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hey! would you have any suggestions for someone who.. really likes inverts but is also a very touchy person with animals? i've heard good things about scarabs, hissers, bess beetles, death feigning beetles, and tarantuas (if you're very careful and gentle)- but i was wondering what you think, because you seem to know a lot?

Most inverts, even those that are good for handling, I wouldn’t recommend holding more than 20 minutes a day, sort of like reptiles. For animals that are extremely handleable I’d definitely go towards domestic birds (like a pigeon) or mammals. 

But if 15 minutes every day or every other day is enough, then there are some bugs that will do well!

I’d definitely suggest some of the big, calm cockroach species, which includes many species of hisser. They’re hardy and do quite well with regular handling. I have found that in many species of roach, females are calmer and easier to handle. Also, adults are more docile than nymphs of most species, so sometimes you have to wait for them to grow up to hold them.

Hissing Cockroach species I would recommend and have handled:

  • Halloween Hisser, Elliptorhina javanica
  • Dwarf Hisser, Elliptorhina chopardi
  • Common/Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Gromphadorhina portentosa
  • Wide Horn Hisser, Gromphadorhina oblongonota

Note that with repeated handling, they will stop hissing. They may try to headbutt you, though.

Other Roach species:

  • Giant Peppered Roach, Archimandrita tesselata 
  • Dusky/Dwarf Cave Roach, Blaberus fusca nomen nudum
  • Glowspot Roach, Lucihormetica subcincta
  • Warty Glowspot Roach, Lucihormetica verrucosa
  • Dubia Roach, Blaptica dubia

There are other handleable species, but I don’t have experience with them. Many reputable roach sellers will list whether they are good for handling or not. Of all my roaches, my hissers are the absolute slowest and least skittish.

I would recommend staying away from flying species of roach for handling.

I am not a fan of handling tarantulas much, because they are so delicate.

If a roach falls, it’s usually fine. If a tarantula falls, they often die. If you choose to handle a tarantula, do not lift it up, always handle it very low to the ground or substrate of their enclosure. Do not handle them at all if they are overweight. I have seen so many people drop tarantulas in person, and they almost always died.

If you want a tarantula that is docile, I would generally suggest the following species:

  • Curlyhair, Brachypelma albopilosum 
  • Mexican Redknee, Brachypelma smithi
  • Mexican Painted Redleg, Brachypelma  emilia
  • Mexican Fireleg, Brachypelma boehmei
  • Goldknee, Grammostola pulchripes 

Of course, individual temperaments can vary. Keep in mind that though these species may be reluctant to bite, they may kick urticating hairs when defensive. This can cause extreme itching in sensitive individuals. 

Beetles are generally very good for handling. This is a US-centric list of beetles; most non-native beetles are not legal for sale or trade here, so the available species will be different than in other countries.

Death Feigning Beetles are easy to care for and fun and there are a wide variety of species. They are wild caught and are obtained as adults.

Bess Beetles have been the subject of children’s science experiments for decades and can be purchased from both bug dealers and scientific supply companies. 

Native flower scarab beetles are definitely good for moderate handling, and pretty easy to care for once they’re adults. A popular species is the Harlequin Beetles (Gymnetis caseyi). I would not suggest handling the dung beetle scarabs (like the Rainbow Dung Beetle); they’re great pets, but considering they walk through mammal dung, their food source, they can be carrying various nasties. 

Other good beetles for handling include Rhino Beetles (Dynastes grantii) and Hercules Beetles (Dynastes tityusDynastes hercules).  

Most scarabs and the other large beetles are offered as larva, which are more difficult to care for than the adults and shouldn’t be handled too much. Many eat rotting hardwood. Be sure to research the care if you choose to buy one of these larva.

Praying mantids are another bug that is good for handling! Many of the large species are quite hardy and rather outgoing. They’ll jump right onto your hand if it’s higher than their current perch.

