a photo set from my last time in puerto rico - can’t believe it’s been three years! between knee injuries and going to last winter though, time flies. last trip i went with my mom and the twins, and we had a wild and great time. 

this year im going with three of my girl friends who go to cofc & we’ll be going for their spring break. it’ll be a surf trip for me where i’ll be doing the VQS, but its also going to be my first actual vacation. a bunch of our other friends from the college should be down there, and im sure ill see a bunch of east coast friends from surfing while we’re there too. seriously can’t wait to be down there already, especially with these below freezing temperatures the past few days! 

have a super frickin awesome time in hawaii babe!! kill it out there without the rest of us triplets @caseykwiecinski ! so happy you have the opportunity to go out there to bask in the sunlight, frolic in the sand, & slide on some monster waves - but im really jealous. remember to accomplish the 3 goals i gave you 😉

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