cash and patience

The Mask AU???? 👀

  • Ron DeLite as Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask
  • Desirée DeLite as Tina Carlyle, lounge singer
  • Luke Atmey as Lt. Mitch Kellaway, after Mask☆DeMasque (nothing new)
  • Detective Gumshoe as Det. Doyle, Atmey’s partner
  • Furio Tigre as Dorian Tyrell, mobster
  • Viola Cadaverini as Peggy Brandt, reporter

There are more characters in the AU but these are the most important, I think. Can’t guarantee that I’ll draw more,, lol


The therapist had to spend all of 10 minutes with my boy to recommend taking him in to see a neuropsychologist because he most definitely falls on the spectrum.

I already knew that. It just sucks to hear someone else say it. Now at least I have a course of action to take, and Cash is going to start communication therapy 2x a week next week.

I’m sad because in my heart I have recognized behavior and signs but just kept ignoring or explaining them away.

We are supposed to start working with some basic sign language ASAP.


Went to the doctor today and once again declined to be “checked”. I would like no hands in that area please. The doctor also gave me the OK for a hep lock, intermittent monitoring, and not automatically using pitocin when I’m admitted.

It is weird that with the twins this is the night I went into labor and then tomorrow they were here!

Having contractions all the time but nothing exciting or consistent. I’m also freakishly comfortable too, so who knows when this baby will come. Chad still thinks next week.

Used gift cards and coupons today to get a mamaroo for about 40 bucks! Not bad I say! My mom and I assembled it and plugged it in to test it out and the twins lost their shit. Cash was all about hitting the buttons..Patience put her baby doll in it the freaked out because SHE wanted to get in it. So I’m sure that it will be 100x worse when there is a real infant in there.

Because I talk to you guys

The speech therapist that was like, “dude, your son is autistic” is on the fence now. Cash has progressed leaps and bounds and just continually surprises people with how smart he is. She actually said, “he is SO freaking smart”, which while not profesh was nice to hear… BUT I know that almost half of diagnosed autistic individuals are at or above average IQ. The big thing he does that kids on the spectrum generally don’t do is point to things with his finger, THEN point to himself. He actually gets the relationship and that he is part of something there. Which is amazing and good, but also confusing. He also is picking up on signing like its no big deal.

Our regional center came in and evaluated him and put him at 13 months emotionally! 13 months! I want to cry just thinking of it. My baby. They said that the thing that REALLY set him back there is that he will sit in a dirty diaper until we change it, and I was like but he CANT talk. IDK I haven’t really talked about that with anyone yet and I just feel upset. He was also behind socially, but we already knew that. When it came to other things he was either right around his age group or ahead. He is so good at matching and stuff they thought it was awesome. 

The other day Chad asked me if I ever blame myself for Cash’s delays/problems and I said no, because I don’t. Then I started wondering if he blames me? Or if I should be blaming myself? 

Last Thursday I was the passenger in a rear end accident. We were at a complete stop in a Tahoe and a Corolla going about 35 slammed into us no brakes or anything. I’m freaked out about it now, like what if the kids were with me? That was SO hard to be hit and it was on an off ramp that we are stopped on all the time. I went to the chiro today and had to have a whole work up done. You don’t know gambling until you wear a hospital gown for an hour with no bra or nursing pads on when you haven’t pumped for an hour. At one point I could have sworn I felt milk dripping down my body but it was sweat from freaking out over having leaky boobs in front of the tech and chiro. 

Patience calls me a butthole now. She also tells me that she is a mermaid so I think it evens out. 

Charlie is getting pretty good at sitting up and wants to start trying to crawl but I don’t give her a lot of floor time because the twins can’t be trusted to not sit on her or step on her.


I should go to bed.


I have been wanting to write an update..

Charlie is 7 weeks and has sweet sweet smiles. She only gets bathed when she is stinky… Which also goes for the twins. It is super hard to bath two toddlers while keeping a teeny one happy.

I have learned to let it go a bit. If Charlie cries for a few moments while I’m changing diapers or fixing food.. Then oh well! The twins cried for 6 months almost non stop and it didn’t hurt them! And if the twins don’t get equal mommy time as Charlie, then oh well! It will even out eventually. Thank god there have only been a small handful of times when I felt overwhelmed.