Non-native, purposefully introduced species (adventives) like the Chinese Mantis (Tenodera sinensis) are readily available. These are the species you find in garden stores meant for release into the garden as natural pest control and have been naturalized in the US for hundreds of years. Other species that were purposefully introduced into the US and are sometimes available for sale include the narrow-winged mantis (Tenodera augustipennis), Mediterranean Mantis (Iris oratoria), and European Mantis (Mantis religiosa). Like many other species of insect, these are seasonal, and you will only find the oothecae (egg cases) for sale in the spring. You can also buy young mantids from pet bug sites.

Other species available as captive bred nymphs that are large and good for handling include Giant Mantis (Hierodula sp.), Giant Shield Mantis (Rhombodera megaera), and Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa). 

Smaller species like Spiny Flower/#9 Mantis (Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii), and Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) are handleable but more delicate.

Is this a joke? Kellin Quinn Imagine

Could you do a Kellin Quinn one when you catch him cheating?? Sounds bad I know I know. Thanks!!


“Hello Kendra” I smile as I walk to my desk.

“On time as always Y/N.” Kendra smiles, handing me my agenda.

She says that because I spend Monday-Friday almost always the same way. I go to Starbucks, get to work, check my email, go over my plans for the day, make necessary phone calls or respond to emails, and then I run throughout the business and make sure everything is how it is suppose to me. I’m suppose to be done by 5 every day but let’s be honest, I don’t get out until around 7 every night and then I get up and do it all over again.

I place my coffee on my desk and pull up my emails. Given that I spend most of my time in this office, I usually don’t have time to reply to every email so when I first get to the office, I keep the important ones and transfer the others to my assistant, Kendra.

It doesn’t take long to find the unimportant once, I usually don’t even have to open the email to know that it’s not important but there is one that really caught my eye. It was titled “Cheating Boyfriend.” I hesitate to open the email, afraid it’s some sort of virus, but I do anyways. I’m glad I did..

It reads:

Hello Y/N, I know you don’t know me but my name is Casey. I am sending you this email because I feel it’s important for you to know. My friend and I recently went to a concert where Sleeping With Sirens were playing in Tampa, FL. My friend, Val, and I went to a bar afterwards and bumped into the whole band (including Kellin). Now it’s pretty well known that you and Kellin are dating, everyone who likes SWS talks about it, but he wasn’t acting as if he was in a committed relationship, in fact, he was acting quite the opposite. I know this is weird coming from someone you don’t know, but I feel that it is my responsibility to tell you since I witnessed it. Everyone was pretty drunk and Val was kitting on Kellin hard the problem is he was flirting right back…They ended up back at the tour bus together and when I went to go look for her (we were sharing a hotel and she had the key) I witnessed them hooking up. I am truly sorry to have to tell you this and I’m sorry if you don’t believe. Please know I am not trying to do this to hurt you or your relationship, but think you deserve to know the truth. If you have more questions, please feel free to email back, if not, I’m sorry and thank you for your time.

I am stunned. I don’t know how to feel about this. Could this be real? Kellin and I have been together for almost 3 years now and have been talking about getting married. There’s no way this is real. I know people love him and all but who would go through all this trouble just to mess up a relationship?

I sit there and try to keep calm. I go over the recent tour dates in my head. I’ve been to almost all of them. Was I at the one in Tampa? I can’t remember. My days and weeks tend to mush together a lot.

“Kendra can you come in here.” I yell from my desk and Kendra is there in seconds as if she’s been waiting for me to call her in. I see she’s ready to go over today’s agenda, but I am not.

“Where was I on August 12th?” I ask her and she looks surprised by the questions.

“Oh..uh.” She says. She quickly runs to her desk and comes back with a big planner in her hands. She flips through a few pages as fast as she can. “Oh yeah, you were here! Remember we had that contract due on Monday for Mr. Welsh and we had to stay here all weekend?”

My heart drops to my stomach and I forget how to speak. I was very much not in Tampa that weekend..for all I know Casey could be telling the truth.

“Y/N, are you alright?” Kendra asks, moving her hands around to snap me out of my daydreams.

