cashbot hq

Ya know Sellbots are probably the doucheiest cogs. They don’t wear ties, they have their collars popped with those little puffy neck scarf things and Sellbots is the type with the most cogs with giant fake smiles. Their the ones with the fake laughs to get a little to chummy with you.

Lawbots on the other hand are the most pretentious. They wear bowties, they went to Law School they have the most clean, crisp HQ, you can see your face in the floor. They’re probably all high and mighty bragging all hauntingly about their accomplishment, like what is your fancy expensive degree in Reginold?

Bossbots are then the most lazy cog type. Like Ron Swanson they excel in the field of getting as little done as possible, they’d just rather be golfing. They are that man with that giant pot belly that can’t get out of a chair without grunting

Cashbots are Mr. Krabs basically. You may thing Sellbot HQ is the grossest HQ but Cashbots are the grubbiest bots. They may participate in High Finance and Trade Stocks but they probably spit when they talk too.