Having Sam here the past few days has been amazing! Once Chad has his surgery next week she will mostly be taking care of him, but for now she is my extra set of hands when Chad isn’t and wow! That helps tremendously! Also, having a 16 year old on the house is a trip! She is SO completely different than I was in that age.

Patience is saying like, 10 new words a day! Yesterday she said “polka dot” and I could have melted right there. I am also fairly sure that she has it out for Charlie. Gets a little scary sometimes. Cash still doesn’t want to talk but he has been a bit better about trying to communicate before he flips his lid and has a fit! He is absolutely in love with his little sissy.

Our weekend was good

Stuff in bullet points

Because I like bullet points.

  • Charlie can roll in both directions now and doesn’t like sleeping swaddled, and doesn’t like sleeping out of a swaddle. This is a problem.
  • Patience is talking SOOOOOO much now it is insane and awesome and a little annoying sometimes. My favorite thing is how she sounds when she says “good morning”.
  • Cash is being way more vocally expressive, but still no words. When I bring up having him evaluated for a speech therapist Chad gets a little defensive, so IDK. 
  • I got formula coupons in the mail on Wednesday and realized that I have been EBF for 4 months tomorrow! (pats self on back).
  • EBF a baby with two two year olds around is hard. Sometimes I imagine giving her a bottle and getting a 3 hour break to just hang out with the twins or do dishes or cook or not work out super late at night, so I am extra proud of myself.
  • That being said, I am already totally over having to make sure that everything I wear is nursing/pumping friendly.
  • I want to wear cute dresses but unless it is surplice on top I can’t really pull a boob out.
  • I have been doing the brazil butt lift system for 5 weeks (only 4 unsuccessful days so far) and man my bootay is looking good.
  • It is so fucking hot here already. SO FUCKING HOT.
  • I really hope that Charlie goes back to being super chill and not needing to actively be nursing to sleep! If not, I am returning her.

My mom and I were talking about combining a 2nd birthday party for the twins with a “sprinkle” for the new baby. I don’t really need any of the big items for the new baby, because I just had a baby shower for the twins 2 years ago! Also, my husband is a hoarder so we basically have everything in the garage. 

Anyway, I was just googling whether or not people do this on line and dear lawd- you would think that moms were shoving their first born into dark closets based on people’s reactions to the idea. Plus, a lot of people are automatically assuming that people are going to do a full b-day party, then a full baby shower back to back. I highly doubt that that is what people are thinking when formulating the idea. 

What I am thinking is an invitation along the lines of “help us celebrate Cash and Patience turning 2 and becoming a big brother and sister!” or something that sounds a lot better than that. Then adding a slip in the envelope stating that gifts for the new baby are not expected, but gift cards or books are appreciated. Just keeping it about the twins, but giving people the option to celebrate the new baby if they want to. 

To me this seems totally reasonable and not awful for making the twins share the spot light ((news flash they already do that)) ((double news flash, they better get even more used to it)). BUT, I am also pretty lazy and the idea of dealing with two big whooplas while I am that pregnant sounds terrible.

What do you guys think?


Right at 8 o clock I called the chiro’s office and begged to get in for an adjustment or massage or have my legs chopped off.
They said they would call me back in a little bit, and I passed out as soon as I hung up. I woke up right at 9:45 felling so so so much better, if not a bit guilty because I had made plans to spend the morning with the twins, and had a message saying I could get in for a 45 min massage at 11!
When I laid on the table the therapist said the right side of my back was pretty jacked and that was probably what was killing me. Like if both sides were even it wouldn’t have been so bad? Idk. Anyway after the massage I feel spades more comfortable, and when I got home the kids were going down for their nap.
Chad and I had the sexy times, and then I got like 2 solid hours of sitting on my ass in bed relaxing and answering some emails.
Now I am beached on the sofa while the twins are mesmerized by Curious George, and Chad is out paying bills. Patience obviously didn’t want to let her bother’s shenanigans with the wooden toy yesterday out shine her own, so she smacked me in the face with a hard plastic drawing tablet thing and I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a shiner next time I check.
Tomorrow morning I have a wax appointment, then afterwards I see my OB for my 40 week appointment (2 days early). If neither of those things put me into active labor I’m making Chad take me some place super yum for lunch.