“I’m fine. That’ll be all Kendra.” Kendra looks at the agenda in her hands and then looks back at me. “Oh and if a Casey calls, direct her straight to me.”

“O…okay.” She says, shaking her head and then walking out of my office, closing the door behind her.

I look at my computer screen and browse through the email I have left open. What do I say? How does one reply to such an email? This all could be a trick, but what if it’s not? I take a deep breath and click ‘reply.’

“Hello Casey, if you could call me as soon as you can, I would appreciate it.
I attach my office number and quickly press send.

I try my best to go through my every day routine but I can’t stop thinking about the email. I constantly check my email and wait for my phone to ring, but after about 3 hours I decide I just need to assume it won’t happen.

I go to lunch and see I have a missed call and 3 texts from Kellin.
“Hey babe when do you think you’ll get off tonight?”
“You were right about that Tai place! Justin and I love it!”
“Hey just wanted to see if you’re okay. I know you’re busy but you usually reply by now. Let me know. I love you..”

I contemplate replying but end up putting my phone back into my purse and go to lunch.

When I return from lunch Kendra has a handful of mail and notes waiting for me.

“I’ll get to that later.” I say, wanting to just crawl into a corner.

“Okay, but that girl Casey called and left her number.” I look at her and before she can say anything else, I grab the note with her number on it and go to my office and close the door.

My hands are shaking as I dial the number and wait for an answer.

“Hello?” I hear from the other end.

“ this Casey?”

It is..Is this Y/N?” She asks. I can tell she’s as nervous, if not more, than I am.

“It sure is. Thank you for you email. I was just hoping to talk a little further with you about it.”

“Absolutely. I am sorry, I know it’s weird, but I would feel so bad if you never found out.”

“I appreciate that.”

Casey starts going over the whole night and explains how Kellin started playing with Val’s hair and then started whispering in her ear. Casey went to the bathroom and when she came back, they were gone. When she asked the guys where they were they all just smirked at her and winked. She knew what it meant, it wasn’t the first time Val had gone off with a band member. Casey and Justin walked back to the tour bus together, but Justin stayed outside while Casey went in to retrieve her friend. When Casey walked in she could immediately hear them. She explained the tour bus exactly and what really got me..she explained Kellin’s moans spot on too..

“I’m sorry this is happening to you.” She ends her story with. “I think they are still in contact so if you need more proof, I would go through his phone..”

We say our goodbyes and I sit there unsure what to do.

I get up and grab my stuff.

“Kendra reschedule everything else for the day, I have something I have to take care of.” Before Kendra could reply, I was out of my office and in the elevator.

The drive home was nerve-racking, but I needed to know.

When I walk into our shared apartment I see Kellin drenched in sweat and doing some stretches.

“Hey babe! You’re home early!” Kellin smiles, jumping up and kissing my cheek.

“Were you at the gym?” I ask, acting as if he didn’t just kiss me.

“Yeah, I was actually just about to shower. Want to join?” He winks, trying to grab my butt.

“I’ll pass, I have to finish some things before I am actually done for the day.” I smile slightly.

Kellin nods and begins to walk to our room.

“Oh and I forgot my phone in my office, can I use yours to call Kendra?” I ask, pretending to dig through my purse.

“Of course.” He smiles, handing me his phone and jumps in the shower. I run to my office and lock the door behind me. I go quickly to his text messages and scroll through all the names. My heart is racing and I can’t keep my hands from shaking. I begin to lose hope until I see her name and I can’t breathe anymore.

I tap on her name and go through the messages. In every text he is calling her “sweets” or “hun” and she is calling him babe. I mean that’s not okay, but is that cheating? I continue scrolling up and then I see it. They’ve been exchanging nudes and he, multiple times, says how he misses her body.

I want to scream. I want to throw his phone. I want to punch him. So many things are racing through my head…how do I handle this?

How the fuck could he do this to me? I have spend 3 years of my life with him and even before we were dating, I always supported him. I always believed in him and his fucking band. I never once questioned his loyalty. How could I be so clueless?

