Castiel Graphics Challenge | adoringjensen vs blissfulcastiel vs archangeles
↳ Prompt: I bet even the stars envy his light (n.s.)

Castiel Graphics Challenge | sugarjared​ vs. infinitycastiel​
Prompt: Splintered Blossoms ~poetry by bennylaffite

[…chop, chop, he’s scarred all over, from that time
he thought he could write love on himself
 if he bled enough. the rain cries with him.
 but, oh, when the wind blows
 and his bent form dances
 in happiness-
 even spring can’t resist his charm

 chop, chop, you can’t break him. …]  || vans


castiel graphic challenge | glorioustiel
↳ prompt: “I’m an Angel in a Land of Abominations. There have been things hunting me since the moment we arrived.”