cash and clothes




FOR gol-d-drake, mikan-neko AND agent-texass

Raphael Varane and his wife Camille suffered a robery at their home during the match with Borussia Dortmund.

Varane suffered a robbery at his home during the match against Dortmund. A gang of organised thieves broke into his residence in the affluent zone La Moraleja, Madrid taking advantage of the absence of Rapha and his wife, who were at Santiago Bernabeu. It is thought the thieves entered through an annexed chalet which was being worked on, before being able to force open the main door of the house and robbing the property which spreads over nearly 400 square metres. The robbers have stolen about 70.000 euros in cash, 12 exclusive watches, clothes and importnant jewelerry. Rapha admitted to police that he had forgotten to connect his sophisticated alarm system because he left the house in a hurry. Let’s hope that the police will find the robbers soon 🙏🏻

Walking the Halls pt1

Alexander in his trying-too-hard topknot, talking 100mph about the discernible lecturer hierarchy and who’s ear to bend to get the most shit done.

John in cashed-up-prep clothes without realising it. His hair smells like tangerine and he’s interjecting ideas about onsite childcare to give Teen Moms™ a fair go.

[i really worked hard on this one guys]