“Babe?” I hear with a knock on my door.

“How dare you call me that.” I say, swinging the door open to be face-to-face with him.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, looking genuinely confused.

“Oh I don’t know, why don’t you ask Val?” I say, throwing his phone at him. He dodges it and it hits the floor, leaving a crack on his screen.

“Listen Y/N, it’s not what you think.” Kellin begins, trying to pull me close to him.

“So you didn’t fuck her while you were in Tampa? And you haven’t been keeping in contact? You haven’t been sending her nudes and missing her body? None of that is true Kellin?”

Kellin goes to speak but I cut him off before he can. “And how fucking dare you send me the same texts that you send her. I have spent so much fucking time and energy trying to keep this relationship stable. I have traveled when I should’ve been at work, I have slept on stingers floors, in vans, and have eaten nothing but ramen for weeks at a time. All so I could be with you and see you achieve your dreams and this is how you fucking treat me?”

Kellin is silent. What can he really say? I know it’s true, I know it happened. Nothing he says can change that.

“I’m so sorry baby.” He says quietly, touching my hand.

“I don’t care.” I reply, snatching my hand from him. “I want you out.”

“Y/N, come on.” He looks shocked, “don’t do this. We’re happy together.”

“No we’re not. We were…but you ruined that.”

I push him out of the way and march to our room. I grab a suitcase and throw as much as his stuff in it as possible.

“You can’t be serious.” He says, trying to stop me.

“I’m dead fucking serious Kellin.” I dodge his attempts to stop me and start throwing his stuff in giant trash bags.

“I can’t believe you.” I say, finally letting tears fall down my face. “How many were there?” I whisper.

“Y/N.” He whispers back, trying to hug me.

“Answer the question.” I demand, pushing him away. If I let him hug me, I will never let go.

“A few.” He finally replies, staring at the floor. “Too many to count honestly.”

“For how long?” I whisper, trying to stop myself from losing it.

“I don’t know.” He shrugs, “2-ish years.”

I nod and wipe my tears away.

“Goodbye Kellin.” I say, handing him his stuff. I go into my office and lock myself in until he leaves.

It took every bit of me not to chase after him. I love him. I wanted a life with him. I wanted to grow old with him and if I didn’t get that email I probably would have..


*I hope this was okay! Please send in requests!*

The Five Times I Knew That Matthew Casey Would Be a Perfect Dad

The Five Times I Knew That Matthew Casey Would Be a Perfect Dad

Hey guys! How ya holding up after that episode? I figured emotions would be running high after tonight’s Chicago Fire season finale, so why not add a little something to the mix? There’s no new promo to post, but I still wanted to treat you guys, so I figured I’d try something new with this. The focus on this will be on one particular character. Yup, this is the post that I’ve been waiting three seasons to write and I’ve finally decided to give it a go.

Lieutenant Matthew Casey is many things. He’s strong. Confident. Bold. Generous. Compassionate. A leader. He’d also be a pretty outstanding father. Hear me out. I will admit, I am quite biased on this one, my Daddy Casey feels have been off the charts since the pilot, but I’ll get to that soon. Promise.

Follow me on this little journey as I describe the five (but actually SO many more than five I apologize) times that proved for me that Daddy Casey would be so beyond incredible. Are you ready? Here we go. Oh yeah, one more thing. Check out the Daddy Casey inspired playlist I made for you guys. As always, happy listening! ;)

Now let’s get started.

5. The Very Beginning

The pilot. I watched as the brightness in his big blue eyes as he greeted Hallie soon dulled, the childlike giddiness no longer found there as his mouth opened ever so slightly. Perhaps it was in the very small shift of his weight as his body leaned from the heaviness of the conversation, the familiar words weighing him down. Maybe it was how his lips set in contemplation before the words tumbled out of his mouth. He would marry her tomorrow if he knew they wanted the same things. The slight tremble in his voice for a mere half second, when she said she couldn’t start a family, gave him away. The bow of his head, the sadness, regret, and exhaustion written all over his face when he finally picked it back up. It was then, as I watched him let the girl he was supposed to marry, who he supposedly loved, walk right out his front door without even a word that I knew. When he quickly swallowed back his emotion as the door clicked in place I knew.

