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anonymous asked:

How do you like South Park? The show is super offensive and all it does is make fun of serious stuff.

I suggest that you watch some of these episodes TO THE VERY END and then talk to me about how South Park Jokes about “serious stuff” and how the don’t have a positive/good message in almost all their episodes.

Cartman Sucks

Kenny Dies

You’re Getting Old (I know all the shit jokes might get annoying but if you over look that it’s about some pretty serious shit no pun intended)

Stanely’s Cup

Cash For Gold

Superhero Story ARC 

Broadway Bro Down

I know some of these just might seem like sill offensive things, but when you actually pay attention to the plot they’re all about real serious stuff. And these are just the ones that stick out the most, almost all of South Park’s episodes have a serious meaning to them, they just cover them up with silly stuff. Well these are the ones that stuck out the most to me