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I am poor and need cash for the holidays, please help me. asdfghjk

Sketch (Traditional): $3

Line art (Traditional): $5

Shaded & Inked (traditional): $6

Shaded, Inked, and Colored (Traditional) : $8

Painting: $9

Line Art (digital) : $5

Flat Colors (digital) : $6

Shaded and Colored (digital) : $8


-Please be patient! I have a life too. ;w;

-I’m okay with: slight nudity (ie titty), guro, and blood



-Steven Universe




-Yandere Simulator

-Mob Psycho 100





-Furry things (Not my thing but I’m okay with drawing it)

-Animal Crossing

-anything really

will draw for monez plz

-I’m okay with mostly anything, just ask if I don’t know it or not on this list


-No porn, weird fetishes (ie feet, inflation, etc)

-Hate art 

Here’s my PayPal

I use a joint account with my brother @garrett3113

 PM me on Tumblr to commission me!


Gift Giving with the X-Men

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Extra Character = $5 USD per character 
Background = $10 USD

If you’re interested in commissioning me, or have any questions, please email me at Please note that your commission will NOT be given to you until you have paid the full price. 

I use PayPal for transactions! 

I will NOT draw: 

- anything NSFW

Examples of comics can be found here, and here.

If you’d like to see more of my work, please take a look at my art tag.

Thank you very much! 

Asexual Ladybug, because all your faves are ace! Brace yourselves, Aro Chat Noir coming up next

Also seeing as i’m seriously low on cash for Christmas, I decided to put this up on Redbubble for anyone who would want to buy it as a sticker! Check it out here, and please share this to you friends and family and pets! 

"What do you want for Christmas?"

Me: “Money.”

“Nooooo that’s not a thoughtful gift! Choose an actual THING 😊”

Me: “M-O-N-E-Y”

Money for a new tattoo.
Money for new clothes.
Money for some new weave.
Money for a new PS4 game.
Money for some Converses.
Money for some gas and an oil change.
Money for that one pop-up bill every month.
Money for some jewelry.
Money for some Chinese food.


CORRECTING CHRISTMAS: A woman/man (Muse A) travels back in time to last Christmas, before her broken engagement and tries to repair what went wrong. However, in the process, she/he re-discovers her/his childhood best friend (Muse B) and starts to realise that perhaps her/his former fiance isn’t who she wants after all.

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO CHRISTMAS: Muse A is a jaded rock-star with a tarnished reputation for drink-driving and bad behaviour. Muse B is a small-town female/male who’s had to move back home after her/his engagement was called off, where her/his father is the local parish priest and doesn’t allow a single drop of alcohol in the house. To repair his damaged image, Muse A decides to fulfill a child’s ‘Dear Santa’ Christmas wish, which Muse B’s sibling enters and wins. Now, Muse A must spend the whole of December in a small, secluded town and perform in their local Christmas show, sleeping in Muse B’s spare room.

THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS: Muse A, a workaholic solicitor, has just twelve nights to get a bed and breakfast appraised, but the owner is uncooperative because he claims a spirit (Muse B) lives there and would not approve. As Muse A’s promotion rests on accomplishing this task, she decides to check in for the winter and haggles with Muse B, a spirit who is cursed to never move on until he/she solves their own murder. Muse A agrees to help.

A PRINCE FOR CHRISTMAS: Muse A escorts her/his niece and nephew to spend Christmas with their grandfather, an English Duke. Here she/he meets Muse B, a charming European prince who has travelled to America for an arranged marriage.

A CHRISTMAS TREE MIRACLE: Muse A, a single parent, is the kind of person who offers a homeless person their coffee and has done on several occasions. Being made redundant from their job, he/she then finds themselves and their children homeless for Christmas. Muse B is an eccentric Christmas tree farmer who, once upon a time, Muse A bought a coffee for on a cold morning and offers them work (and accommodation) on his/her farm.

A GOLDEN CHRISTMAS: When Muse A was a child, he/she met someone special while both were walking their dogs. Vowing their love for one another, the pair put together a box of memories and buried it in the woods. The relationship, however, ended when he/she moved. Now a successful business woman/man, Muse A is moving back to her childhood home. The problem being? Muse B is bidding on the same house, starting a war between them, unaware that Muse B is, in fact, that someone special from his/her childhood.

A BRIDE FOR CHRISTMAS: Muse A makes a bet with his/her friends that he/she could get married before Christmas. Muse B, recovering from a broken engagement after being left at the alter, is their target.

AN ACCIDENTAL CHRISTMAS:  Muse A and Muse B are separated, but their scheming children are determined to get them back together in time for Christmas.

PAPER ANGELS: Muse A leaves his/her alcoholic and abusive husband/wife and moves to another town with their children, where he/she works as a waitress/waiter to make ends meet. Knowing their mother/father can’t afford presents this Christmas, their eldest child puts their letters to Santa on the local Angel Tree (a scheme where other people pick a paper angel and purchase a stranger’s presents for them). Muse B, a successful workaholic who lost both their wife/husband and a child in a car accident, is dreading their first Christmas alone. In an attempt to keep themselves occupied, Muse B decides to take part in the Angel Tree scheme, picking Muse A’s name.

HOLIDAY IN HANDCUFFS: Muse A is a struggling artist distraught at the idea of going home for Christmas without a significant other. So, in a mad moment, Muse A kidnaps a customer (Muse B) from their local diner and persuades them to be their 'fake partner’ in exchange for cash.

UNDERCOVER CHRISTMAS: Muse A is an uptight FBI agent assigned to protect Muse B, a low-class cocktail waitress/waiter who was witness to a murder. In the name of the law and order, the pair must pose a couple to fool their friends and families until the case Muse B is involved in is resolved.

THE CHRISTMAS CARD: Muse A is a soldier in the midst of war. Knowing Muse A has no one to write to him, a fellow solider gives him a Christmas card sent to them from his hometown. When this friend is later killed in battle, Muse A takes leave and decides to return their dog tags to a grieving widow. Here, he/she meets Muse B, who’s father hires Muse A to work for him. The pair begin to fall in love, unaware that Muse B was the original sender of the Christmas card that kept Muse A going throughout his/her time in war.

THE CHRISTMAS WISH: Having been told this could be their sick mother’s last Christmas, Muse A has hired Muse B, an actress, and their child in an attempt to give his/her parent their last wish; to see Muse A get married.

Open for commissions

I need some extra cash for Christmas presents! Email me at if you’re interested!

I’m working on an official price sheet but as a general rule, a single head-to-toe fully colored and shaded character will run about $50. This Flutterbat pic I did for Halloween is a good example of what you could expect for that price:

Obviously, sketches, flat colors, or less of the body being shown, or especially simply outfits will reduce the price. Quadrupedal ponies will generally be half the price of anthros, since they’re so simple.

Elaborate outfits/gear, and backgrounds will increase the price, as you would expect.

I’ll do pony, furry, humans, etc. NSFW is perfectly okay as well.

Email me at if you’re interested!

The Christmas tree you and your family put up is beautiful faggot.  Yep, at your house enjoying the company of your family, especially your wife-haha. Sorry you have to work so hard, especially on Christmas, but you have a lot of holiday taxes to pay Me.  Now get back to work and Master is going to leave a special present for you under the tree when you get home later tomorrow. It’s your new amended contract with the 50% increase in your weekly taxes for 2017 along with the naughty faggot pictures Master took of you this year.

Merry Christmas cash slave and have a prosperous New Year because you will be  paying a lot more taxes to Me!