4. Adventures in Uncle Casey

I watched as the calm, cool, and collected Matthew Casey came apart at the seams when he realized his niece was in trouble. How a man who usually drips of confidence turned into the awkward uncle who was desperately trying to be ‘hip.’ I watched as he consciously tried to reign himself in, not wanting to be too overprotective, but still reminding her that he would always be there for her. It was in the way he leaned up against the ambo, head slightly tilted and signature Matthew Casey smile plastered on his face as he asked her what she was watching on her phone. It was in the way you could actually see that he was interested in her reply. I saw it in the way his body tensed when he heard the sadness in her voice and how he moved to sit next to her, pulling her into his side. How his thumb gently traced the outline of her shoulder, a means of soothing her, as he whispered reassurances that it wasn’t her fault, that he would fix it, that he would make it right. When he went to her house later that night and he went to tuck her in, it was in the way I could see perfectly a future moment when he would be tucking in his own little girl. It was in the way he kissed her goodnight and shut the light and l knew I wasn’t alone in my vision.

3. Little Baby Grace

Maybe it was in the way he slightly jogged behind Dawson after she said she found a baby in the freezing cold, or how he watched adoringly as Mills checked her out and made sure she was okay. Maybe it was in the way he went to update Dawson on the status of DCFS and his initial thought was to check on Grace and see how she was. Maybe it was in the way his eyes would steal quick glances at the little baby girl in Dawson’s arms as he continued to bring her up to speed. The lingering eyes had me sold, but it wasn’t until he stood there, eyes observing the little girl, soaking her in, and his smirk made its way to his face that I knew. His eyes had a different light to them. They shone just a little bit brighter. They always do when he’s in the presence of little ones, and believe me, I’ve noticed. It was in the small giggle that escaped his lips when Dawson placed Grace in his arms, how he instinctively shifted to make sure he was holding her the proper way, and how he couldn’t help but smile down at her every single time she made a noise. It was in the way that his face said everything he didn’t, how I could see from his expression that he saw his future in her tiny button nose and her cute little hands. I knew.

2. The Darden Boys

It was in his selflessness. In the way he agreed to be the guardian of two young boys who needed him, never turning his back on them for a single second, even when he wasn’t sure how to make it work. The subtle gestures screamed the loudest. Like how he gently lifted Ben off the floor after he had dropped a beer bottle in the kitchen, moving the boy so that he wouldn’t step on the broken glass and hurt himself. It was in the way he noticed that Griffin had barely eaten his dinner, and the concern that laced his words was not lost on me. Perhaps it was the way he dropped to his knees whenever he was talking to Ben so that he could look into his eyes, or how he told them that they couldn’t go home because their mother was in jail, but never let them think for a second that they couldn’t handle it. He made them strong. When he sat, sandwiched between the two boys on the bed that same night, it was in the naturalness of it, how the scene looked the way home feels. It was in the way he would rub small circles on Ben’s back as he cried, pulling him into his side, and gently placing a small kiss to the top of his head. It was how even when he was busy comforting Ben, he was reaching out to Griffin as well, both literally and metaphorically. It was in the way he turned his body towards the older brother of the little boy whimpering in his lap, letting him know that he wasn’t alone. The way his hand extended to rub those very same circles on Griffin, the gentle reassuring pats, that’s when I knew. But really, it was in the way he would rest his chin on the top of their heads while he was comforting them. How he noticed that Ben was outgrowing his shoes and how he tucked in his shirt to make sure he looked presentable for his mom. How he told Griffin to be careful on the monkey bars. It was in the way they would play board games, boyish giggles escaping their lips and a giddiness in all three of them. It was in living room football games and laughter and family fun. It was in the sound of his voice when he told Griffin to keep being brave and reassured both boys that he wasn’t going anywhere. It was in the reprimanding and the scolding. How he sat with one boy on each side of him and ate ice cream like they were their own little family. In so many ways they were. Then, of course, there were the big moments. The moments that I really knew. Like how he didn’t miss a beat when Griffin asked him to stay with him until he fell asleep. How his eyes smiled way before his lips as he tucked the boy in and grabbed his hand, not bothering to let go. Like how there was pride written all over his face when Griffin asked him if he could come back to the firehouse, like he had finally done something right. In the moment when he took Griffin to the see his father’s badge and told him that it was okay to cry there because he had, holding him as he cried, his head resting lightly on top of the boy’s and inhaling slowly I knew. It was in the .5 seconds it took for Casey to respond ‘yeah’ to the question if he was a father. It was in the badges, both Andy’s and his own, that he placed in Griffin’s hand, and in the proud grin that danced across his face as the boy jumped into his arms. It was in the slight pause he took before fully embracing the boy and bringing his lips down to place a small kiss on his head like he had done countless times before. It was in that habit. It was in the hesitance of accepting Ben’s G.I Joe, and the thick emotion that echoed through his words when he said he would never forget them. Not a chance. It was how he gently pulled both boys into his arms, his hands automatically going to rub their backs like he had become accustomed to. It was in that habit. As he placed one last kiss on Griffin’s head, it was in the way he lifted his own head, looking far away into the distance, a mixture of sadness and happiness and pride and adoration all rolled into one expression that I knew.

