cash explosion


Two explosions were reported at a flooded chemical plant in Texas . Do you want more business news? Follow us for more.

The Bruce Willis Lifestyle

This is my piece for Yippee-Kai-Yay a Bruce Willis themed group show.

In my eyes, these are the elements needed to live the Bruce Willis Lifestyle:

  • Dead all along. (Probably from explosions.)
  • Even his skull is bald. (his hair was probably worn away from constant exposure to massive explosions.)
  • Female royals throwing themselves at his rugged/explosive charm.
  • White shirt and black jacket dusty from explosions.
  • Wearing a monocle because his vision is impaired from explosions. 
  • Smoking a cigar. Essentially a controlled explosion held in the mouth.
  • Surrounded by destruction at all times. (Could be existing ruins, but most likely freshly destroyed by the mere presence of Mr. Willis in the vicinity. )
  • Raining cash (explosions aren’t cheap.)
Cash Explosion

Oh yea, didn’t I tell you guys that my mom is going to be on TV on Cash Explosion?!?!?! Well if you were unaware, now you know. The show is being filmed this Tuesday but won’t air until later this month! She wins a minimum of $5,000, and we’re gonna be on TV! I’m thoroughly excited! xD

We leave for Columbus tomorrow when I get home from school. I won’t be at school Tuesday, and the only bad thing about that it I won’t get much help from my teachers for finals. BUT, my mom is going to be on TV, how often does that happen? Seriously? 

She's extremely excited for it. It’s all she’s been talking about for the last few weeks. She could win up to $50,000! Or, something like that! xD If she wins the show that she’s on Tuesday then she returns for the Wednesday show, which is even more awesome! even MORE money! The only problem with that is Wednesday is my first day of finals. I already talked with my principal about it so I should be fine. I mean really, the odds of her winning are slim.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… since we’re going to win at least $5,000 my parents thought it would be cool to take us all out to Dave and Busters Monday night! 

The show doesn’t air until January 29th. Mark your calenders! :P

This. Is. Awesome.