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A 24-year-old Tesla engineer lived in a van for 5 months and paid off his $14,000 of student loans

A year and a half ago, 24-year-old Jason Roesslein headed from Illinois to the Bay Area to start work as an engineer for Tesla Motors.

He lived in his “studio on wheels” — a 2006 Dodge Sprinter van — from October 2014 through March 2015, using Tesla and his gym to shower and eat most of his meals. After five months of van life he reverted back to a more traditional lifestyle, with nearly $10,000 of extra savings, some of which he diverted towards paying off his student loans in full.

Here’s what it was like.


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Baby Buffett: Will Bill Ackman Resurrect The Ghost Of Howard Hughes And Build A Corporate Empire?

Activism gets the headlines on Wall Street, but its boldest practitioner, Bill Ackman, is quietly pivoting to a second act that has more in common with Warren Buffett than Carl Icahn.