1. Extra Special Delivery 

It wasn’t quite in the fearlessness that he exhibited as he tirelessly worked to get the victim out of the car. Nor was it in his eyes, wide with fear, that darted towards the woman as soon as the husband informed him that she was having a baby. It wasn’t how he backed away in shock for only a beat before calling out orders to his men, or the way his voice hitched when he called through the radio for Shay and Dawson, nervously gasping for breath as he told them the circumstances. It wasn’t in the astonishment in his voice that I heard come through the radio when he said he could see the top of the baby’s head, how his voice sounded like fear and bliss and genuine awe all rolled into one. And it wasn’t in the way he eagerly rid himself of his helmet and turnout gear, his body taking control, as if on instinct, and leading the way. It wasn’t in the way he coached the woman as she pushed, encouraging her, nor the actual delivery of the baby or the way his voice sounded, frantic and panicked, when he told Dawson on the radio that the baby wasn’t breathing. No, it wasn’t in any of that. It was in the way he breathed his own life into the little boy, swaddling him in his turnout gear and passing him on to his mother. It was in the way he sat back, stunned and overwhelmed, and how I have yet to see his eyes shine quite that bright. It was in his expression as the camera zoomed in on him, eyes looking on in disbelief, mouth slightly open in a smile, that I knew. As he started to laugh, a real, genuine laugh and I swore I could see those beautiful blue eyes getting misty that I knew. It was in the way he animatedly relayed the story back to Hallie, his eyes now shining with something else: optimism and hope. I knew. It was in the slight hitch of his voice when he said the little guy was alive, his hands coming to his head. I knew. It was in the small tears that formed in the corner of his eyes as he said that he was a part of that, and the excitement in his body language as he told Hallie he wanted them to have a baby. Soon. Now. The silent pleas. I knew. It was in his arched brows and the pain in his face when she responded by saying she didn’t want kids, as if her words had stung him. It was in the way his body slumped against his table, his head bowed and his breathing steady, as he took in the severity of her words. It was then that I knew. Oh god, I knew.

Make sure you listen to the Daddy Casey playlist here

Huge credit to fyeahchicagofire for the gorgeous gif and images. 


Girl Power!

Dollmore Keeley Sum (modded) - Rain
Oasisdoll Linglan - Li Pong
Customhouse Hyun - Casey

I figured out my problem with Rain’s new faceup, and managed to fix it without taking the whole thing off. Eventually she’ll have smaller dark eyes and a long curly wig, but this short cut is also cute (it’s on loan from Buck who is bodyless right now).