – Rich $ex
7.23: Tyga - Hard For You
7.23: Fu*ck Up Some Commas by Future
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How to College (Part One)

As some prepare to go back to college (I guess this could also be applied to High School) or going to college for the first time, here are some helpful things to keep in mind from a Super Senior

Buy A Good Planner
You may have to dole out some cash, but a good planner is imperative for school. I know that are a lot of people out there who promote Bullet Journals, and if you can do it, more power to you. The planner I use is from etsy called PlumPaperDesigns. I personally have a regular planner set up hourly, because that is how I process my days, but there are plenty of options to choose from. Also, it is personalized, so that is always a plus for me.
On the final note on planners, if you buy it Use It! I am not joking. It took me years to actually use planner I purchased (all crappy 10 dollar ones from Target btw) but once I got one I loved and once I used it, boom better(ish) time management.

Go to Syllabus Day
There are a lot of older college students that say skip it, and hell, I have skipped a few. But as you get older, your classes shrink and the more students and professors you may become more comfortable with. In addition, you get a list of all the important dates that you can put in that handy dandy planner you bought. 

Join at least one student organization
This can be anything from the Adventure club to whatever club is there for your major to Greek Life. Join Something. Trust me, you do not want to think back to your college years and not seeing anything. In addition to the social aspect these clubs bring about, they are also awesome for networking for your current situations and for the future. 

On that note Get a Job
Now this does not have to be done immediately, but you should have had at least one job in your four (or five) years of undergrad. A) you need to build your resume from somewhere, B) it teaches you time management, and C)money. You cannot mooch off your parents for forever. Getting a job teaches you responsibility for not only yourself, but others. It will teach you budgeting, because you really should blow your money on alcohol every weekend (been there, done that) and it teaches you how to be an adult. I have had my job for three years, and in that time I have had three raises and one promotion and then another job offer (at the same place). This will look amazing on a resume to see my dedication to my job and my place of work and will show that I know how to be an employee.
But on this note as well DO NOT WORK 40 HOURS A WEEK AND BE A FULL TIME STUDENT. it is stupid, trust me. I am doing that now. Worst fucking decision of my life. I have no time to do all my school work on top of my jobs, unless I compromise on sleep or function. Luckily, it is easy for me to go home early on some days, but for the love of all things, do not do it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Do your work earlier than later
This is something I am still trying to do, but I have learned. The earlier you get started on something, the earlier you finish and the earlier you can party watch netflix. Trust me, your mental health and your grades will thank you in the end.

And finally (for this round) Failing is OK
You failed a class, well suck it up buttercup and retake it. College will kick you in the ass, harder and less forgiving than high school. If you though high school was easy then you are in for a wake up call. There are some classes that you could take in your sleep, but then there are some classes that you are always studying for instead of sleeping. Failing is part of life, and I do hope you get through college with all A’s and B’s, but if you fail, it is okay. From failure you learn and change and understand. I failed plenty of classes of undergrad (which is partially why I am a super senior) but I have learned from my mistakes and moved on and my mental health and grades are thankful for that understanding.

So Barnes and Noble is having their manga mania or whatever they are calling it, where their sale is buy two get one free. I really like manga, but I don’t often buy physical copies since it’s just a bit more than I want to pay, but a 33% off sale is pretty enticing. They were also offering a bunch of free posters and a sample reader of some other stuff which was cool. Really unexpected tbh. 

I went hoping to be able to pick up railgun 5-10, but of course in typical I’m going to the store to buy manga fashion I ended up with none of them lol. It is seriously hard to find complete series at bookstores. 

Anyways, here’s the haul!

Yaaaa I bought a vol of danmachi.. I wanted to pick up vol 1 of the LN but they only had vol 2, so the manga will do. I read through it a bit and it’s actually a decent manga. Already a bit different from the anime. 

And of course the free posters!

I really like the Miku and Akame ones. I haven’t watched/read anything from SaO but it’s a good poster. The Drrr!! poster isn’t my favorite, but it’s nice to have some Drrr!! merch since it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. Don’t know much about the FF poster but it’s nice. 

I think they really did a good job with this promotional sale. I’ve never gone to anything but a con and walked out with anime/manga merch. It honestly felt like I was coming home from a con, and that was a sweet feeling. I really hope they do something like this in the future again. 

It really is a great time to be an anime/manga fan. So many things are getting official translations/simulcasts these days and it just seems like more and more IPs are getting brought over. I love me some scanlations as much as the next guy, but I find it really satisfying to hold a physical copy of the manga.